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Possible handle interference?
  • So I noticed something while looking at the picture of the inserted helix. I noticed that the top side of the handle of the toy does not seem to be making contact with the buttcrack(I don't know the proper term for that part of someones body lol). So the last session I had with my helix I checked in the middle of my session and the top part of the handle makes contact with my buttcrack while I am not contracting at all. Is this the case for everybody?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    While the handle may not be in contact in the illustration, in actual use there may very well be substantial contact. In fact, in my own case, I felt the handle was impeding the movement of my Helix and proceeded to cut the handle off to rectify that impediment. Cutting the tail off did improve movement. Whether the handle/tail contacts or doesn't contact is probably just due to natural slight variations in the morphology of our individual bodies. Some men like the contact, as it provides stimulation similar to the 'Kundalini Tab' on the Progasm.
  • ScottDScottD
    Posts: 25
    I waited a year before I tried cutting off the handle of my helix, and it was the best decision I've made. I am absolutely certain that the handle was interfering with movement. Every session after that has been better than the last. Before, I would have very slight, fleeting sensations. Now, I'm working on figuring out how to coax myself into the proper state the build the powerful pleasure I've been getting to a full-blown orgasm. Best of all, where before they were a chore, something I was doing in the hopes of maybe getting something out of it eventually, now my sessions are fantastic in and of themselves.

    I don't think that cutting off the handle will make a difference for the majority of Aneros users, but it is definitely something to try if you just feel like things are not connecting properly.