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  • Well I know what your thinking that title is lame lol well I just thought I would introduce myself and just generally share a few point and factors that have helped me a newcomer enjoy and love the aneros ability to broaden my mind and body.

    Well im new so at first I was uneasy about making my purchace if it wasnt for this very forum, I never thought I would buy or even become a forum member as being a forum member just feels like something my dad does. Im 22 from the uk and a student studying science, I'm a very open minded person who in the last 2 years I have started to explore my sexuality with new sensations this started with a fleshlight purchase I brought secretly when living at home was very covert but went well as no one was any wisr this was a purchase of the stamina unit ect. I own a helix now and I have been using it for 5 weeks over this time much has happend and is still happening as a 22 single straight male I was not the wiser of such experiment but I have fully taken onboard advice and all the new sensation. All these experiences have been wierd and different for all the details see my blog :) Aneros .

    So what have I learned ?

    1) Always try new experiences
    2) 2 anal isn't just fun for homosexuals and there should be any stigma attached to it
    3) Always take onboard advice from others to progress and learn new tricks to improve your journey
    4)Don't stress over your progress or label what your going through just go with the flow
    5) Mind is the power take note to new sensation and use your mind to amplify your arousal
    6) Naturally work out the best way to keep your self relaxed and in a calm state
    7) Patience dont rush the process take your time with it just know It will happen
    Enjoy every little bit of the journey take it for what it is however subtle the sensation
    9) Dont compare this experience to other sexual experiences such as masterbation or sex its a new form of expressing and releasing new kinds of sexual energy
    10) Its a ride so just have fun it isnt a competion

    Thats it in a nut shell :) Hope that point people into the right directions and just take onboard from other forum members.

    Im constanly waiting for my new sensation but im enjoying the power of being a man, we are all connected , all a family :) feel free to add me to your friends list and read my monthly blogs
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    And now i'm guessing you're pretty happy that you did take the plunge? =) Nice post, and i'm sure lots of people will prosper from your advices...

    Oh..and i finally did it, i broke through the edge, today...after 15 months of journey i finally succeeded in going over the edge, and guess what else,
    i did it without any aneros inserted...yay! Something tells me that my journey will be pretty amazing from now on...

    ..and i wish you an amazing journey aswell =)

    take my love
    take my land
    take me where I cannot stand
    I don't care
    I'm still free
    you can't take the sky from me

    take me out
    to the black tell 'em I ain't coming back
    burn the land
    and boil the sea
    you can't take the sky from me

    have no place
    I can be
    since I found Serenity
    but you can't take the sky from me
  • awesome cyrez thats great well deserved and without lol that awesome i took advice on touching nipples as well as boy spot so worked, had energy flowing to my dick making it extra sesitive lol tho still being young I couldnt help myselt so I masterbated it off :) yeah I hope they read the top 10 the other newer peeps i mean as I noticed what other new people where worrying about or moaning about lol :) so glad i took the plunge fella I almost had an orgasm today actually when it comes it will come just gona wait it out was a good session my prostate has never engorged by that amount before lol I know when i done well as I feel light headed after a session