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Arousal, Erection and Medication
  • Hello Aneros,
    By reading through the post it seems that like certain
    amount of arousal is helpful in getting the Helix headed in the right direction. The medication I am presently taking make it at best difficult to get aroused enough for an erection. So my thought is that if I can’t find enough arousal for an erection, I’m going to be hard pressed to get enough for the Helix to work.
  • HI Phranque (interesting spelling :) )

    Personally, I find the two to be mutually contradictory; erection kills prostate focus, and aneros/prostate focus kills erection. Using the Aneros (I too have a Helix) is a different kind of critter altoghther... forget about conventional ideas of sexual pleasure; the only thing they share in common is the mental attitude. Again, for me, it's more of a mental thing; I can get so aroused from reading some "close-to-home" erotica or hauling out a favorite fantasy, that even with no erection, I find myself soaking my shorts with pre-cum. Guess I'm just blessed, that way. Don't let the lack of erection slow you down; just do whatever it takes to get into the mood mentally, plug in Ms. Aneros, and let the fantasies continue. I had a related problem with medication, only it didn't interfere with erection, but I couldn't come. Talk about frustrated! Bear in mind that I'm a newbie as well (only six sessions under my belt, so to speak ;) ), and I can only say what works for me, so far.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Forums,

    The term "arousal", as used on this Forum is meant to refer to one's global body state rather than one's
    penile erection state. I invite you to read the thread Are you "aroused"? for a more detailed discussion of this topic.

    It is not necessary to have an erection to use and enjoy your Aneros massager.