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A fantastic start - but how do I tell my wife
  • I only got my Aneros Helix a couple of days ago, first time I did not do much, just thought I would see what happened, found it very relaxing and satisfying nonethless. Yesterday evening I had a small orgasm, a sort of starter for five. At the moment just the thought of using my Aneros is arousing enough and when I awoke this morning I just felt the urge. I lubed up and got back in bed, warm and relaxed, the sensations were fantastic. After some time, maybe 30-40 minutes I started a small movement that resulted in some more contractions, not involuntary (I think) but certainly using muscles I did'nt know I had or at least never thought I could control in this way. It led to a a lovely orgasm terminated by a small cat jumping on the bed, but on a scale of 1-100, I would say I got to 15+. I'm afraid I still felt the urge for penile masturbation, it wasn't that I hadn't got anywhere, I had but the sensations were fantastic and this was a 'side order' on offer that I could not refuse and with the Aneros still inserted it was an electrifying experience. A great way to start the day!fortunately it's Sunday so I had ample time to recover from 'the waves that were washing over me'
    My wife is away at the moment but I want to continue using the Aneros and I realise that this is very much a 'mind body experience' which seems to me to almost exclude other people if you want to reach the ultimate. Now I love my wife to bits, we have had some good sex over the years and I now realise, having done the research on G-Spots, that probably the shape of my penis has been able to help her to orgasm by reaching her G-Spot. However, erections are hard to come by these days, if you will forgive the puns there. We have never used any kind of 'sex toy' in our relationship, sad some of you may think but there is.
    I thought of buying a dildo/massager that would allow her to explore her G-Spot and maybe we could do these things 'side by side ' and 'meet' at the end. Maybe it's sad that you have to get to 57 years of age to find out that you have a G-Spot (or several as the cas may be) but we have a few good years left yet and I feel that we are at the start of a new begining.

    Any thoughts anyone.
  • cartercarter
    Posts: 10
    I am new to the forum and have yet to order my Aneros, however it sounds like you two love each other very much. I see no reason she would mind if you are having a little fun on the side, as long as it isnt with another woman. I would get used to using the Aneros first though, build up a bit of practice with it. And I hear it is great to use during sex, she me love it more than you can realize.
  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    Hi Chris

    Just a thought but I'm sure your worries affect a lot of people, even men who's partners openly have fun with lots of cool toys.

    I would suggest (and I hope it helps) that at 57 years old it shouldn't be too hard to think of a reason to buy and use a prostate massager. I'm early 40s and both my Dad and my uncle are having big problems with their prostates so even if my wife wasn't cool about me using my aneros for pleasure (and she is) she would definitely be ok with me looking after my health with it.

    Once your wife has a chance to react positively to you looking after yourself then if you like you can say something about the odd thing is I'm having orgasms with it and really enjoying myself!!


    Mu1ti :)