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no sign of progress
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Hi, Im posting this on a mobile phone, the bathroom. I am looking to have a session tonight. But it is getting kind of...i know I'm not supposed to have expectations, but I do want to know I am not wasting time. Even 1% progress per session would be appreciated.

    What do you do when you are 20 mins into a session and nothing is happening? What do you try then? How do you "save" a gutterbound session?

    To the guys who get maximum pleasure out of the aneros: if you are 20 mins into a session and nothings happening, what then? Or does that no longer happen?
  • Hello, My Turn.

    I don't know how many hours you've "practiced" with the Aneros. In my case, the first 3 days at 1 hour per day yielded zero; felt like a waste of time. Somewhere around the fifth or sixth day I started to get a clue that something was happening. Things progressed at an accelerating rate from that point. Super-O was at about 2 weeks.That said, many guys here have reported that it took months for anything to happen. Others got results on Day One.

    At this point, 4 months in, I use the Aneros every night and there aren't any dud sessions. The effects start within a minute or two of insertion. I hope you've read the Wiki and tried the techniques explained in there. Maybe one of those tricks will kick start the process. I hope things start working for you.


  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Hi ten_s_nut, yes I've read the WIKI and it helped for a while but it seemed as if I was making slow progress then BOOM, it stagnated then started to go in reverse: deprogression! or regression!
  • I would say continue to explore and take on advice, I think the best thing is the weird and unexpected stuff that happens along the way if something is that unexpected when it does happen i get so frilled so im just keeping on at it im about 7 weeks in :)
  • My Turn;

    Negative progress? That doesn't sound good.

    I could understand it if other things changed in your life and now you're not in the same place physically or mentally. It's pretty clear that these devices don't work the same for everybody and that different models produce very different effects, or no effects at all for some guys. Perhaps you have a partner who could pitch in, so to speak?


  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    Have you tried switching out models during a session? Is there one that works better than another?
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    How about having a nap session? Sometimes the relaxation is just what you need to get things going; when you're unconscious, your mind is not busy screwing things up. Your body relaxes, and your mind floats on tranquil thoughts.
  • Yes hi there i have been having sessions in vein too lately myself i have very low sex drive atm
    i tried earlier this morning in vein for like three hours i have have like four sessions so far with the same result and very weak orgasms it's almost like nothing at all, dont feel bad i am sure evryone has their dry
    periods but i have gotton into the bad habit of lying on my stomach and pressing the aneros into my prostate and moving it back on forth at the same time it seems to provide extra stimulation for me but on the downside i end up coming all over the sheets at the end of a good session so having problems getiing aroused is not usually a common problem for me but it is atm so just hang in there mate dont give up keep
    trying and i am sure things will cum good soon and the dark clouds will depart and sunshine will finally be able down through the clouds again as they always do after depressing weather.

    Cheers take care thecritta
  • I'm in a similar state right now. I've already had some dry-Os randomly on my way but I was using active contractions every time I got there. But still, I couldn't get over a certain border.
    For the last two weeks I'm experiencing with the do-nothing approach and it feels okay. I can experience what I'd call a mini dry-O per session but it's really hard to recognize clear progress and it might as well be imagination for the most part. Basically I'm lying there for 30 minutes, experiencing some very subtle waves (without any physical movement at all). Then out of nowhere there seems to build the mini-O (now I can feel the aneros dance) for a couple of seconds and after it I'm still lying there with nothing happening.
    This has always been a reocurring theme for me because I can't seem to have multiple orgasms per session no matter how strong they are.
  • I have the progasm and have been using it for about two weeks. It makes me cum every time I use it and feels great but i was looking for the dry o.When I just leave it in and try the contractions really nothing happens,then i lift my hips up and it seems to connect right away and start contractions,then really quickly i explode without penis stimulation. What can I try for the dry o? Or the super o?