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Is it safe to sit?
  • cal2cal2
    Posts: 10
    Is it safe to sit on your ass while having inserted the aneros? Could this not cause problems?
  • I cut the curly bit off of mine some time ago. And on a soft chair I think you could sit on it. Certainly on a mattress. But probably not on a wooden chair.
  • I wouldn't advise it with a Progasm (and that probably goes for a Vice also). Makes my prostate feel like it's being used as a punching bag.
  • cal2cal2
    Posts: 10
    What happens if too much pressure is applied to the prostate? Could it explode or rupture? I read that it can even be lethal when there is too much pressure.
  • I don't think it is very likely that you are going to accidentally kill or even injure yourself sitting on these things. With that said, I am not a doctor and I don't advise you to go do anything stupid.

    I sit on mine all the time and I don't feel like I'm being rearranged on the inside. I own a helix.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    If you're accustomed to larger fare the VICE is terrific for a seated ride. The silicone is softer and so even with the VICE's larger size it has some give to it that makes it delightful for this application. In addition to that both the P and K tabs are soft so they don't poke you. See my review here for more details, look for the section on SITTING on it.

    BF Mayfield
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i felt like i was going to hurt myself if i sat on my helix or eupho until i cut of the tail and sanded the nub i can now sit on them no problem. the progasm i find ok if you sit on a cushion and the peridice is the buisness for sitting