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Anone using the "Slightest Touch?"
  • kharrismakharrisma
    Posts: 29
    Hi All!

    Ran into a review (on Gizmag) about this gadget called the "Slightest Touch," that uses a pair of adhesive electrodes that, as I understand it, impose an electrical signal on the nerves that serve the genito-urinary area, that are of a frequency that causes arousal to near-orgasmic levels in females, and works just about as well in males as well. Further research kept turning up references to folks using this device in concert with the Aneros Prostate Stimulator... and I was wondering if anybody on this forum has any first-hand knowledge of this device. I'm *sorely* tempted to snag one (there's a promotional price of $99, before the price jumps to around $150 or so... still not bad IF it delivers as promised.)

    No, it isn't some sort of "orgasmatron" or anything... it serves to heighten arousal, get you closer to that exquisite trigger point. It *MIGHT* be of help in getting some of us plateaued folk and long-term "grinders" over the 'hurdle,' so to speak. Not looking for an artificial way to achieve the super O or any of the rest... it's just that once you've actually experienced on , you have a better idea of exactly what you're shooting for. It's like in the practice of a martial art: you try, and try, and try, and the motions appear superficially correct, but you *know* internally that there's something missing, some connection that just isn't there. And then, one day, =BLAM=, there it is! You don't know exactly how it happened, and you most likely won't be able to repeat it at will, but you're sooo much closer now that you've actually FELT how it goes. A pointer, a roadsign, not a shortcut.

    Thoughts? Recomendations pro or con? Really curious.

    URL: Electronic Orgasm Enhancement
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    My wife and I have several TENS units that we bought for lower back pain (Mine cost $39, from After reading about Slightest Touch, we experimented with using them for sex. Yes, it works on both sexes for getting very "hot and wet." I even had a hands-free ejac with it, though I won't recommend that; too close to the pain/pleasure borderline.



    PS. To be perfectly clear, the Slightest Touch is a TENS unit.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    If you use the Search function with the keywords "slightest touch" you'll get 5 pages of threads related to that topic, one of them is
    The Slightest Touch The makers of that product produced a short user manual for men's usage/guidance. 'B Mayfield' was a contributor to that manual and he also wrote a post (I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC...) regarding its use. Here's a link to that .pdf file.

    There is a large group of E-Stim aficionados at, with a wealth of information surrounding E-Stim usage, however, you do have to join the membership (it's free) in order to access the website information. There have been numerous discussions there about electrifying Aneros massagers. Most of those discussions revolve around homemade devices. E-Stim equipment is mentioned in the Aneros WIKI and in several threads in the Forum such as Electrosex and Aneros. In an older thread this commercially available item - The Electrify It Kit shows the use of the Aneros Maximus in an electrified condition.However, I don't know if that kit is still available.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    While it is true that I had at one time endorsed this product and written a companion guide for its use, I am recommending that people avoid this company at the present time. Over the last several years I have received emails from individuals who have stated that they have ordered and paid for the product and never received it.... even after many months. Having been unsuccessful with reaching the manufacturer by email (they list no phone number on their website), these folks turned to me, given my past advocacy of the device. In these cases I attempted to contact the company myself and never received a response either.

    That said, I still consider the Slightest Touch to be a good product, but clearly the company that makes it is having problems.

    BF Mayfield
  • fllurkerfllurker
    Posts: 36 sells a unit for females. havent heard any feed back on the unit.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Hello Kharrisma,,

    Yes, I have one. Yes, it works great. However, just like any new toy, it takes time to learn how to use it, where best to place the electrodes and how to make it work for you. It took me a while. I find it most effective with my Peridise, rather than my Aneros models. Aneros is too stimulating for me with my highly responsive prostate, but Peridise and ST make for an absolutely exquisite orgasmic experience.

    Here is an excellent guide to get you going.

    Take your time, follow the suggestions in that pdf document and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of e-stim.

    Rumel's link to the estim group is very good, and you can learn a lot.

    I also concur with Brian, Slightest Touch has been very unreliable lately. Too bad, also, because it is a good product. Ten_s_nut is correct, you can get an e-stim machine at a much lower cost, and with a lot more variability in pulse, duration and frequency. The great thing about ST for me is that it's portable and very small, and I can take it with me when I travel. Hard to believe that a 9 volt battery can induce such a powerful electric pulse, but it really works well.

    So...E-Stim is fun, safe (assuming you NEVER put the electrodes above your waist--lower lower back excepted), and very stimulating.

    Once again, like our new Vice, a different orgasmic treat. Good luck.

  • kharrismakharrisma
    Posts: 29
    Thanks all for the replies, everyone! Especially the cautions about "corporate resposiveness" re: the manufacturer.

    Rumel, I actually did search for "Slightest Touch," and indeed received several pages of hits, but none of them had "Slightest Touch" in the headers, and I didn't want to start opening them up and skimming through all the posts one at a time; I was hoping for a dedicated thread, and apparently found buried mentions only. My search skills are rudimentary at best... crafting the search term string so as to yield the result I want is a skill that eludes me all too frequently. I also find that I have 'keyboard dyslexia,' transposing letters sometimes... this can *really* skew search results if not caught in time, or noticed subsequently. The links are much appreciated, and will be followed up on.

    Not sure it's a route I'm going to follow; I was just kinda surprised to find it mentioned along with the Aneros, which I never run across unless I'm actively searching for it. Kinda like driving a strange old RV or something, and seeing another one just like it headed the other way....:)

    My curiosity button has definitely been pushed, though.... as an amateur electronics "mad inventor," I may well cobble one up on the workbench... If I suddenly stop posting, you'll know what happened!!