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Getting to the bottom of things (literally)
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Alright guys, not sure if this warrants its own thread, not sure if anyone will find this useful, but... ok, don't kill me if this is the [WARNING! not a real word!] stupidest thing you've ever read.

    Feels like you're using too much toilet paper? Try this: toilet paper covers finger, push finger inside, take out. Do this 2-3 times before wiping, save toilet paper.

    OK. Next issue.

    Involuntary contractions. If I'm correct, I have involuntary contractions any time I'm highly aroused and hard, and it has been this way as long as I can remember. It happens when I'm anticipating something pleasurable and I can't help but squeeze the muscles. Have you ever used a vibrator on the frenelum? You can't keep the pevlic muscles relaxed, right?

    So am I correct in assuming that an involuntary contraction (for the purpose of the aneros universe) is whenever you don't intentionally squeeze pevlic floor muscles? Isn't this a common thing? So, those who complain never have involuntary contractions, maybe you just don't have the right mindset. For example:

    The aneros has not yet, directly, caused involuntary contractions. But sometimes when I am using the aneros, I get that feeling of anticipation and arousal and my body just can't help but tighten the muscles like it always does. When this happens with the aneros in, it gives me a sense of progress or the feeling that "something good is happening." I'm not doing this on my own, I'm just letting it happen, that kind of feeling.

    So if this is the case I wish I realized this sooner.

    Morning arousal: For me (and probably most men), In the morning, I am at my maximum arousal I can have for that day. So this is the best time to use the aneros. Using the aneros leads to a higher maximum arousal the next morning. In effect (assuming I never ejaculate and lose arousal), it's a feedback loop of arousal that doesn't take place during a session, but over a period of days.

    So how about this? Get up early, insert the aneros, go back to bed for a few hours. Relax, sleep, whatever. Think of the aneros as an anal pacifier if it helps get you in the right mindset. I almost entered a dream-like state with the aneros inserted this morning, and as that was happening, I thought I would have my first dry-o. Dreams always exaggerate feelings and emotions, a very good thing. For an added bonus, the time that is easiest to lucid dream is in the morning.
  • ha cool im sure if I reach this stage I would be over the moon and wanna post lol yeah this forum is great it made me wanna get my helix to begin wid only been at it 6 weeks :) nice journey im having lots of cool stuff and its very theraputic exactly what i need at uni :) must admit when I get round to getting the beast that is the progasm I will use the do nothing stratergy makes the most sense :) and yes I have also been through spates of morning arousal and even super arousal once check out my blog if you want An open insight Into a personal aneros journey part 1 - Aneros Blog Entry yeah lucid dreams are a very cool bonus I have had 2 one being very kinky that happend like a week ago I post new blogs up once a month so peeps will have to wait all I can say the whole storyline could have easily been made into a porn film
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Korkelz and Rocketman10!! :D :D :D

    K, your comments on Involuntary contractions and Morning arousal are very helpful and I agree with your perspective on these, thanks. Yes indeed men to the joys of lucid dreaming in the mornings!!

    On your first issue, we can adjust the consistency of our stool/faeces by taking acidophilus supplements experimenting with quantity to achieve an almost wipe-free defecation regime; and general rectal cleanliness to the point of minimizing or eliminating the need to do the internal water wash.

    It is our unhealthy unbalanced western diet that creates the stool consistency problem and causes vast forests to be sacrificed to massive clean-out/clean-up toilet-paper production. :D

    all the best healthy bowels and clean departures all