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Other activities with Aneros?
  • KyleBKyleB
    Posts: 6
    So, I am patiently waiting to have my second session with my Helix. I am passing the time and keeping myself in a high state of anticipation by reading the forum when ever I can. So, during my first session, I noticed that I could get up and walk around the house etc. I have read about people cutting of the tail on their respective Aneros devices which may enable them to sit better. This brings me to my question. Do the guys here ever participate in other activities while having their Aneros inserted. I was thinking about putting on some briefs, shorts, and a t-shirt and mowing the grass on my riding mower, or even walking behind my mower with my Helix inserted. Certainly, the concentration level wouldn't be there, and the possibleity of it slipping out while pushing a mower could be embarrasing. The vib ration of the mower seat and the action of pushing on the clutch or brake as I make corners could cause movement of the Helix and possibly pleasurable contactions. The idea of having an un-planned orgasm while being involved in a mundane task like mowing the grass is very exciting to me. You should know, I am a newbee to this, so maybe this question is rediculious in reality, I don't know. Whats yourr thoughts?
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    I'd say go for it, you never know what might happen =) The massager usally don't work unless you focus on it, but experimenting is fun, you never know what might work. And cutting off the tail on it is something ive done on all my models since it enables me to be able to sit down, which is very helpful, since i can't seem to be able to get aroused unless im in front of my computer watching dirty pictures (crappy imagination ftw..sigh), are you mowing your lawn a lot in february? Here its 3+ feet of snow and zero F, snow looks very pretty in the trees though =)
  • KyleBKyleB
    Posts: 6
    Not mowing the grass yet, but the 3" of ice/freezing raing has been melting with the 50F. temps we have had the last few days. I was just day dreaming out the window..
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    It has been suggested that Aneros provide a warning label on their products (see here). However, I think nothing more than a simple caution label would suffice, just to discourage the kinds of activities you are contemplating. While engaging in these extracurricular activities may be a pleasant novelty, I am unconvinced they contribute much, if anything, to one's learning/progress towards the Super-O. If you do choose to partake of such activities, please exercise due care to avoid injury to yourself and others in the event of P-wave onslaughts, we certainly want you to survive the journey to the Super-O and back again! :p
  • KyleBKyleB
    Posts: 6
    Many heads are better than one. I read that linked post. I never thought of having such a serious problem. Thanks for that information. Maybe I might want to limit my experiences to the not motorized type. I remember years ago reading a storty (truth or fiction, I am not sure), that told of Asian women inserting Ben-Wa balls before spending a day at a sweat shop using a foot peddled sewing machine. The story siad that the balls would move with in them and give them multipul orgasms a day, and they would just kinda orgasm the mundane day away. If it's true, I guess its not possible to drive the sewing machine into a tree or something non-forgiving like that. As I stated, I am just starting this and I hope to find out that I wouldn't think of certain activities becasue I become too orgasmic with my Helix in.
  • Kyle;

    I cut the tail off both my Helix and Eupho so I could sit comfortably, including while driving or working in my office. I don't use the Aneros in those ways anymore due to a close call while driving and inability to focus on work when the device was in use; too distracting. That said, there are other mundane activities you might brighten up with the Aneros. For example, sleeping. ;)


  • I like to walk around with mine in, and in the coming summer months, I will try more activities!
  • aplizapliz
    Posts: 2
    Ohhhhh yesssss, first cutting the tail will allow you to have more position to experiment with and the Aneros moves better as well, I own the MGX but there principle and mechanis are the same. If you are unsure how to cut it read this*how-much-handle-tail-did-you-cut-off-pics-11917/. As far as mowing the lawn or walking the dog <<wearing>> the Aneros, well go for it !!! I do it. I can tell you that I am looking forward for the ride every week now