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Embarassing and Gross. but please assist?
  • I'll be completely honest, and i have been trying to get this product to work and i believe i have come very close one time but that was all, all other attempts seem to just fizzle away.

    My main problem is, the last time i did it, id say at least 1-4 weeks, i know thats a large time frame, but i may have left some fecal matter on there, and i wanted to give it a go again, but im afraid of introducing bad bacteria and causing infection, i tried to do some research online to see if it would be ok still after cleaning after such a long time, but, when you look up "dirty sex toys" "filthy sex toys" or how to clean sex toys, you just get websites for selling them ><<br />
    No im not trolling either. Sorry D= for the post
  • RdrRdr
    Posts: 32
    OH man. From what I remember, the Aneros material is a non-porous plastic, so cleaning it with anti bacterial soap should be sufficient.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    personally, I don't worry about it. If the aneros has bacteria on it, it's your bacteria isn't it? how could you be introducing anything new that doesn't already reside there?
    I can remember reading posts about boiling the aneros to clean it.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    For me, while I force the lube out and purging my urethra, I leave the Aneros in the sink under a steady stream of hot water, for several minutes. Then I wash it with antibacterial soap and rinse thoroughly, dry it with a couple squares of TP, then put it away. The white ones are still white.

    If you're getting discoloration or debris on your Aneros after a session, you need to clean up better before a session, probably with a rectal rinse/flush.
    Posts: 41
    My own cleanup routine is antibacterial soap, but in this situation I'd recommend a soak in bleach (Clorox or similar) before using the soap to finish off.
  • Keep it clean. Hot soapy water, or soak it in hot water with some bleach. then rinse and dry well... And take some time to be clean before a session... Treat it like foreplay.. LOL helps to get in the mood. The prep can be just as much fun as the session itself...
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    As most experienced Aneros users know, if you engage in anal play, sooner or later you're going to encounter some fecal material. This doesn't have to be a big deal however. As some of the respondents have already suggested, a simply cleaning with hot water and antibacterial soap is generally all that is needed. Some users take it a bit farther with isopropyl alcohol or even 10% bleach solution, but it's not a requirement. Some type of cleaning following use is always a good idea however, it prepares the device for your next session. At that time you will be handing the device (applying lubrication and such) and you want to avoid contaminating your hands right off the bat.

    BF Mayfield
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435

    I have OCD which at the moment centers around hygiene and contamination. I also live at home, so cannot be in the bathroom casually, openly washing sex toys. What do I do?

    Put a condom over the Aneros before every session. Then lube the condom. You can lube inside the condom too if that helps.

    I clean my arse before each session with wet cotton wool. In every direction. Upwards, downwards, to the left of the anus, to the right, an "anal scrub" (a firm scrubbing over the hole, like you're using a coin to scratch a lottery ticket) etc - this is also how I wipe after using the toilet too - wet toilet paper - in all directions, so I'm at a "baseline" level of cleanliness after a bowel movement actually, even before I prepare for an Aneros session with cotton wool.

    If I have fecal matter (rare) on the condom, I just pull it off with tissue, condom goes inside-out during this pulling-off process, and is put in the dustbin. Done. No need to clean Aneros.