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G spot VS G spot
  • okay so we all know about the male and female G spot. ive been woundering this for a while now and maybe some of you guys can help me out. ive been curious about manual stimulaton along with my anero sessions. we all know you can apply some decent pressure to the surrounding area of the female G zone. but whats a good guidline along men. im not interested in doing any ravaging but some deep tissue i guess you could call it that. but ive always been to scared to for fear of hurting myself.

    so for anyone reading this what are some good guidlines to follow in manual stimulation what are some conserns i should keep in mind.
  • rumelrumel
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    The internet is full (over 2.5 million Google results) of prostate massage references, I encourage you to do some selected reading. You are going to find some contradictory information when perusing through this but I've found there is a lot of commonality as well. One comment that appears repeatedly in reference to prostate massage is " should apply no more pressure than you would as if rubbing your eyeball...". This admonition is distinctly different from advice regarding massage of a woman's Grafenberg Spot which often calls for firm moves and constant pressure.

    You may wish to read 'darwin's thread crystal wand hits the spot for his information about internal massage. Here is an updated link to the "Crystal in Uranus" article cited in that thread.
  • thanks for the post. its been quite a long time since ive had to keep manual in mind.
  • artformartform
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    Hi Domo_robot_O!! :D :D

    Here is site that also has information on external prostate massage: Prostate Massage and Health
    I have found the external massage techniques beneficial in a number of ways.

    Great R!! :D :D Celebrating this explosion of met interest in prostate massage!!

    all the best contacts with your golden apple of the sun powering your ecstatic energies all