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Two Important Questions
  • 1. Do women have a need to please men as much as vice versa? If so are there relationships where sex is equal give and take in?

    In general
    -men initiate more than half the time
    -men give more oral sex than they get
    -do more than 50% of the work, are on top more of the time
    -spend more time on pleasing and adoring her body during foreplay than she spends pleasing and adoring his body
    -put more of an effort into teasing her and getting her ready for sex(massages, cooking dinner)
    -get turned down more often
    -are the dom/top meaning they do things to actively please the woman such as light slapping, pushing down on the bed, tying up. Women very rarely have a desire to this type of dom/top activities to men

    2-Is there any way for a woman to give a man super-o's or something close to them while he just lays back ?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Are you the 'newtoforums' member who posted here ~16 months ago? Whether you are or not please read the advice given to member 'Anonicos' in the thread Some serious questions...
  • [QUOTE=rumel;95022]newtoforum,

    Are you the 'newtoforums' member who posted here ~16 months ago? Whether you are or not please read the advice given to member 'Anonicos' in the thread Some serious questions...

    I will but I would still like my questions answered.
  • Anybody else have an answer?
  • Why are these questions important to you?
  • [QUOTE=QuoVadis;95095]Why are these questions important to you?

    Why wouldn't they be? A relationship should be give and take and it would hurt to learn that a man cant lie back and experience multiple orgasms the way a woman can.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Where did you get your data from?

    Men give more oral sex than they get?

    What are you talking about? -I eat pussy like once a year and get blown twice a month. Your "Question #1" may only pertain to YOU and YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Some wives are different- they enjoy pleasing the man. So even if you had the answer to Question 1- what would it solve? Sounds to me like your wife is a selfish lover. Spend some more time jerking off or with your aneros. Or get a new wife.

    Question #2 would be something more targeted to this forum that would probably get answered...if Question 1 didn't cause them to hit 'back' on their browsers.

    In regards to Question 2- maybe you should try to get your wife to peg you (with a strap-on) or have her milk your prostate. But when I refer to your Question 1, it makes me think that you'll have to eat a lot of pussy before she'll stick her finger in your ass...

    Good Luck!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    With respect to the possibility of a woman giving a man multiple orgasms, the answer is no she can't. That said, I don't believe that I have ever agreed with the proposition that one person strictly gives another person an orgasm to begin with . Be it woman to man, man to woman, woman to woman or man to man. To my way of thinking a person can be stimulated but in the end one allows themselves to be aroused, and an orgasm is a result of that allowance. In this way an orgasm is really something that one gives to themselves! This is particularly the case with female orgasms and the male Super O. When it comes to ejaculation, it can be said that many men have an almost instantaneous response to stimulation, almost like an orgasm button was pushed. For such individuals and in such cases I could more readily see an orgasm being given. For all others I would put it like orgasm is my can be shared (and in the best of relationships it is shared) but it's not something that some else gives to me.

    I will avoid commenting on the other points that you raised as I think they're off topic for this forum. My advice to you is to stop getting hung up on what you don't have and celebrate what you do. This forum is dedicated to a tremendously powerful and mostly undiscovered potential that men have. It's all about affirming male sexuality! By my count you've got 4 threads going now that discuss your depression over the supposed inequities of men vs. women. If you're looking for people to commiserate with on the shortcomings of being a man in our society, then you've come to the wrong place...seriously, there's a celebration going on here!

    That stuff doesn't belong here.

    BF Mayfield
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    newtoforum, I had similar questions to you in 2008 and I was just awash with OCD, obsessve-thinking, anxiety, depression. I know what you are going through. What helped me was to FOCUS on the ANEROS. I am not lying. Be grateful that men have a prostate that responds this way. If we didn't have it, we would be STUCK with ONE PENILE orgasm, etc.

    The Aneros has made me and Helixer question the NEED for a woman anymore, TBH. Sure, they're hot life-partners, but for now, I don't need one. I'm on a(n Aneros) journey!!!