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How dangerous is a prostate massage?
  • susansusan
    Posts: 1
    Hello! One of my girlfriends recommended prostate massages to me and I'd like to buy a prostate massager for my hubby but I'm also a bit worried because I read about potential possible dangers of prostate massages. There's one case where somebody after a massage got internal bleeding and then also lung clots. I don't know how often this happens but if the prostate is that sensitive and fragile then I wonder if it should really be tampered with. :confused:
    I don't know I also don't want to risk anything or risk him getting hurt. Let's say you use such a prostate massager and then afterwards you experience any pain then you're in a really stupid situation because it could always be something dangerous and who would want to consult a doctor because of using a prostate massager? That would be totally awkward.

    Prostatitis Prostate Massage or Drainage

    However, vigorous prostatic massage may be very dangerous. If you have acute bacterial prostatitis it can result in septicaemia (blood poisoning). If you have the beginnings of a carcinoma in your prostate, it could conceivably result in the cancer being disturbed, broken up and metastasizing (spreading) around your body. Thirdly, it can result in prostatic calculi (little stones -- if you have them) tearing the delicate membranes in the prostate, exacerbating your CP/CPPS. Fourthly, there is a chance of perforation of the very thin rectal lining adjacent to the prostate, or tearing the rectal lining with a fingernail or implement. Fifthly, it may cause a hemorrhoid flare-up. In short, do NOT ask your doctor for prostate "massage" unless you have considered all the above points carefully.

    "Vigorous pressure can result in tearing the very short segment of the urethra just below the prostate and immediately before the beginning of the penile urethra (this part is usually referred to as "membranous urethra"). The tearing can be very small and indistinguishable on routine examination but during the healing process this results in urethral stricture. In short, if the person giving you a massage has short fingers there is a significant probability that he/she might give you... a urethral stricture.

    "Moreover, indiscriminate (inappropriate massages) can result in pushing back even normal urethral flora into the epididymis and subsequent epididymitis. Therefore, I'd usually have my patients on antibiotics when I perform massages on them.

    "There is a general misconception that the prostate should appear enlarged, boggy or congested in "prostatitis". While this probably is true in chronic bacterial prostatitis, most CP/CPPSers have small prostates, which are painful to massage. Therefore, if you don't find relief from three massages, there is a small chance that massage will benefit you at all. It deserves a try, it is something that definitely works in some cases but it is not as simple as picking one's nose (and even this can bleed from vigorous picking). Prostatic massage is a procedure and as such the person performing it should be aware of what he/she is doing, where he/she is supposed to press and how persevering he/she should be. I am very careful whenever I perform the procedure and listen carefully to my patients.

    "I once observed the most extraordinary complication of prostatic massage. A 28 year old presented with a history of a two-year right-sided discomfort in the right abdominal/cecal area (the place where the appendix is). I performed a very careful DRE during which the prostate was quite tender. Two days after the exam the patient developed visible anterior abdominal hematoma (collections of blood) above the bladder. Subsequent ultrasound exam revealed they were situated between the rectus abdominis fibers. They subsequently moved down to the testicles (because of the continuity of the anterior abdominal fascia with the scrotum). The bleeding was caused by the apprehension of the patient who contracted the anterior abdominal muscles (the rectus abdominis) strongly and abruptly thereby tearing some of the muscle fibers. My advice for patients: Be sure to relax COMPLETELY your abdomen during DRE/massage. Do it completely and slowly!

    "Some men do benefit from massage (alone or with antibiotics). However, remember that the increasing leukocyte count in EPS some people use as a mark of "unclogging the acini" might as well signify mechanical damage to the prostate (leukocytes are increased in trauma, too)."

    "As regards technique: do not push in one place; rather move from lateral to the center line of gland. Pushing at one place only can damage that area, especially if you are pushing very hard. "
    "Sometimes no drops of prostatic secretions are produced at the tip of the penis. Not all prostates yield fluid following all massages. There is an interesting concept put forward by Dr. Krieger in 1996 according to which the inflamed ducts empty following the massage, rather than during it. If you keep that in mind, massage can be beneficial even when no fluid comes out."
    "Remember that for some men, massage can be beneficial even when it is a massage of the muscles, surrounding the prostate, rather than the gland itself."
    "Lastly, an aggressive massage can theoretically precipitate an autoimmune response by releasing "forbidden antigens", and this may explain why some men have a lot of pain after prostate manipulation."
    Prostate massage with unwanted consequences. Case report

    Buse S, Warzinek T, Hobi C, Ackerman D.
    Klinik fur Urologie, Kantonspital St. Gallen, Switzerland.

    We report a case in which a regular prostate massage (chronic prostatitis) turned into a life-threatening event. After the prostate massage, an enormous periprostatic hemorrhage developed. During hospitalization the patient developed an embolic insult to the lungs. To our knowledge no other cases have been published. This report shows the potentially serious consequences, and we conclude that any pain after prostate massage needs further diagnostic steps (ultrasound, CT scan).

    PMID: 14655640 [PubMed - in process]
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Hi susan,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and joys of using the Aneros prostate massagers. That is great that you are considering giving your husband this wonderful gift. These devices are not dangerous when properly used.

    Please read my responses #3 & #5 in the thread Newb with some questions.

    The key qualifiers in the quote you cited are the words "vigorous prostatic massage..." and "...aggressive massage...", Aneros massagers, when used as instructed, are probably the gentlest and safest prostate massages possible.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • I'm not really the type to do stupid things to try and hurt myself. I don't tolerate pain well. So with that said, I have to tell you that I think that the aneros is safe for sane use and unlikely to cause any injury that won't cause a grin the next day. I am not a doctor, and speak only from my own experience.

    As for your own personal safety, if you get him one, you are probably going to have to 'learn how to drive', if you know what I mean.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Assuming that your other-half gets an annual DRE from his doc or Urologist and that his PSA bloodtest numbers are OK for age, race etc. -- the cancer risk should be nil.

    Both the Prostate and Aneros massagers, when used with a good lube, are safe as long as they are 'manipulated' with just internal musculature and breathing -- these aren't dildos. The "handle" is just for removal. Any chance for self-injury is quite remote. Most guys start out without a lot of internal muscle strength. As they 'muscle up' they are also gaining skills and sensitivity--that keeps things nicely in balance.

    Consider that your gentle fingertip can offer him even more exotic pleasures. From his moans and contractions you can quickly learn right where he lives.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I too had stumbled across the same article some years ago (where, I can't remember now). At the time I had some serious questions about it. At first it seems pretty clear a physician (his reference to "my patients"?) was warning the general public about not getting involved with prostate massage. Some of these points I would agree with. But some of his later comments go farther, warning about the practice as administered by doctors as well. For instance he discusses acute bacterial prostatitis and metastatic cancer of the prostate and then says..." In short, do NOT ask your doctor for prostate "massage" unless you have considered all the above points carefully.

    The thing is, doctors don't generally provide prostate massage (whether you ask for it or not) for patients with acute bacterial prostatitis nor do would they use it in the case of a patient with metastatic cancer of the prostate. If the author of this article was a doctor and specifically a urologist, he would certainly know this.

    Putting all of my issues with this admonishment aside, it is important to make a distinction between the kind of prostate massage that he is referring to and the use of the Aneros. The amount of force used by a therapist or a doctor during this procedure is many times greater than that of the Aneros. When used properly the Aneros is driven by ones anal contractions only. While these contractions are firm, they are nowhere near as powerful as something administering by ones hand.

    I will grant you that there are some men who should likely avoid any form of prostate massage altogether. But for those who are in good health (and do not have the acute urological conditions) the Aneros is safe and provides a multitude of health and erotic benefits which are well documented in this forum. I might also suggest that you check out the High Island Health website. This is essentially a different marketing arm of the company that manufactures the Aneros where the focus is on the health benefits of the device.

    BF Mayfield
  • OK, suppose we are using Aneros with condom and use it ourselves, is that the recommended use instead of someone else controlling it ?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    John Henry,

    The Aneros is a hands-free device, it is powered by ones own anal contractions only. It is not designed to be worked in and out by hand. I suggest that you take some time and read through the WIKI, it will address many of the questions that you have and give you a terrific overview on the Aneros devices, how they are used and what one can expect.

    BF Mayfield