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Male Sexual Orientation Here
  • View Poll Results: How do you define your sexual orientation? Voters: 1061

    You may not vote on this poll

    Transgendered or Intersexed 6 0.57%

    Gay - bi 37 3.49%

    Straight 373 35.16%

    Straight - curious 210 19.79%

    Gay 236 22.24%

    Bisexual 85 8.01%

    Just figuring it out 19 1.79%

    Straight - bi 94 8.86%

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    As I read the threads since joining last year, we are a community of straight, bi, gay and any other variation in between or other reflecting the whole rainbow of male sexual experience. For some heterosexual males, anal penetration by anything can be a serious barrier of socialized fears and beliefs.

    The great thing about this community here is that we are discussing anal/prostate play/ecstasy for all males across the entire spectrum, with mutual respect, true scientific/aesthetic enquiry, and wildly joyous celebration, learning from each other across those artificial and damaging social category boundaries!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I am in complete agreement with you here. You’ve said it well, the pleasure principle binds us all into a universal neighborhood of humans with unique life experiences we can all share during our individual journeys regardless of our sexual orientation.
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    No matter what color skin or what language one speaks, we are all feeling and experiencing our sexual pleasures. Everyone is sexual. Each person needs to find there liking. How one arrives and explores their sexual pleasures is up to the individual. Experiment and explore! Nood
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Although im straight, i do like watching guys get off, so you could call me "Straight-Curious". Of course in a physical encounter it woulld have to be with a girl of course. But research, is research.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks rumel, nood1963, johntrevy and all who have voted here so far. Although the sample is small, I think the distribution is interesting and not out of line with other studies and larger samples. I hope more Anerosians will thoughtfully share their reflections and experience in posts here.

    all the best to all

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The manufacturer has stated to me in the past that they figure around 70 - 80% straight and 20-30% gay. If you combined all of the straight and straight-hybrid categories that you have it puts it right in 70%.

    However, while the gay membership of the forum may be in this range, it is likely that the population of actual gay users is a great deal larger. Why?

    HIH has been targeting this market for several years now. The development of the Progasm was in part due to requests by gay users for a larger device. (Hey, let the record show that I had asked for it too! LOL). It's possible that such users see themselves as "anally experienced" and not in need of the support of a community like ours or that they are uncomfortable with a predominately straight forum.

    Whatever the case may be, all are welcome here, regardless of orientation.

    BF Mayfield
  • Hi artform,
    I was one of the earlier voters, but did not post a message.

    I have been married for 35 years, but believe myself to be "Straight-Bi".

    Years ago, I had some major "fun" with some buddies "straight guys" that were just very horny! me included, I will admit, I did enjoy the fondling, and sucking, but I know that I cannot do this all the time, nor could I be gay full time, because I just like my wife, and looking at ladies way to much!! :D

    My wife and I have done a lot of what most couples would call very unusual, and taboo, but to whom... Just because I like to have more than 1 beautiful woman at a time to have fun, and I find it OK, oh well!

    Johntrevy, With what you have said, I find you to be totally normal in the world of men, and "curious" is a healthy male indeed!
    Look at XTube, they have a great deal of males doing things we males like to view and are curious about. :D
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi BF and skeeter_g!

    Thanks for your comments and stories. BF, I think it is interesting to see these results from several different methods of aggregating the group numbers as well. And it is great to see the current responses swelling the figures...

    skeeter_g, I appreciate your story and candour. I too voted Straight - Bi and have told at least some key parts of my story in other posts, but will honour your telling by telling mine here too, in the hopes that many other will share these kinds of insights. My story is in no way a critique of any of yours or anyone else's. There is no judgement implied. These are all personal choices and my imagination and some practices can be as wild or wilder than anyone's.

    I have been married almost 40 years, monogamous and happy. Before our children we had a wonderful sex life for several years, then found we needed to detour through fertility clinics for five years which ended successfully after I had surgery for a varicose vein on my left testicle and my wife had some hormone therapy. That five years with scheduled intercourse at key times and temperatures and producing semen samples in public washrooms for the various clinic tests was a very curious sex life, but one we made sport of with great humour most of the time. We have two fine children, now young men of accomplishments, and they have been our focus for the past twenty-five years.

    I was a sickly child and a difficult birth, raised by my mother and nurses mostly for at least the first two years at times in quarantine. My father did not get to hold me until I was two or a little more. I was raised on doctor-prescribed phenobarbitol and atropine for my first six years and had abdominal surgery during that time. I suspect that those drugs over that time had probably pre-rewired me early in several ways!

    I was very tall and thin for my age as I grew and was quite shy early, growing quite intellectually adventurous and outspoken in the later pre-puberty years. At one point I declared my interest in yoga and planned "to develop the skill of lowering my large bowel through my anus inside-out as the East Indians do to clean it". I was not strong and still ill on and off during those years and at school was bullied and taunted: "four-eyes!, girl!, fag! etc.", partly because my family were prominent businessmen and community leaders. This, even as I was dating a girl and partying with others before high school...

    About this time I was sent to a boys summer camp for three summers, which covered the last full year of pre-puberty, the year of puberty itself and the first year of emerging from the transition year. This was 1959 -1961 I think. Sacked out in our tents in separate wooded sections of the site based on age, we all yacked about sex, in our ignorance, in the first two years. We went from being shy to occasional group nudity without is being sexual. One of the louder campers expounded at length on how he was going to "screw his girlfriend's ass" when he got back home, and meant her anus. I'm not sure he knew about vaginas at that point! Through the second year and into the third I suffered from serious ulcers and was treated for months with a medication that again had atropine as a significant ingredient. More chemical rewiring during puberty?!

    The final year we were in the senior section, the counsellors wore only jockstraps at times, and there was no sexual contact or abuse that I know of, but there was lots of friendly teasing back and forth and we were a little more knowledgeable, although this was well before any sex education! As lights went out in the tent at night, the sex talk explored more areas in detail with less bellicosity and more serious quiet attention. As the talk progressed, on occasion, erections appeared popping out of sleeping bags and flashlights follow-spotted them. At times one naked or semi-clad body or another would shadow from its bed to another's for some tentative mutual penis stroking, although never to anywhere close to ejaculation. During this year at times I did feel twitching and feelings in my rectum, explored with my finger and found my prostate! I kept this to myself, butt back home in the privacy of my own bedroom, my prostate massage adventures began and in a year or two the Intellectual Orgasms voyaging began! Here is that story from my blog:

    At about 17, a male friend and I, highly frustrated even while dating girls seriously during the pre-Pill era, decided we would experiment together with shared fully sexual explorations. I described that in the Gay Guys thread awhile ago:

    So I have explored it all with no regrets and remain friends with the male lover of my youth, with no sex, although we talk freely about our individual ongoing sexual development. I have encouraged him to try the aneros journey!

    My late teens were spent (almost three years) in a rigid brace: back, chest, chin and back of head or step-down rigid collar-cuffs after two severe whiplashes in a row, about eighteen months apart. More lashings of antispasm and other medications!

    Mrs. a refers to my time here on this Forum and KSMO as me "being back at summer camp" :lol:

    I think of it as being a mix of that and Plato's Symposium and I appreciate all of these conversations very very much. So does mrs. a for all our great adventures with our mutual prostate practices and others through this past year and a half, or when I introduce another variation that may have been triggered by discussions here! :D

    It seems to me that our journey's that brought us to Aneros also shape our Aneros journey's that we share so openly here, and that there may be real value to sharing those earlier life journeys and their possible influences. I can imagine a play, a fun parody and a serious parallel Aneros Symposium as another type of work of art emerging from this community. Hmmmm.....

    I find most pornography of any type tedious in its staged heartless dryness. But I like occasional rounds of gay, lesbian, bi or hetero porn, particularly if there are real people actually caring for each other and genuinely enjoying each other as well as themselves, of which there are a few examples on xtube and other sites. That is really not pornography, but art or education like darwin and arcticwolves vids! I really don't think you can be offended by the human body doing what it is meant to do when it is presented with positive energy and dignity.

    Thanks again skeeter_g for launching the pre-journey journey storytelling here. I look forward to others sharing their stories too.

    all the best to all


    all the best
  • pifpif
    Posts: 30
    You guys are great!!! I just joined yesterday and I feel like one of the guys already! LOL
  • I'm gay. I think I already participated in this poll a while ago. Here is some information about sexual orientation and bisexuality:
  • There appears to be more straight than gay men that use the Aneros according to the evidence in this poll. I always thought it was about 50/50.
  • At age 25, when my retiring physician tried his best to seduce me but did not succeed, I'd have reported "straight." I was very judgmental toward that physician.

    At age 32 I would have reported myself as "Straight - Curious."

    Since age 40 I would have reported myself as "Straight - Bi."

    "Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you."

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome pif, equalityboy81 and AncientKid! :D :D :D

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, instant bonding, information link sharing and AK, that eloquent haiku of your orientation autobiography! AK, as the newest member of this trio, welcome to the Forum as one of the those with the deepest time depth of experience! It was wonderful to chat with you and meet you that way in the recent Open Chat here.

    This thread is probably the best opportunity to reflect upon your own orientation revelation/evolution events and dynamics and share the experiences of value to you that could help others put their situation into deeper historical perspective.

    Thanks again and look forward to everyone taking a crack at the more detailed autobio!

    we live in our language
    and sometimes cannot know what we think and know without speaking it aloud to others
    or even better writing it and sharing it

  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Before the Aneros Id consider myself completely straight with no weird thoughts whatsoever. Combining the Aneros with marijuana however I'm not so sure anymore...Weird fantasies come into my head. Last night for example I was experiencing another great orgasm while using my Peridise. I was cumming all over the place when I decided to insert the Progasm....I was so turned on that I just sucked it in without any bother. I was actually cumming standing up with my Progasm in...when I thought to myself :"I feel so horny now if there was a man with a big hot dick standing behind me and fucking me in my arse I wouldn't even mind." And the tabooness of this thought actually turned me on even more. While normally this would revolt me and I never get horny thinking of men. But in this particular circumstance.....
    Also, in the same vein, I've had fantasies about raping young girls.At least acting out both parts.
    It seems with the Aneros, the more the taboo, the heavier is the turn on

    Maybe orientation can be molded and isn't a static. For example in Greece homosexuality and pedophily was common.
    Same goes for psychopaths, at least the way I see that it has a sexual element to it....probably for warriors in the past they actually lusted for blood...went berserk .

    Sexual energy it's obvious has many modes of expression.

    How much is indoctrination?
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    Married, in a Mixed Orientated Marriage. I am celebate now concerning my gay side. That is why I am very interested in the Aneros and my need for anal penetration. I have a wonderful wife who needs me and I do not want divorce.
  • atm853atm853
    Posts: 51
    I just put in my "vote" I guess... I was thinking though, there should be a gay-curious on this as well... Because just like there are straight curious guys there are some gay people who are curious to be or experiment with the opposite sex... p.s I put gay-bi since I can be really turned on by women, to the point where I occasionally sleep with them lol :P but I swear I'm gay! haha
  • Straight as an arrow.

  • atm853 said:

    I just put in my "vote" I guess... I was thinking though, there should be a gay-curious on this as well... Because just like there are straight curious guys there are some gay people who are curious to be or experiment with the opposite sex... p.s I put gay-bi since I can be really turned on by women, to the point where I occasionally sleep with them lol :P but I swear I'm gay! haha

    Same with me! LOL

    As a teenager I fantasized about guys, but was ironically too repressed to be open to girls, the product of a Protestant anti-sex upbringing and the feminist girls-are-not-for-sex message, I think. As I passed my early 20's I believed I was asexual, until I philosophically discussed my ambiguity with friends (still before ever having sex). After about a year of mulling over my attraction to men with friends, I gave it a try and eventually identified as gay for a year or so after that. To date, I only sleep with men, but my fantasies have turned full circle towards women! Sometimes I need that female fantasy to get off in the end... A bi group is my biggest turn on now.
  • heydudeheydude
    Posts: 16
    I voted Straight - Curious. I just way too into girls to be interested in any sort of relation with another man. However, I occasionally been curious about anal sex.
  • artisanartisan
    Posts: 14
    Voted as straight, which I definatly am, but as I was contemplating ordering my MGX, I wondered if my growing interest in anal pleasure was the begining of a shift in my sexuality? Wonder if other straight users have felt that? As thing go at the moment, the only things going up my bum are man-made... no, rephrase that.....artifical!!!!!!!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I attended English boarding schools (single-sex) for five years, and we experimented with each other during and after puberty, but never advanced to anal intercourse.

    Since I left school (in 1956), I have never had any interest in sexual activity with males and count myself as strongly heterosexual and have voted accordingly.

    The Aneros experience for me has nothing to do with ones sexuality.
  • artisan said:

    Voted as straight, which I definatly am, but as I was contemplating ordering my MGX, I wondered if my growing interest in anal pleasure was the begining of a shift in my sexuality? Wonder if other straight users have felt that? As thing go at the moment, the only things going up my bum are man-made... no, rephrase that.....artifical!!!!!!!

    Yes Artisan, I am feeling the same thing. Since I have ordered and used my MGX I have become more and more aware of my interest in anal pleasure. I voted as straight, but I am curious about bi-curious.
  • I am gay, and is product has made my sex life with my partner of 14 years even more incredible than it was before. When we have sex, he can make me cum like a woman just by slowly penetrating me. I have never had orgasms like this in my life. I didn't think that it was possible for a man, to not only have an orgasm by being penetrated, but for that orgasm to be more intense and pleasurable than any orgasm I've ever had be jerking off. So, yes, I am gay...and this product has brought me closer sexually to my partner than we have ever been before.
  • I consider myself straight, I mean there's some curiosity there, and I wouldn't mind experimenting just once. But it's nothing I really think about, and you can't replace a girls smile.
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    I'm bisexual.
    I've always preferred females to males, but I've found both body shapes attractive since I was a teen. Since I could go either way, I chose female in this culture simply because, 50 years ago, that was the easiest way to go. I feel fortunate that I could go with either sex depending on circumstances, and I have had very interesting loving relationships with both sexes. I've only given and received oral willingly, and have given anal mainly to please the other person because they requested it. A vagina feels much better to me. It fits my penis much more comfortably (like a glove).
    I've traveled around the world, and most cultures are more tolerant of sexual orientation, and are more open-minded in general about sex than here.
    You straight guys should know that not all gays want anal sex . Some guys only want to give oral pleasure to other guys, some only want to receive oral from other guys but not be f**ked in the ass ever, others want to give oral and be assf**ked, and others will only be the giver of anal. Not all gay or bisexual men want to kiss and cuddle other men. Many gay guys only exchange oral with each other their entire relationship together, and never have anal in either direction.
    I hope this gives some of you a new perspective. I have no idea why people's sexual orientation is the way it is, it's just is what it is. I'm big and strong so nobody ever gave me much lip about it. I look and act 100% straight arrow. On those few occasions when someone has pushed me on my orientaion, I've decked and punched the s**t of out alot of them. One time I was working on an oil service rig in Nebraska and was harrassed by one guy constantly. I finally just decked him and everyone quit working to see what would happen. He lost. I only lost a fight if I'd had too much to drink. I learned to be careful how much I drank. It's an incorrect stereotype that all gays and bisexuals are effeminate. You'd never know that I wasn't 100% straight if you met me on the street.
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    As a Bisexual man, let me "second" what you have just posted. Not all gay-bi men are the same and not all desire the same kind kind of sexual relations. Thank you for clarifying this for our straight brothers.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome macjim, rickg, RobNewm, and Pommie!!! :D :D :D :D

    First let me second rickg's "second" of your post/contribution macjim! There's macjim cubed!

    This kind of open male development life story sketch is very helpful to all in the Forum. Others of us have discussed having Polls here to bring forth these kinds of distinctions in gay life and practice. Would you consider starting such polls macjim?This information is very important in a forum such as this, for all members enlightenment.

    Thanks too to Pommie for your frank male development experience summary at one end of the shared male experience range, now enjoying Aneros prostate awakening, and RobNewm for your enthusiasm for the great orgasmic enhancement possible for a man who is a gay bottom, through Aneros prostate awakening, in a committed relationship!! Thanks very much to you both too.

    all the best to all wherever you are on this adventurous Anerosian spectrum

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome Normandy, badgerino, artisan, heydude!!!! :D :D AND atm853 and rainstomp!! :D Smilies All, site limitations don't allow more than four...

    Thank you all for your posts of your personal perspectives and orientation varied points of view. What I find very interesting about your recent joining/posting is the great common ground expressed. It has been interesting to see the shifting patterns in this poll even as the basic proportional relationships have been remarkably consistent. You guys reflect these subtler shifts.

    Originally Straight-Bi outnumbered Straight-Curious, and significantly outnumbered Bisexual.
    Bisexual has come from behind (who could resist!) virtually tying Straight-Bi.
    Straight-Curious has moved out in front of Straight-Bi prominently, almost challenging Gay.
    Just-Figuring-It-Out is young and growing.
    Gay-Bi is showing growth now too.
    Straight is maintaining its lead, butt the rest of the field is never far behind.
    The odds are greater still!
    Gentlemen, place your butts, and prepare for the trill of a lifetime!
    What a hose race!

    Sorry, I get carried away. Now we need to do a thorough-bed Anerosian update of the great old American musical, Guys and Dolls!! :D

    What I meant to say is that your varied degrees of "curiosity" to positive pirouettes of possibilities (eh rainstomp?; lovely, whew!...) reflect beautifully Plato's great model of male/female being.

    Plato posited that we are each four sexual beings in one:
    we males are the current living half of our male full potential,
    always searching for our missing maleness;
    and often missing our two female natures,
    longing consciously or otherwise for the other half of our wholeness of being in the world.

    Your ability to tickle your possibilities is a great advantage, IMHO, in really enjoying the full range of benefits from this Aneros journey.

    all the best orgasmic explorations and ecstatic experiences here all

  • I chose straight.

    I'm unsure what brought me to be interested in prostate stimulation.
    I think it was just from random browsing of sexual material online that I came upon the idea.
    While I'd be interested in anal penetration by another, it would have to be a woman doing it, I think.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome JacobWins! :D

    Thanks for your prose haiku of a meaningful personal introduction! Very enlightening and challenging in posing the resolution of this astounding potential of orgasmic ecstasies and far beyond for someone who is straight. The great thing is that Aneros devices, practices, and this wonderful community make all that exploration possible in a mutually respectful sharing of this core of male being.

    If you enjoy writing and having a record that is shared, perhaps you want to consider starting a blog of your journey here in the Blogs section.

    all the best as your journey, your mapping of it and your development along the way unfold all

  • Gay Male here, coming to terms with my orientation later in life. Always knew I preferred guys, just rarely acted on it in my earlier years. Married to a woman for 18 years, 2 kids a product of that marriage. Divorced her 6 years ago, and met the most wonderful guy 3 years ago. We are in a committed, monogamous relationship, and at some point will get married. Our sex life is outstanding, but since we are not living together yet, there are times when I have needs to be fulfilled. So my sojourn here begins....
  • JayTJayT
    Posts: 15
    Straight here.

    I found out about Aneros from I shrugged it off and when about my business. A long while passed and one day, while playing with myself, I felt a need to cross that bridge.. it was nothing spectacular but I came like never before. Shortly after that session I remembered reading about the Aneros, took the plunge and purchased my MGX. Definitely a decision well made.

    Getting over the phobia of sticking something in my keister was definitely a hurdle to overcome but being open minded made it fairly easy. As a straight man, if you can get over that Taboo implemented by social constraints, it's a decision you won't soon regret!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Exactly JayT!! :D :D And welcome to this community and your Journey!

    Welcome too midnightvoice!! And indirectly your male partner. Your story is very similar to what happened with my male co-explorer of my youthful gay relationship. And others that I know of too. Too many males are bullied into inappropriate lives by the social pressures and the Rolling Poison of the Playgrounds of vicious bullying and ostracism through puberty and beyond. All the best as you get a chance now to sort out your life and your continuing relationships with your children and former spouse.

    all the best finding our inner truth and erotic energetic powers and love all

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well Men!

    Over 300 have voted and the trends are holding with the same proportions as before, with the exception of the boom/expansion in the Straight Curious group!

    However this is still a small sample of the total membership here of 16,044, and is a significant sampling of the active membership of 692. We could still do a lot better. More personal development stories here would also be very helpful to others.

    Cum on guys! Fess up! It's fun and a relief at the same time. Can actually boost your energies too!

    nudge nudge nudge

  • I didn't see this post till just today... I've wondered about this myself so I was glad to see someone had already put it up for vote. I really don't know what I am ... I put bi b/c I do like both but I don't think it matters other than a point of interest. It is nice to be able to talk openly and honestly with any guy about sex. I mean afterall most guys I know would never in a billion light years talk about stuff like we talk about here so its cool.

    I think a part of the mental process that we have to go through while using the aneros is not caring and enjoying the pleasure it brings for what it is... I personally have felt like this is a pleasure that we can experience b/c God allows us to have it. I mean He is the one that made all of us *so long as you believe that* and I always feel like the experience is almost supernatural at times because even though I've not had the Super O the feelings and such are very strong unlike anything in a tradional J/O session etc...

    So sometimes I think about this or that... whatever makes me feel good/sexy or helps me overcome issues in my life ... that is what turns me on... and I use the product in that regard so that it is more than just a super O because who knows when that will come... I just enjoy it to enjoy myself and my body that God gave me to the fullest I can.

    Anyhow that is my 2 cents ... sorry if its too metaphysical or trancendental for some of you.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    This poll has been around for a long time, so I can't remember "exactly" how I voted, but knowing me, I voted the truth but did not add a comment. I will now though, I am gay.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well my friend Buster, welcome to this Poll thread!! :) :)

    Congratulations! I am very glad you to chose to say so here. All the very best brother Buster always!!

    all the best coming to the wholeness of the maleness we each find within and without as we all males share ours with all

    peace and blessings of the ecstatic allness of it all

  • I have been getting so horny and wanting my super-0's and the weird thing is that it's from guys writing about their experiences with Aneros products!
    I used to really like to hear the fem side of the sexual experience, now I really am not interested...this is an amazing forum!
  • Posts: 0
    priapusone, we can chat about our experiences any time!
  • tallguytallguy
    Posts: 61
    Hi guys

    I don't see that Aneros use has anything to do with sexual preference per se ...however, it is interesting to see where other Aneros users are coming from (so to speak!), and it's probably true that those whose sexual preference includes anal activity are more accepting or attuned to the possibilities of an anally-inserted device from the get-go. The opposite could keep some purely Straight guys from allowing themselves to experiment and enjoy prostate-centered sensations in the ways that many of us have.

    I voted "Straight Bi" which is the best answer given how I've chosen to act out my life, but probably Bisexual would be the best description of my actual nature. If you saw this thread, before, in which a fellow member questioned whether his use of the Aneros in some way affected his sexual status, you may know a little of my story.

    I was raised without much of a thought of sexuality, but then, just prior to puberty, had the opportunity for some harmless sex play with male cousins around my age during the occasional camp-out. This was mutual j/o, a little touching, and not more. I loved it, and felt my self yearning for more male/male contact later in my teen years, but this was unrequited until I went to college. In my junior year, I found that my new roommate shared this same yearning, and over the period of about a year, we tried just about everything--but settled mostly on a "routine" of occasional, mutual oral sex. Then I became bored with this, and frankly, more interested in a girl that I'd started dating. My roommate made his sexual preference--basically, 100% gay--very clear, and we subsequently saw we were moving in different directions and broke off our activity.

    Just out of college, I was married for the first time, my interest in men faded into the background and I became what you'd call bi-curious. Even while single again in my mid-20s (and, funny enough, living smack in the middle of "Boystown" in Chicago--Wrigleyville), I was interested purely in the pursuit of women. Sure, I'd look at a guy on the street and think about the possibilities, but purely on an abstract level. Then, after remarrying and moving ahead into my 40s, with the advent of the Internet, I made the (shocking) discovery that there were LOTS of bi-curious guys out there, including lots of married ones. In a period of immature indulgence, I engaged in some experimentation with guys who were also bi-curious (as well as some gays who led me to believe they were "bi curious" but who were very likely not). I came to regret this deeply. Due to very negative effects on my energies, my conscience and ultimately the quality of my marriage, I put an end to this period, and since then I have not looked back. Now I'm over 50, and my "bi side" or "gay side" resides purely at a private / fantasy level as one of many dimensions of my sexuality.

    As stated and detailed in my post on that other thread, this is a decision I made consciously and to my contentment. Meanwhile, my use of Aneros products and discovery of another physical dimension of my sexuality has been a very welcome sideline, but not one that has detracted from my relationship with my wife. I have experienced some entirely new and for the most part pleasurable sensations along my way, and am optimistic that as I move along in this journey, there will continue to be new rewards!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome jjaneros!! and priapusone!! and milky!! :D :D :D :D

    Thanks very much for your perspectives (more of your story here please milky!) Not at all too transcendental jj! Your stories of how you got to where you are with your sexuality would be appreciated by all here.

    all the best gay and bisexual, topping and bottoming as you find yourself there all


    Speaking of which...,
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome tallguy!! :D :D

    Thanks you so much for your detailed story of your sexuality unfolding, blossoming. If you've read my story above in this thread, you've seen how similar our coming of age sexually are. I think that this route is particularly rich in initial wiring and further rewiring potentials, butt I'm prejudiced in this regard. ;) It is from this experience that I included the category "Just figuring it out" in the Poll, because that sums up my experience in my exploratory gay relationship, late high school and early university. Does that description ring true for you?

    BTW how tall are you? 6'-4+1/2" in youth, now just over 6'-3" here.

    Thanks again tallguy for your story. All the best with your journey here and with your wife. I have detailed some interesting to thrilling m/f possibilities that you two might be interested in in my blog: Perhaps you two have some to share here as well?

    all the best orgasmic energetic ecstasies yang and yin, yin and yang all

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    Hey Artform

    Look back again at my postings in the "what's happening to me thread" linked above, you'll recall our earlier chat. I'm 6'2"..not as tall as you, but pretty thin!

    I agree, the sideline into male/male activities probably has helped a little with the rewiring, although I wish the rewiring was going along a little more quickly! Probably the pace of it is limited somewhat by the time I can take for my sessions. This is during travel, when I have a nice quiet hotel room to myself, and plenty of hours to prepare and participate.

    Nonetheless, I have had some great experiences so far and part of me is certain that I am on the path to bigger and better rewards!

    Thanks for your interest here in everyone's journey and for sharing your generous spirit.
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    I voted transgendered but I could also have voted straight bisexual. Had the usual childhood /teen sexual encounters with males. Forts and camping provided a sexual exploration outlet that was otherwise unobtainable. Would have preferred more encounters with girls but I was a nerd and a late bloomer socially. I came to enjoy oral sex most of all and even tried some solo anal pentration with various hard smooth objects. I married a woman who I had to educate about sex because her family was sexually repressive. She grudgingly learned to have sex in something other than the missionary position but eventually refused to explore sexuality fully in the context of a loving relationship. She wanted sex less and less and I wanted sex more and more. Eventually she developed a so called platonic love affair with a man who was a sexual bore and whose wife was getting her satisfaction in yet another affair. It all blew up suddenly and I was forced into separation and divorce. The reason I tell you the sordid story is because I was determined the second time around to only get involved with a woman who was sexually free and into exploration. I wanted a real slut as it were, and I do not mean that in a bad way as in a street walker but there was no way I wanted another repressed partner. I found her and we have a great relationship. It really does make up for the years of hell I endured before. So in our exploration we eventually tried swinging and threesomes and fetishes. I am turned on by female domination and enjoy submission. She enjoys the power exchange. We moved into cuckoldry and finally feminization. We have MMF threesomes and I play a submissive role while she gets her satisfaction with another. It started with me wearing the panties and which I had not done since childhood. Sometimes I get dressed more elaborately and think I could pass for a real woman at times. I have no desire to live my life as a woman full time at all but I do enjoy it on a part time basis as a fetish. My wife enjoys making me submit to her lovers just orally right now but she is just priming me for the ultimate submission. So she was pretty supportive when it came to getting the aneros. I just keep getting in deeper and deeper it seems. Next we will add enforced chastity to the mix but you won't find me complaining. I have a sex life that a few people only dream about! My sexual orientation has certainly changed over time but I have come to realize that I do not identify as gay. I think more of straight with bisexual experience including crossdressing which may be practiced by those of all orientations.
  • Jeez, guys, I'm beginning to feel left out, plain vanilla. :( Pretty much asexual until post-puberty, at which time I was "shanghaied" by an agressive female who knew what she wanted and went after it. Wound up marrying her (together 38 years this past New Year's.) Our roles have reversed over the years; now she's the one who has no sense of adventure, and I'm the one all jacked up for new things. We're both backwards... my prime is NOW, and hers was back in her twenties. Just proves that sexuality is indeed a continuum, analog in nature, not either/or and binary. Only homosexual experiences I had along the way were a frightening groping (old dude when I was 13...) I was steering his powerboat, both hands locked to the wheel, towing a pair of skiiers, with my sister and step-sisters in the back seat (front cockpit separate from rear passenger cockpit); the guy, while giving instructions on boat handling, just reached over and twisted aside the crotch of my bathing trunks and grabbed my junk, pulled it out, and started stroking like it was no big deal. Began interspersing sexual instructions along with the boating ones ..." steer a little left, stay clear of that sandbar; make it throb; that's it. Steer it over towards that cove, slowly... let me know when you're about to come..." ( and I didn't even know what that last MEANT, at the time.) Finally the ride was over, and I screwed out of that boat as fast as I could, ignoring his "You wanna go out again?" I hid in the boathouse for the rest of the family visit. My stepfather's people... figures. He was never much better than them, himself, and he's why I am the way I am to this day (deeply insecure, self-esteem/self-worth on the ocean floor, etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda.) And a proposition for receiving oral from a guy who gave me a ride home from my Navy base in Virginia when my wife got hung up and couldn't make it to pick me up. I politely declined, but had to stifle a panic attack which brought the memories of that molestation surging back to life. Oh, also did "duelling dicks" as a fourth-grader with my best friend of the time... we made plans for escalating exploration, but he moved away soon after that.

    Been straight-arrow until just this year, when my medication-induced anorgasmia, BPH symptoms and general stale sex life (does none qualify as stale?) kinda reached critical mass in a confluence of factors. Discovered prostate massage, Aneros use, pegging, and bi-curiosity pretty much simultaneously. It's certainly opened up my (getting shopworn) fantasy life, that's for sure!! Approached the wife re: prostate massage, from a therapeutic standpoint, and got reluctant agreement. Took it a little further and defined/expressed interest in pegging, and was immediately shot down: "THAT'LL never happen!!" So, it's to be solo exploration for now. Maybe I can hook up with an ex-wife who's still mad at her ex-hubby, and wants vicarious revenge! I'll happily stand in (kneel in) so to speak. Have my Helix, about to spring for a Fleshlight (lady/vortex, or Alien), and am shopping around for a not-too-big, lifelike VixSkin dildo, harness-ready (I'm an optimist by nature.) Even solo, one can still spice things up considerably !!

    Oh, and I voted "Straight-curious." My "hands-on" has been all female, to this point, but I'm intensely interested in finding the right guy to explore with.
  • I was raised in a sexually straight home with the only sexual info provided by my parents was that it was "dirty" and "don't ever masturbate", Needless to say I experiemented a bit with the boys in the "Hood" at least for a while. I became interested in girls at puberty and still was a bit attracted to a good friend. At the age of 27 I had an actual gay encounter with a gay/bi guy which left me feeling very weirded out. As I was interested, at that time, in getting BJ's from him and he was interested in getting bottomed from me it was not a hot date. I declined further dates.
    I voted straight bi as I have been married for 35+ years and have a good relationship with the wife but I am not averse to male/male contact with the right guy on the right day. I have mellowed in my feelings in this area, and have been enjoying my current explorations in butt play.
  • [QUOTE=johntrevy;72511]Although im straight, i do like watching guys get off, so you could call me "Straight-Curious". Of course in a physical encounter it woulld have to be with a girl of course. But research, is research.

    i have to say what ever your sexual orientation is if it feels good i have always had an attraction to anal play, but hard to find a partner to be comabatable. I am not really gay and i dont have a great attraction to men. Some men i was with wam bam thank you ..... but being pegged was hot, and really. but aneros..........
  • artformartform
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    Welcome subcd, kharrisma, nudist and jerdan45!!!! :D :D :D :D

    Thanks all of you for your four stories of guys exploring various points inside the straight to bisexual zone of our male orientation spectrum. Let us know with future posts here how your explorations develop!

    all the best sensing and testing the range and depth of our sexual/erotic/orgasmic potentials all

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    tallguy, thank you!! :D :D

  • artformartform
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    Guys, as you are exploring inside the spectrum, you may find it works best in rewiring, for the permanent benefits available here, to be careful about choosing any complementary activities, disciplines or practices you mix directly with your aneros practice. A good rule of thumb here is to leave a day or two without doing the other practice, and even between aneros sessions, to get the richest and most durable rewiring and effects.

    See Aksel's thread:

    and jerdan45's:

    Also, check out the Tao of Aneros thread and see if those observations ring true or prove helpful:

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    Well again men!!! :D :D :D

    It was only last September when we hit 300+ voters in this Poll and had just gone over 16,000 Aneros members here!

    Now we are over 20,000 members registered!!... and 345 voted here!!... and great additional sex-life development stories, thanks to all posters here!

    Hey newbies all!! come on in and vote here please!

    And add to this great and growing library of men's development stories!

    as we each add our stories, we all benefit from seeing ourselves in the great spectrum of male orientation variations all