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A lube question
  • KyleBKyleB
    Posts: 6
    I have been reading about "injecting" lube prior to an Aneros session. I know they make special devices for this, but I don't have one at this time. My question is depth. How deep is best for this lube to go? Is it ok to just get lube "inside" the anus, or is it best to have it deposited deeper towards the prostate? I have a device that will deliver it about 1/2" to 1" in. Will that work?
  • cmfcmf
    Posts: 10
    Hey there man. They say you should use those injectors, but u really don't have to. A buddy of mine who also uses the aneros, we don't use the injectors. I read where another dude just uses vaseline from the jar and puts a decent coat all over the aneros and just slides it in. Its cheaper that way. Just make sure you lay a towel down so lube/vaseline don't get on bed or carpet Dude. I do that, and my buddy says he does the same. Someone else here puts a coat of ky jelly over the coat of vaseline too. I did this, but messy, but also slick. Have fun Dude! Later!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Injectors are not strictly necessary. If you want to prelubricate however, the device should be long enough to pass through the anal canal and into the rectum. It is not necessary to coat the prostate directly. Just to be clear, the concept of prelubricating is concerned with creating an internal reservoir of lubricant. The Aneros will pass through the lube as it is inserted and that is all that is really needed. The internal supply also prevents the lube from drying out near the base of the Aneros (this is the area that is moving in and out and is exposed to the air). This is certainly a factor to consider when one is using water based preparations.

    BF Mayfield
  • RogerTRogerT
    Posts: 79
    I have a Lube Shooter (got it at and its about the same length as my MGX. After filling it about a 1/3 with Slippery Stuff Gel, I insert the entire length against the forward wall of my rectum (towards my penis) and then gradually empty the syringe as I slowly pull it out to lube the entire length. I then just put a light coating on the MGX (or other Aneros tool) and when its about ½ way inserted, it gets sucked in the rest of the way by itself. Feels wonderful to be honest. I hope this helps. :-)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello KyleB, :)

    Another alternative is to use a lube like unrefined 100% shea butter that is solid at temperatures under 76F. This way, small solid chunks of it can be inserted in the rectum with just your fingers. Here's the main the thread regarding shea butter if you are interested:

  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Go to RiteAid or any drugstore. Ask the pharmacist for a replacement kid's medicine dropper. Just say you lost the one that came with the prescription. They usually just give me one for free. The RiteAid ones are pretty comfortable to insert- highly recommended!