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When will this end?
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Hey friends,

    I've been out of commission for many weeks due to a medical condition solved and cured by some kinda major surgery. I'm back in the game now, feeling healed and healthy.

    Had my first Aneros session in five weeks today. Let's put it like this..."It was like riding a bicycle." My body didn't forget, at all. In fact it created new things I had not experienced on the journey yet.

    I got everything ready...big towel on the bed, iPod with music, closed doors and windows. Cleaned out, lubed up, and it went in. Usually it takes about 10 minutes to get rolling. Not today, barely a minute in I was having Mini-Os and then Dry-Os. Progressed well, got to a series of Super-Os worth reporting to CNN.

    Then the new experience. After, or during a major, violent Super-O I felt what I thought was a nice Dry-O coming on. Nope, not the traditional Dry-O but a feeling of perpetual state of orgasm, like the feeling right before shooting a traditional O. But I stayed right there for what seemed like days. It was actually several minutes. The feeling wasn't just centered in my pelvis area. It radiated strongly from my loins to every extremity of my body. I felt like my toes and elbows and head were going to shoot a load. Nope, I didn't shoot, but my body sure felt the experience.

    The new stop on the journey felt as if it would never end. My moans, nope, SCREAMS were pretty darned intense. That lingering orgasm happened several more times during my 75 minute session. I was so exhausted by the time things settled down, I almost fell asleep.

    That's my story, for now.

  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176
    Wonderful news, Brine!

    Hope for you that you have laid the foundation for a major "skyscraper" to be built and enjoyed on your aneros journey. God is Good.
  • [QUOTE=brine;96856] Progressed well, got to a series of Super-Os worth reporting to CNN.

    OMG!! That made me laugh!! Those must have been so nice. Glad to hear your back and healthy. Cheers.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Welcome back Brine ! And, congrats on re-opening that window to extreme pleasure and full body orgasm