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I Broke the Bed
  • Yes. What you read is right. Funny as shit, I'm sure. I was finally able to use the Progasm (which I recently had trouble with) and to my surprise, the orgasms were stronger and lasted longer than those with the Helix. So much, that all that movement broke wooden support under my bed, creating a sinkhole. Since I was high at that moment, I stayed in the sinkhole... not sure if it was because of the angle or something, but that made it even better! I was having multi O's one after the other: Stuck in a sinkhole in total ecstasy. Please don't try this at home. LOL. :rolleyes:
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    I'm happy that you finally managed to get the progasm working, breaking the bed kind sucks though, ohwell, sounds like a really nice 'gasm =)
  • Thanks Cyrez! I did! :)