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Terrifying Sensations?
  • chrono273chrono273
    Posts: 44
    Ok, so I feel that Ive gotten farther in my journey to super O than I ever have. Today I was using my vice and something scary started happening to me. I would usually get buzzes around my prostate and anus, but I felt my chest start to clench on its own. Kind of like I had no control over it, it was like my entire stomach and upper chest was paralyzed into a contraction. It felt sort of painful, yet insanely pleasureable at the same time. It felt like my entire chest and upper abdomen was being penetrated. I didnt really feel the pleasure in my prostate anymore just my entire also kinda hurt. But it wasnt quite the zingi heard comes with a super O so i didnt think it was one. I had to stop because it was scary. My chest is still involuntarily clenching and its weirding me out. Is this normal?

    Sorry for the wall of text!


  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,785
    There's really no "normal." Sounds like you were right in the zone and may have experienced what the KSMO folks refer to as "terror at the gates."

    Ab contractions are typical as are massive energy movements. Go with the flow, relax, breath and fall into whatever may come your way.

    Rest assured that you are probably not experiencing a Panic Attack.

    However on the slim chance that you might be approaching one, steady breathing (not hyperventilating) will keep you out of the panic attack mode. Remember that NO ONE has ever died from a panic attack and it never lasts longer than 10 minutes.

    Relax and enjoy!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    It's been awhile since you posted last and it is good to hear that your practice is progressing nicely. I know you are a little prone to being alarmed by new sensations your body has generated during your journey and I think this is another case of your having nothing to fear. The sensations you described sound as if you have been experiencing what are called "heartgasms". Here are a couple of posts which have reported similar events - , , 'zaneblue' calls hers a "heart chakra orgasm" in this post - and "heart orgasm" in this post - In any event these are not totally unusual and they are a more frequently reported experience as part of Jack Johnston's "Key Sound Multiple Orgasm" protocol (KSMO). Here's a link to further "heartgasm" comments/discussions over on Jack's website, see -> Last longer in bed using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Triggerâ„¢ - Multiple Orgasms for Men AND Women -. The fact you may be experiencing these sensations as Echo Effects is not unusual either. Is this normal? Yes, it is normal, though not frequent, for Aneros/KSMO practioners. Relax, fear not, your body is not going to self destruct due to Aneros use! :)
  • chrono273chrono273
    Posts: 44
    Thanks for the responses! I realized after the fact that these sensations weren't due to the aneros at all, but nipple stim. The same sensation could be induced without an aneros in just a few seconds. I believe I have awakened this part of my body.

    Definately something to be excited about.