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Nice ride on a seat cushion
  • dingding
    Posts: 16
    Had an interesting thing happen today.
    We had kicking around the house one of those seat cushions with a cutout at the back. I think they are mainly used for people with back problems or something. Anyway, I put the cushon on a regular hard office chair, inserted my Helix, and proceeded to do some work on the computer.
    The cushion allows the Helix to move freely in the cutout part.
    I started working on the computer, not paying too much attention to focusing on the sensations, when suddenly I got the most intense waves and orgasms I have had to date. It session lasted for about 30 minutes until I heard the garage door open and my wife got home.
    End of session.
    If you have one of these cushions around, give it a try. I was amazed!!
    I think a brand name is Tush-Cush.
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    This is interesting. I've been considering trying to find some sort of cushion so I can wear an aneros and sit comfortably. I looked this up online and it seems like the hole is too far back to line up with an inserted aneros tool. Obviously it worked well for you. Is it just that the pictures are misleading? Did you have to sit up very straight (butt pushed back into the chair all the way)?
  • dingding
    Posts: 16
    Thats a good question and I should have mentioned it. I had to pull the cushion closer to the back of my knees so the inserted Aneros lined up with the opening in the cushion. There is also a strap across the back of the opening which serves as a handle for carrying the cushion which should be cut off.
    Here is another style that is a little thicker and has no strap on the back. Relaxo Bak comfort cushion 1-800-527-5496. I don't sell these things, just getting the info off the cushion. Enjoy!!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Ding and Dtmsmith, :)

    A few users here have also experimented with using inflatable seat cushion rings for the same purpose. They are not expensive, so it could be an option.

  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    Your cushion sounds to be similar to my wheelbarrow inner-tube that when inflated is like a soft doughnut. Inflate the tube enough to raise your backside up off the chair but not to much as it becomes hard and uncomfortable.

    You can get different diameter tubes to meet your needs (some are GTX model) :)