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Are there any demo videos?
  • Seems like there were a few videos on this product. Are they still avaiable/
  • Why would you want to see a video about aneros?
  • Yes there are. GHo to page 5 and go to Goldenboyuk. My Aneros Vidoes. Thhey do give you some ideas, but beware, they are not what you might have or want. One persons experience is not for all. Your own experience is what you should be looking at and not hoping to do the style of others. Good luck. Tomasheen
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    There have been a couple of commercially produced videos discussing the Aneros products. For a period of time the Aneros website offered a DVD, I think titled "How To Perform A Prostate Massage : Progasm". It apparently is no longer available on the website, however, portions of it may still be seen on YouPorn, see Learn to do a prostate massage & Learn all the enjoyable things to do with his prostate.

    Additionally, you are invited to review the list of threads in the Community Group - The Video Club. This is a consolidated listing of these special external video links for easy future reference.