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Achievement Unlocked: First Dry-O
  • Been grinding it out for awhile now and had my first dry-O last night. Thanks all for your posts and advice. Waiting on that elusive Super-O to hit me at some point down the road.

    Keys to this I think, other than time, were nipple play, concentrating more on my breathing (even through times of pleasure when I've tended to lose my breathing in the past) and applying some slightly stronger contractions than what I usually do.

    I have had butt buzz almost all day today!!
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
  • That's GREAT News Exploring09!
  • Wow, that is great man! Keep it up!
  • Yeah nice one yeah I have just started my trip have had mine for a month so far so good have had session with Involuntaries and a few session with some p-waves which have only started happening in the past 2 session I had this week :) yeah I think we are clever to own such toys most guys have no clue they can create such pleasures