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On the right path?
  • Tonight I tried out my helix for a third time, each time have been short sessions... but tonight every now and then I would get this tingling sensations all wasn't intense or anything... am I on the right track? could this tingling sensation be from the helix?
  • Oh yes, do go on and enjoy the tingling. Don't worry, this is just your third time and I think you are on the right track. I for sure didn't get any of those effects on my third try :) In the beginning there are no really intense sensations. Enjoy it and build up from there.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    The joys during the early sessions in one's journey are many times the result of small surprises, totally out of the context of prior experiences. In other words, this isn't a gradual progression as one might assume from reading the milestones in the Wiki. Some of these events seem to be just random sensory or motor experiments by the brain as it stimulates the flow of energy to various regions of your body. Not only are you awakening your prostate but also instinctive paths hidden deep within you. Sessions 3 and 9 were memorable for me in this regard. As were 'strange' sensations I had in my second through fourth months.

    Perhaps it might go well to view the Aneros experience as a sort of impromptu Jazz session. While the general theme is basic, various instruments are called upon to offer expansions on that theme or variations in tonality or rhythm. Sometimes the performers are not called at appropriate times for the instruments they play. Other times, a seemingly out of place tune will be picked up by another of the body's instruments and burst forth into a grand exposition of life and love.

    Listen carefully to those riffs in the music. Buried deep within them may be small jewels to be cherished.

    Blessings to you man !
  • I tried another session, a couple observations during this:

    - At first didn't feel nothing, but gradually started to feel this pulsating feeling in my anus and could feel the aneros moving around.
    - I had slight involuntary contractions
    - Had a lot of pre-cum dripping out, flaccid the whole time.
    - Afterwards, I could still feel that pulsating/involuntary contraction inside my anus.

    Didn't experience an orgasm or anything, but noticed those things.