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Question about contractions
  • Hi, I am using the MGX model and I am unsure about whether I am getting anal contractions or not.
    When I insert the Aneros, I feel a throbbing (but non aroused) feeling - is this an anal contraction? I always thought that the "pushing out" feeling was an anal contraction.

    When I feel involuntary movements, the head of my penis rapidly contracts then extends back to normal, contracts then extends back to normal etc (if you get what I mean).

    Do I have the Aneros inserted incorrectly?
    Hope somone can help.

  • (this post was edited 2005-11-25 05:15:54)

    To quote an excerpt of one of BF Mayfield's posts:

    Originally Posted By: B Mayfield
    Just so we are clear in our terms here; a true PC contraction is the kind of contraction that one makes when one is stopping the flow of urine. An anal contraction , is a contraction of ones sphincter as is felt when one "clinches" (it closes the anus shut, like when stopping a bowel movement and has the sensation of pulling in at the same time). A rectal contraction is typified by the sensation of "pushing out" as during a bowel movement. For most people engaging a PC contraction may also involve a certain amount of simultaneous anal contraction (as these muscles groups are closely connected).

    BF Mayfield

    So in regards to your question, the "pushing out" feeling is a rectal contraction, not an anal contraction. As far as the throbbing feeling... only you are going to be able to tell us whether or not it is an anal contraction. If it is, your anus will be tightening, leading to the further insertion of your aneros. Otherwise, it could be a PC contraction, or even just internal waves of pleasure. Maybe spend a little time focusing on these feelings to try and identify where they are originating. If you still can't tell, be a bit more specific in your details of exactly what you feel and where, and maybe someone on the board can help you out. Either way... I say just enjoy it!!

    Good Luck,
  • JohnQJohnQ
    Posts: 20

    Things are getting confused here....
    Tks to BF I now know exactly the definition of PC, anal or rectal contractions.

    Where I'm getting confused is what contractions where & when.

    Warming up contractions? anal only, pc ?
    Then what kind of contractions? PC anal, rectal, mixed ? all together ???
    Same for holding 25-30% contractions ?

    I feel like a clumsy baby trying to learn to walk, you know; I don't know where I'm going but I'm going !!!

    John Q.
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    John Q -
    I would suggest that you stick with PC contractions and bring in a cycle of rectal contractions as a foil to your PC contractions ... see BFM's thread that describes how you might use this method to provoke a response from your prostate. Try to maintain about 25-30% - this will I believe (for me certainly) tire the muscles quicker and create involuntary contractions sooner.