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My Aneros Video
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Chris11 and translator MyTurn, :)

    While I don't have any direct experience or advice for this problem. I can point you to a recent thread about this issue that may provide some insight.

    Hope this helps.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    [QUOTE=MyTurn;94556]Roughly: ...... snip .... How can this guy stop having HFOs?

    I'd try either blocking the ejac with a tantra or acupressure technique then use breathing to establish a more stable arousal path.

    hth .... rook
  • [QUOTE=cabanel;94555]Hi goldenboy, amazing, inspiring Aneros video!! Keep up the good work!! Just wondering... at what specific points in the video are you having the Super Os? And just how pleasurable are they?

    Hi, Thanks, glad you enjoyed the video!
    It's hard to describe the exact points in the video, but most of the time you see my body shaking with pleasure it is what I believe is a 'Mini O'
    which is like a warm sensual feeling of erotic pleasure spreading through the body eminating from the prostate area. Not a feeling of having an orgasm more a feeling of being intensly aroused.
    I have what I believe is a 'super o' at the end of the video (about 12:50) this is the full blown orgasm feeling you get when you cum traditionally, only much more intense and without the usual comedown.
  • goldenboyuk,

    Without your aneros video on xtube, i may have never been curious to try one! I was very skeptical browsing through aneros users on xtubes, but once i got to your video, i just had to get one. It was the first video i saw that had no direct penis stimulation, yet it seemed to produce MUCH greater, longer, intense pleasure and i was just fascinated. I just wanted to say thanks!!

    Also, when can i expect to see a video with the progasm?
  • Hey, Thanks for the reply. Ok great, wanna check out the video again... it's brilliant! I wanna get an aneros and hopefully get some serious pleasure! Did you happen to get a Super O the first time you used the Helix? Keep up the good work!
  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58
    [QUOTE=goldenboyuk;89401]Hi, thanks, glad you enjoyed my video, the only advice i can really give is to just relax and take your time, my best sessions happen when I don't try too hard - just relax and let your mind and body go where it wants, if you get the start of any movements or twitchings just let them take over.
    Hope this helps, most importantly don't give up and don't force it, sometimes I get dud sessions too.

    Goldenboyuk, great video! Can't wait to see your progasm video! I hope someday to get the shaking like that. That's good advice about relaxing. It makes the Progasm go in a lot easier.