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Progasm mod pays off
  • rem7575rem7575
    Posts: 14
    Cut off the k tab and it was like a bought a new aneros. I could feel my inner muscle contractions much better and could feel it pressing more on my whole prostate area. Seemed to allow my anal muscles to relax more almost felt like it was totally inside me. Result was a orgasm ride over the period of an hour wave after wave and so much precum it was running off my belly like a small stream. So I would say cut off the tab you wont be sorry you will just cum and cum till you pass out.
  • pictures please.
  • I was afraid to make a permanent fix, so I just heated and bent the k-tab to a 45degree angle. it still has slight contact, but the differance is amazing! I was only going to ride for 1/2 hour, but next time I looked at the clock a whole hour flew by.
  • I know what you mean as far as more penetration without the K-tab.
    I modded my Progasm as well.
    I went further than just the K-tab removal though. It is described more in this thread:
  • I rest my case. @candlestickboy see Carolinaguy's post. Perfect.

  • cool, love my pro!
  • I have a Progasm, it's just the Ice. So it's surface is very smooth. However, I'm worried that cutting the K-tab may ruin the toy since it's made of completely different material. I've hit the Super-O with it but, it could be even better and more intense?!! Sign me up!!!! What can I do??
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I would have to say, why mess with success? If it's working for you, leave well enough alone. Cutting off the K-Tab is a last resort.