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*AAS - Aneros Arousal Scale
  • View Poll Results: *Where are you on the AAS - Aneros Arousal Scale prior to best sessions? Edit Voters: 4

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    No particular urge 0 0%

    Feeling a slight interest 5 125.00%

    Sensing the "call" 7 175.00%

    Pulsing & buzzing 4 100.00%

    Pre-session twitches, involuntaries 2 50.00%

    Energy building internally 5 125.00%

    Urges & desires 6 150.00%

    Overall desire, aching need 4 100.00%

    Highly aroused, Touch sensitive 2 50.00%

    Highly Aroused, physical reactions, consuming 0 0%

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Many have asked the question about pre-session arousal. Where would you place yourself on the aneros arousal scale prior to your best sessions?
  • jack38jack38
    Posts: 35
    I'm at the point where it doesn't make a lot of difference how I feel before a session - most sessions are excellent and every now and then one of them is mind blowing, but my mood or level of desire beforehand isn't directly related to the results. So, for those times when I have "overall desire, aching need" before a session, I'll have a great time, but not necessarily one that I would count as one of the memorable best sessions. Don't know why but that's how it usually works out for me.
  • I put energy building internally :) im still new only had it for a month but I can feel a lot of the time before a session my body energy building up and getting excited a bit :) have only been highly aroused and touch sensitive once was very cool and I didnt even reach for the aneros just felt myself up was amzing read my blog last paragraph Aneros
  • me and my gf do it together and alot of forplay so whem aneros arrive but usually that area is very sensitive to her touch
  • When that energy builds I have to get my session in.
  • tarantaran
    Posts: 13
    I usually get very aroused followed by involuntary twitching in my legs and feet.