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looking for a quality vibrator
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I love the quality of the vibrator that comes with the vice but feel it is way too strong and there is no way to dial it down. I would ike to find a similar vibrator that would let you control the vibration ammount.
    I think this is a case of less being better. I would like to find one that is small like the size that comes with the vice but would let you set it so you could barely feel it.
  • needit_needit_
    Posts: 34
    perhaps let thebatterie die down a tad ? may work ?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    [QUOTE=needit_;94627]perhaps let thebatterie die down a tad ? may work ?
    I have had five sessions with that vibrator and it only holds one AAA battery. must be an energizer!
    I'm not sure that is the answer
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,753
    Pulling the Vice's vibe out of the tool, about half-way, helps dial it down a bit for me. needit is correct about letting the batt run down. That does soften it somewhat but there are only a few minutes available between the time it 'softens' and when it dies. No help with a 1.2 volt rechargeable -- the voltage is too low to get my Vice's vibe to start. Perhaps pulling the vibe out further and attaching a weight to the end of it would further soften it.

    I prefer a vibe with a remote control so that I can kill it altogether or click for just a short burst to shock a short chain of involuntarys. Doc J's prostate vibe has a remote but the internal shape doesn't float my boat and there's a lot of thermal output into my rectum. (m2cw) The omibod accepts an audio input and is cool as a "center channel" for music but the shape makes it a better vaginal tool than a rectal toy.

    My temptation is to stick a tiny ear-bud into the Vice's cavity and kludge something to generate pulsed audio.

    Late edit: There is nothing wrong with the ability of the AAA batt to support a long session. I'm totally blown away at how well the Vice conserves battery life -- One batt covers two sessions for me.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 745
    How about using a NiMH battery? They're rated at 1.2 volts, so they'll run slower, but run a long time.
  • I was actually scared when I (finally was able to...) turned on the Vice's vibe. It was quite distracting really. It doesn't help that the rhythm can be slightly off of your own body's rhythm, making it all a bit more awkward, it's kinda hard to strike a balance between the proper motion and MY rhythm and then nice feelings of the vibration. I wish it were a tiny bit slower. One of the modes is really close. As it ramps up, I pull it in, then it stops/slows down gets ready to speed back up and I let it out. I found that I would quickly get out of sync as it was taking on it's own life and was conflicting with the vibrator, but maybe I just need to play with it some more. I understand that from a technological standpoint, there's only so many options you can cram into a tiny space.

    I thought you were going to ask about a general vibrator... (I was going to suggest the Lelo Billy. I'm a big fan).