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Is hypnaerosession worth the money
  • momomomo
    Posts: 23
    Hey guys, this is a question to everyone that bought the Hypnaerosession. Is it worth the 30 bucks. Hope you guys let me know. thanks.
  • Geezer UKGeezer UK
    Posts: 61
    Hi Momo,

    Oh yes, worth every penny.

    This CD is fantastic and guides you to your zone. I only have to hear Alana's voice now (even after months without playing it) and I'm on my way and the soundtrack is amazing. If you're new to Aneros it's probably the second best purchase you will make - after buying your toy - as for a newbie she's a great guide (she took me to my first Super-O). I downloaded the CD to accompany my first ever session and was very pleased I did.

    I only wish there were more HypnAerosession discs. Some guys on here would like a "guy" version but for me it would have to be more of Alana.

    If you buy it you will still, no doubt, drift into music of whatever genre/artist you prefer but will always return at some time to the entrancing voice of Alana. If you ever get lost on your Aneros journey she will always be there to set you right back on course, think of her as satnav for Aneros. I could buy her dinner based on her voice alone - and that's being polite.

    Try CDBaby, you can download it for $24.95.

    Come back and let us know if you buy the CD and what you think.

  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Music is a powerful tool. I have used it on some occaisions, I have also listened to nature (I live out in a rural area). But I find words or lyrics distracting.
    I enjoy something like Ottmar Leibert, or Paco De Lucia (Siracco is great), or something along those lines. Putamayo puts out some good instrumental releases. Chris Botti is good as well. Heavier jazz (bebop, post bop etc..) while enjoyable doesn't really work with the sensations. I find that if the music is too complicated or busy, I become distracted and more interested in the music. I do have a musical background and therefore am apt to drift mentally and take notice of the music rather than focusing on the session. There are meditative CD's which may work. I also settle into a yoga relaxation mind set with practices deep cleansing breathing. This helps a lot. Try a lot of different approaches, but focus on a focus that could be described as relaxed/intensity. Again... these suggestions are mine as I find words or lyrics a distraction.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Depends upon one's definition of pocket change.

    Suggest download the 'sampler' at HypnAerosession and "fly before you buy."

    Give this a try with some good ear buds -- the special effects aren't all that great through speakers.
  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20
    Too bad as a gay man, it would do nothing for me:(
  • quixoticquixotic
    Posts: 5
    To me, It is absolutely worth it... it may seem a little repetitive at times, but I think it is due to the fact that I look forward to having the previous session's sensations so much that I try and rush through things (for instance thinking about other, non-sensual things until the parts that get hot and heavy). in my head when I don't relax and take it slow, the words are kind of like blah,blah, blah. You have to actually relax and take in what is being presented, and then you will start to have the most wonderful sensations!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    There are many reviews in: -- --.

    My own experience was that, during the early part of my journey, it supported six, perhaps eight sessions, each with one or two mini-Os. Mini-O got very repeatable just when I needed a boost in self-confidence. IIRC, somewhere around the 73 minute point on track-one was my sweet-spot with Alana. I've long since expanded my collection of audio tracks and now use just the CD-2 track from Hypnaerosession.

    Dollar cost-effectiveness: It figured to about two bucks or less per mini-O. Cheaper than taking Dame Alana out to Burger King for the combo. :)
  • ArcticWolvesArcticWolves
    Posts: 286
    Buy it and see for yourself. The question you are asking is kind of similar to this: Is the aneros worth the $$$? Of course, we would say yes it is because we have wonderful experiences. What I am saying is yes the CD is worth every penny, but then this advice is coming from an expert user in the Aneros who understands the right mindset to have.

    This CD will definitely help you if you have an open mind and want to enjoy the pleasurable experience of a journey. The most pleasurable journey of your life! Just order the CD and see for yourself. It may work or it may not. That is for you to decide. Do not get or set expectations from what people say on here though because you will only be hurting yourself when or if you get disappointed.
  • Im new to using this new toy I own a helix I have always been into trying something new as I own 2 fleshlights :) have had it for a month now progress is going good, I have had involuntariesand and some p-waves. I found it hard to relax and take my mind off stuff so as a beginer I felt I should get hold of a copy of HypnAerosession, have used it in 2 session and I downloaded it from cry baby. It was very useful to relax and a good way to help think of kinky thoughts which is vital, has helped me alot. I feel rather than moving to a new toy to get pleasure like the progasm im gona stick with my helix and alana for a while it seems to work and i feel its worth the money when your just starting out as you need to get the grips with the basics. Just came out of a session :)