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Questions about involentaries
  • I am a striaght male in my twenties. Ive had my helix for a couple months now and after reading everything on here i feel like im stuck. My best session yet was last night i listened to some erotic audio which keep me raging hard for two hours. The whole thing feels amazing but i think im at a step where involentaries should start and take over i guess and they are not. what am i doing wrong, i am super hard dripping with precum for hours but nothing more. i also have not masturbated in a week and wont till this happens
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, Likwidfox.

    It's not that you're doing anything wrong, it's that you're "doing." The involuntary muscle movement business won't happen until your attention is elsewhere. Or better yet, you've given up on paying attention to anything and are blank and fully relaxed. Difficult to do the not doing, I know. Some experience with meditation or Yoga might help. Try taking a nap with the Aneros device inserted. You might be surprised when it wakes you up.


  • I agree with ten_s_nut. You really have to just do nothing. One thing I figured out is that even when you think that your doing are. You need to learn to relax you pc/anal sphincter muscles. Even when you think your not holding are. It takes a little work to get these muscles to relax. However when you have all kinds of p-waves. Don't hold any contraction at all. Thats how I learned to have them. Once you finally learn to release all muscle tension down there is when the Aneros will really have the ability to move on its own. I think this is the reason why it took me so long to figure out this little plastic toy. I always thought my muscles were relaxed. I was wrong.You kinda have to concentrate at first to really relax these muslces. But when you do.....WOOHOOOO!! Again, if you think your relaxed, your probably not. Concentrate and really feel those muscles let go. Your actually squeezing these muscles all day without even knowing it. Very little, but you are holding them tight. Let go, then let go again. I can have p-waves now adays without the Aneros, just by completely relaxing. I Haven't had a Super O yet, but I know I'm very close now. Even if not....the feelings are fantastic. More so now because of the info I told ya. It will absolutely help. Good luck.
  • It reminds me of that part in forgetting sara marshall when he is learning how to surf from paul rudd but ya i think your right ive been tring to get into a meditative trance its hard for me though weed helps
  • do the involentaries make your dick really twitch and get hard
  • I'm really puzzled by this "do-nothing" or "be elsewhere" things as these methods won't do anything for me (at least they haven't up until now). I always had to actively use contractions (subtle ones though) to get further but I'm using the aneros for more than one year now and it feels like I'm somewhat stuck (in other words the process of improving is very very slow but at least there).
    Maybe I did something wrong and would love to give it another try but first of all what does being relaxed even mean? Does it just mean you don't have to have any muscular tension at all or is there more going on, i.e. your mind has to be clear of mind noise and all that jazz? Then why do you have to be elsewhere? Don't you have to focus on good feelings to magnify them? What about having sex fantasies? Can this be declared as helpful or mind noise?
    Usually when I just lay there and don't do anything I can feel the subtle pressure of the aneros and I might even feel the pulsating of my prostate but it will never start involuntaries or somehow build things up.
  • ScottDScottD
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    For me, the key to triggering involuntaries was figuring out the strength of contraction to use. Some of the descriptions you can read, specifically the idea that involuntaries happen when the muscles begin to tire, might lead you to think that you have to really give those muscles a workout with strong contractions. I found that to be counterproductive. What seemed to work best for me was to initiate and hold a very light contraction. The first time I did this successfully, I probably had to hold it for at least 15 minutes before involuntaries started. I actually experienced vertigo the first time this happened, and twice since, but that seems to have passed. Now, I find that it takes a very short time, just a minute or two, to trigger the involuntaries, and I can often do so even without the aneros inserted. I think your body will learn what it is supposed to do after the first time.
  • grayfox;

    I had to use active contractions for the first 2 weeks (Helix model) to get anything to happen. The breakthrough to Big O happened while I was asleep. It woke me up. Since then, the totally relaxed, do nothing approach has worked every time, within minutes of insertion. And, it doesn't matter what I'm thinking about. The Helix grabs my attention. I'm sure the Aneros effect varies tremendously from person to person.


  • I'm the same way now ten_s_nut. I used to have to work at it. Now it's almost instantanious. I think in the beginning of the wiring process, you have to do some sort of contractions. I know I did. The "do nothing" approach didn't work for me either. I always had to force contractions to make anything happen. I, like most other guys, would tire the muscles in order to get anything goin. It would feel ok, but I was never even sure if the feelings I was feeling were even my prostate. So this is what I did.
    #1 I tried to old condom trick. I lubed up my Helix and put a condom around it, then inserted it into my rectum. I must say that it seemed to work a lot better this way. My prostate seemed more sensitive. I think!!
    #2 Like I said, I didn't even really know if I was hitting the prostate. What I did was take some advice from one of the other guys on this site. I lubed up a finger one day, squatted, and stuck it where the sun don't shine. I easily found my prostate and began to rub it a little. This made me aware of what the prostate feels like to be played with.
    #3 I did the condom trick again. I relaxed and did nothing else. I thought of only the sensations my prostate was feeding me. This was huge this time. I finally felt like I was making progress. However I was a little concerned that I would become reliant on the condoms. So I only used them a few more times to make sure I knew what feelings to look for. I wanted to get this right.
    #4 Went at it without the condom. I used extra lube this time to make absolute sure it could move freely like inside the condom. I have the lube injector. So I filled the sucker up with 5+ cc's. This helped greatly. I really felt like I was on my way.
    This all only took place a few weeks ago. I've been using my Aneros for what seems like forever. Very here and there however. Never faithfully. Until a month or two ago, I still hadn't figured this thing out. But again, after these few things I did, this advanced me so much farther, and I really seem to be becoming wired finally. These last few weeks have been so freakin awesome. It's hard to describe these insane feelings. And I haven't even had a Super O yet. I can't even imagine what that will feel like. How could it possible be better that what I'm feeling now. Can't wait.
    I guess ya really have to just let your body do what ever it wants. I can say this now. I didn't understand this phrase before. It "IS" a journey and a learning process. Unfortunately, I of anyone else can't make you feel the feelings. Just keeping working at it. It is definetely worth every moment spent, once you get there. I hope you all get there real fast. Best of luck fellas.
  • Wow, this stuff really works. Yesterday I had one of my best sessions ever. I started with trying to be as relaxed as possible without any contraction at all. At some point it was really weird. I felt like being in a parallel dimension or big empty space where I still had all of my cognitive senses but my mind really felt clear. I could even feel sth building up but not in a way you'd expect. There was no movement or involuntaries involved but I could feel some kind of energy.
    Probably 30 minutes into my session I applied some very gentle contractions and continued to work with them. From this point on I clearly experienced some involuntaries and they ended up in an amazing orgasm. The only caveat to this is that it took really long and that it felt probably as exausting as a workout. I'm curious where this will end.

    Thanks for your help :)
  • Well last night i think i finally did it and had a super o. When i first put it in i relaxed and was playing around with differnt contractions for like an hour and it never really started the involentaries and i really lost my arousal so i said fuck it im just going to cum so i started jacking off untill i was close to cumming and stopped. I wanted to try for the super o one more time so i got high and just layed in bed relaxing tring to sleep. Now i started really fantasizing in my head getting very aroused and as soon as i got hard the involentaries started. That felt like there was a beating heart under my dick wow. And after about 45mins of those off and on i started to feel a warming sensation in my lower area and i thought to my self its happening and it was. The next three invol contractions were insane it seemed like time slowed down and sent me over the edge. The warm feeling took over my whole body my arms and hands shaking like crazy heart racing and heavy breathing.After about five minutes i did everything i could to stop it because i needed to catch my breath it was intence. The key to the whole thing was the relax and fantasizing