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Helix - Early Experiences + Lubricant
  • I bought an Aneros Helix early this week, and have used it 3 times. On each occasion, I have
    lain on my back, placed a pillow under my buttocks to raise them up, and inserted the Helix.
    Then I've relaxed as much as possible, breathed evenly, and started slow contractions of my

    The first 2 occasions, after about three quarters of an hour, not too much happening, pleasant
    fullness of the Helix in my anus.., I masturbated to ejaculation.

    On the third occasion, much the same again..., except this time.., as I started to masturbate I became
    aware of more activity inside my anus. Seemingly a mix of things being touched, muscles moving.
    This continued for a short while, possibly half a minute..., until as I approached ejaculation, though still
    some way from inevitability..., the internal sensations faded and replaced with tightness and fullness.

    I continued to masturbate and then ejaculated.

    Any comments please, recognise this, what to do now, where to go?

    Also, I used a water based lubricant, a KY Jelly clone. When I removed the Helix, it didn't seem dry, but it
    didn't seem very lubricated either, I've read a couple of rather lukewarm reviews of the Aneros lubricant.

    Does anyone have any advice on lubricants?

    thank you
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    My favorite is Slippery Stuff Gel; it's anal-safe, super slippery, stays put and lasts a long time (inside, that is).
  • Hello there! Most would say and agree upon the fact that one should not masturbate or apply any penile stimulation during their aneros sessions as it tends to slow and inhibit the rewiring process that makes your body more receptive to anal and prostate stimulation. While quite tempting and immensely pleasurable (I am guilty of doing this on a handful of occasions myself, but have long since stopped), the best thing you can do for yourself is refrain from that practice. This is because with the aneros, it is all about the sensations coming from your prostate and not like your typical masturbatory sessions you have been accustomed to your entire life. Also you must accept that it might take quite a while for you to feel a desirable amount of pleasure...patience will be very rewarding though. You are right on with the breathing and relaxation and paying attention to the subtle sensations inside you. I would suggest from now on you do all of those same things but without any penile stimulation whatsoever... you want prostate and penile stimulation to be recognized as two separate pleasures. Relax and pay focus yourself on all the pressure, twitches, tightness, fullness, and other sensations coming from inside of you meanwhile gently experimenting with different movements and levels of contractions in your anus. In my experience, aneros pleasure comes from a heightened state of arousal as opposed to a continued onslaught of manual stimulation. In fact refraining from ejaculation will not only have your prostate nice and full but ramp up your arousal like you wouldn't believe. I used to masturbate pretty much every day, then lowered it to about once a week longest i've refrained so far was a bit over two weeks...currently i'm a week and a half into my goal of holding it for as long as I possibly can until my body releases the fluids on its own. The vast majority of the time, my most pleasurable aneros sessions happen the longer I have refrained from ejaculating. The denial just makes it want it all the more.
    As for lubricants I first started with JO H2O water based lubricant which lasted for only a few days before I could not do it anymore. The reason being I was apparently sensitive to glycerin (in most water based lubricants) and it make my insides burn and so irritated...not pleasant. You don't seem to have that problem but the other thing I did not like about it was that I would have to relube every 45 min+ due to water being absorbed by the rectal walls and losing the slipperyness inside as a result...also not pleasant. Did some research and decided upon silicone lubricants which I have had no complaint at all with since. They last hours, no need to relube, and always stay silky smooth rather than a sticky consistency which induces friction. Only problem is they are a bit on the expensive side, worth the comfort though in my opinion. Some would stay away from silicone lubricants because they don't feel comfortable about using them due to the unknown effects of long term use/potentially carcinogenic properties of the substance. Now not to scare you away from these lubes, as I am pretty sure there are no cases of long term silicone lubricant being directly linked to cancer, and silicone cannot be absorbed through the rectal walls meaning it is quite hard to actually get "into" your's really up to personal preference. As for myself I do want to experiment with other lubes I heard great things about like boy butter, unrefined shea butter, or home made flax seed lube; it is just a matter of getting my hands on those things which isn't quite as easy as walking in to a local pharmacy or adult shop.
    My first aneros toy was the Helix as well, I loved it so much that I bought a Maximus a month later and a Tempo just two weeks ago...all of which have provided me with great amounts of pleasure all so unique to the model. Also in the beginning stages of my journey I used the hypnaerosession to great effect, it served as a great guidance tool for my sessions and I still enjoy using it often today. Anyway thats all I got, I hope it was helpful/informative and wish you luck on your journey!
  • Good day, finstratos, and welcome to the forum. Great response AllIntheMind, by the way, and good advice.

    Aneros can be used in many ways. Some, as you indicate, use it to enhance masturbation. However, and this is a HUGE "however", Aneros is about so much more than ejaculation, dude.

    Click here and read up a bit on the more cerebral part of this wonderful device.

    Try NOT ejaculating for a while...use the Aneros to stimulate your prostate to find the REAL reason we love these things.

    You're simply denying yourself one of the greatest experiences of your life if you just use it to masturbate.

    My $.02

  • I found Shea Butter in a Dollar General in the "Hair Section".....for like $2.00 for 2 Oz....
  • Ohhh awesome! I'll have to look around next time, thanks.