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PC Muscle During Masturbation
  • Hey everyone, I've started doing kegels exercises since I started aneros almost 6 months ago. So far I have had good experiences with it but my main question I want to ask Is it ok to squeeze hard your PC muscle during masturbation (both randomly and when you feel the "release" coming)? I have tried this during normal masturbation sessions twice recently and I must say that with my strengthened PC muscle it has been very pleasurable for me. I would watch porn and stroke away, slowly bringing myself to my limit then contract when i'm there. The result was forty minutes of mounting pleasure, and when I finally decided to end it, most of the semen coming out in two really powerful squirts. It was probably better than anything ive ever felt. But I was looking online, and this one guy said something about retrograde ejaculation occuring as a result of using this technique, which isnt necessarily great for you. I just wanted your opinions on this or if anyone else is/has been doing the same thing with no problems?
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    Well, squeezing the pc-muscle is normally the way to increase pleasure during masturbation, squeeze and hold it as long as possible and you get yourself a really sweet ride. Hundreds of millions guy are doing this everyday around the globe? If they only knew what pleasures the aneros would bring =) The system is designed to not have retrograde ejac, since the prostate kinda directs the flow, and closes of the bladder access completely. but sometimes it do happen, and it's no real biggie either, you got some semen in your pee, next time you have to go.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I had been trying the pc method to multiple orgasms long before I learnt about the Aneros.
    But not only was I unsuccesul,it even seemed to hasten ejaculation.
    The Aneros taught me to use the pc muscles like 'machinery running in the background'. I'd focus on the pleasure and this would guide my pc and anal contractions.
    I've found the same applies to penile stimulation. Don't focus on the muscles like you would when you're training them, or like you would isolating a musclegroup in the gym, but focus on the pleasure instead. Turn inside and let it circulate thru your body. And the closer you are to penile ejaculation the larger the burst of euphoria you can shoot thru your body. It leaves you vibrating from head to toe!

    As a solo operation there are 2 choises: a) with lube b) without
    ad a) advantages: you can use the head of your penis as a clit, the sensitivity giving you a rich variety of sensation. The lube can also give the feel of entering a moist pussy. Disadvantage: After about 10 mins the lube dries out and since you can go on for hours that leaves more to clean up. Oftentimes you feel you HAVE TO ejaculate because you're going to have clean up anyway.
    ad b) Unlike a) you don't have to clean up any dried up lube so you don't feel compelled to ejaculate. Disadvantage: when you're using your dick as an instrument for whole body orgasms, especially when you're at it for a long time, it can result in a sore penis the next day!

    So obviously penile stimulation is ideally suited for intercourse, not that this doesn't have disadvantages, but for multiple penile orgasms that would have to be the best way to do it.
    Still, despite the sore penis, I choose this sometimes after Super O-ing, for variety but also to show myself how much I've advanced since starting my Aneros journey. I never could have dreamt I could experience so many types of erogenous pleasure. The only thing missing in my toolkit at this point is squirting, but like Beckett has amply shown, it IS possible
  • Thank you two both for your input! Just wanted to clarify