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Aneros newbie, how do I deal with urge to urinate and/or urge to stroke?
  • Hello all.

    Well, I bought the SGX a couple years ago and for the most part have been using it off and on with masturbation for stronger "traditional" ejaculatory orgasms and experimenting with holding off from cumming during jacking off where I would stop stroking just before cumming and enjoy the lower pelvic, rectal,anus sensations, and have what I guess might be mini-orgasm and do that about 3-5 times until finally cumming and that's felt amazing (but still as usual feeling wiped out afterwords and going into a refractory period.)
    In one particular session of masterbation, I've even managed to cum *sort of* "hands free" from switching from stroking to nipple stimulation , and letting myself just cum a little, and was able to still stoke it and didn't go into a refractory period, I was able to have about 3 of these mini-ejaculations and 1 last ejaculation with stroking (feeling wiped out but very satisfied though). Which was a very very intense and pleasurable experience.

    Now, just the other night I thought I'd try to start that journey on getting the hands-free Super O with the Aneros SGX, considering the previous exploration/experimentation might help me with that, and well I had an very interesting and pleasurable time of it.

    I am trying to find out that if it's normal during the process to build up "internal stimulation" I guess? Is it normal to get the urge to urinate, twice during my session I would build up, and feel very strong pleasurable feelings as the SGX pressed against the prostate during voluntarily contracting and relaxing the PC muscles.

    But I still had the feeling of the SGX filling up the anal cavity and sometimes continual pressure against the prostate, and sometime only a little pressure was on it. During the attempts to build things up, i got the urge to urinate and had to go to the bathroom to pee.
    Apparently I didnt have an empty bladder and I thought I did. :/ these little set backs were a little bothersome, and I don't know if the urge/feeling of having to urinate is typical or not...

    After the bladder was empty; I tried for a build up again (third try) and things did start feeling immensely pleasurable, but yet another issue came up... the urge to jack off, a crazy urge to stroke it even though I wasn't erect.
    Is this feeling normal thing with internal stimulation from the Aneros, and is there something I can do about the deep urge to stroke it and have an ejaculatory orgasm? Cause that urge was intense....

    Anyone here dealt with this and have some advice. I read several stickies and looked through several pages of thread and used the search function and couldn't find any specific info on the particular issues I'm asking about.. Any advice anyone?
  • stustu
    Posts: 43
    What happens if you stroke it without being erect?
  • it just gets stiff very fast... which doesn't matter, I am waiting for some advice from one of the experienced Aneros users here... :/
  • impimp
    Posts: 95
    Get a chastity belt!
  • stustu
    Posts: 43
    Is it possible to cum without being stiff?
  • man you sound EXACTLY like me. it got to the point where i just keep a large glass next to my bed so i dont haveto move much. as far as jackin i have that same issue. its becaus your ejoying it so much and you have alot of control over your release. i hold on to it for as long as possible. when i cant fight it anymore i do jerk it. but i also try to stop when im close so i can keep truckin threw, its quite fun.

    its possible to cum witout even touching yourself. i personally will NEVER ejaculate solo from the aneros. that doesnt mean i dont have wicked orgasms.

    all i can say to you is this.. works woundersfor me

    1 about 3to 5 hours before session "clear your pipes".
    2 follow normal session u know abdomal expansion exersizes.
    3 jerk when you needa
    4 delay ejac for as long as possible
  • stustu
    Posts: 43
    what abdominal exercises you mean crunches? i also wonder how can one have an orgasm without cumming. how do you know it's really an orgasm and not some kind of jerking?
  • by abdominal exercises simply pushing out and sucking in. when you take deep breath you extend your stomach same with exhailing ive found the best methods to be not contracting the colon musles but by having it done with your abdomin.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, User36.

    Yes, getting the urge to pee is really common. In fact, I bet 90% of the guys here, including me get that. If you're sure your bladder is empty you can wait it out.

    As for the urge to jack; that's common as well, and as you found out, Super Ts are great.

    Domo pointed out one method that works, which is having an ejac at some point before a session. About 4 hours after sex with my wife (using VICE or Eupho) I typically have a solo session that reliably goes into super-O mode. However, what works for me may not work at all for you. Besides pre-ejac, there are other techniques for controlling sexual urges that you can easily find on the Web, such as Tantric Yoga, Zen, KSMO, and more.


  • any other advice on what i could do to resist the urge to stroke it during an aneros session? Still trying to get to the poijnt I can experience a Super-O.... should I sit on my hands, play with only my nipples when i get the urge to stroke? I get pleasurable shivers that I think are p-waves, but as it builds, that urge to stroke it I get is incredible i guess my brain is not quite "re-wired" yet maybe? So should i just play with nipples when that happens, sit on my hands, do some breathing exercise, do soft or full anus contractions during it?
  • dont deny yourself pleasure. stroke if you need to. just try to satisfy the urge without ejac. if your hell bent on it, and got a partner. get some straps.
    ohyeah and another way i have traind myself not to stroke is to just massage the area around my groin gives good stimulation without over stimulating. usually clears things up till i can get back to my breathing.
  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    Eventually, you will want to try not stroking to go into extended blissful orgasms which can last a few hours...then, you know you are getting there!
  • the problem i keep having is as i do the mid to full PC contractions and breathing... as things progress i still get that urge to urinate and eventually have to go the the bathroom to pee, this usually happens about 3 times until my bladder is supposedly empty. I try again that urge to urinate is replaced with the feeling of needing to stroke it. Like my brain keeps wanting/pushing me to switch to penile stimulation, it's proving very very difficult to not get tired of doing the breathing and contractions excerise over again after unrinating, i have to try to relax, re-lube the aneros, et all..

    i'll keep trying... Don't get me wrong, the senastions are immesely pleasurable and i think i might be experiencing some kind of "pleasure waves" to a certain degree, and nipple stimulation with it is amazingly nice... I'm still trying to find the right rythm I guess?
    Other than not drinking anything for several hrs before an aneros session im not sure what to do about getting rid of fluid from my bladder.. because that urge to wiz and actually having to wiz is really an annoyance... :/
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Hey Anon,
    I think you're making great progress. The urge to urinate, particularly when you are in heavy contraction may be a good indicator that the tip of the SGX is making solid contact with your bladder neck (which is triggering that urination urge.) Sounds like you're a good match for the SGX.
    While ignoring it may seem tough, try to sense whether you're getting the urge to urinate just in the tip of your penis (telegraphed from your bladder neck) or, if you really sense a bulging bladder inside your abdomen.
    Fighting down the urge to stroke will go away with time and experience--breathe to quell that urge. Try to expand your body stimulation beyond just your mid-section and nipples. Stimulate the surfaces of your palms & fingers, the soles of your feet, your ears, the roof of your mouth, your thighs, triceps, etc. As you brush across those surfaces focus on how it reflects to your prostate or triggers ano-rectal contractions. All of those spots should help you make the move to whole-body pleasure.
    Lips didn't work out for me though. Mine are heavily wired to my penis and usually result in triggering a HFO(wet) -- a session killer for me.