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Sniper Shot...
  • okay well to start off with. ive gotten a handful of anero's mgx progasm,vice,and tempo. which all were really great. ive retired the MGX and Progasm and have been using the tempo for most of my sessions and its fantastic. the vice is wounderful as well, i love it for sessions with my ol girl the best though makes for a really interesting night.
    okay anyway the start of my story.
    so a few days ago i bought a FUN WAND for my "ol Girl" but really for me=). and it was really interesting and i liked it alot to start my sessions with, helps me get relaxd and warmed up. i also just got the HELIX. and my first impressions on it were WOW. i am really glad to see the team step up and give it a Proper Box. but lets face it they can step it up even further and give like a super platnium box ith gold lining and pearls and stuff because Gdam these products are AWSOME. okay anyway on to the HELIX itself. i was kind of nervous about it because of the P tab STEM, seemd like i could accidently Snap it right off. i very quickly found out why they did it like this and because it not only presses down it also massags up and down as you go wich was UNREAL loved it alot, someone reasure me that the stem is not going t break off lol... anyway as far as it actually goes..holy wow this hit my spot and it threw me in my trance within 30 secsof using it. after like an hour and 3 brinks on ejac i was exausted which has NEVER happend to me before. so i took a break about an hour and a half i just relaxed drank and had some food. but i wanted more so i reapeated my session with manual then anero. after about an hour and a half or so tons of solid orgasms later i was exausted and i was deep in my "sleep" trance i get those alot and love em. allof a sudden bout 2 hours or so in this second session i got a MASSSIVE Stiff unlike ANYTHING ive ever had before. so massive it felt like if i didnt do something i was going to EMPLODE taking the entire universe with me. so i jerked still asleep as it was gettin bigger and bigger still i was kinda worried about it because ive never had anything like this before. then a little wimper and a massive cramp and bam bam bam hit the celing the headboard and shot myself in the eye and passed out woke up half an hour later to a screamer and had to take the HELIXout because itwas wearing me down an i could not take it anymore...

    all and all awsome product best time ive ever had and hope theres tons more like em. still kinda worried about the stem. even if it breaks ill buy another because it has already payed for itself.

    Tip of the hat to the anero team.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    Hey Domo,
    Great post ! Nicely done !! Welcome to the world of 'split sessions' ...rook
  • if i cut the tail off the helix will it mess anything up? and if i can cut it where should i?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 874

    I cut where the curly part starts to bend. That way, you leave a flat tail that helps align the unit with your crack. Remember to sand the edges where you cut.