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Living with Parents, How to be Discreet?
  • I have searched this forum extensively and have found nothing on this subject, so i am sorry if my post has already been answered.

    My sucess so far:
    I bought the progasm(my first aneros) a couple days ago, and was suprized how much pleasure i was able to get. Anal play is nothing new to me, so i figured that must be why. It took me a while before i could figure out how to get my legs and sphinter to move on their own, but once they did i was so shocked at how much pleasure came with no penis simulation! I was feeling the strong energy coming from my prostate that i kept reading about on these forums, and focused on it, and then i lost complete contoll of my legs! My breathing was panting, excelerated heartrate etc. I think i almost reached a Super O, but my legs were vibrating so fast, it was making too much noise and i was scared my dad would walk in any secound and that feeling alone stopped it.

    I am 20 years old, and live at home with my dad. The problem is, he is retired and is home ALL day! We live in a small house and he rarely goes out. If he does go out, it can be anywhere from 10 min to 1 hour tops and its rare. Is there ANYTHING i can do to keep the noise down?? My house is hardwood floor, and it is hard to keep the noise down. It tried it on my bed, but it vibrated on the hardwood floor, i tried a temperpedicc pad directly on the floor and on the bed but no sucess. My couch is old and the springs inside vibrate. I need your help guys.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Don't attempt to control pleasure (or involuntary vocalizations). Instead, tell your dad what's going on and he may be interested in starting a Journey to the Super-O himself.

    I've been trying to get my own dad to go on this Journey, so I'm no hypocrite to this advice. :)
  • I'm in the same situation almost. I go away for college most of the time, but during the really long breaks im stuck at home with both parents and a sister. I don't have too much of a problem although it is not an ideal situation. For me personally, so far in the almost 5 months of aneros I have gotten to get really intensely pleasurable sensations that span on for hours. No super-O or dry orgasms quite yet though. What I do is to either try to find a time where I absolutely know everyone will be gone for 3+ hours or, more commonly, wait until everyone goes to bed for the night (typically around 12:30) then get into my session. I go under the covers, but I guess it helps that i'm not too mobile or vocal (maybe a learned trait from constantly living with either family or other guys in a house). For me, my legs may move a little bit when it gets intense, but for the most part the only things I move are my arms and hands to stimulate my body, and my sphincter/PC muscles. Come to think of it, I only recall having those "uncontrollable leg shakes" just during one of my very first sessions. Then they went away for ever. Anyway, i'd say that your best bet is to wait until he is gone for a while or be as quiet as you can while he is asleep (even if it means staying up a bit later). Good luck, I hope you find the privacy and peace you require!
  • Well its no something i really want to share with my family, im not sure if you get what i mean, especially not my dad. I think you misunderstood, i am not trying to control the pleasure or involuntary contractions in any way. I want to be able let my body take me as far as it wants, but to find a way to keep the whole house from vibrating. For example, maybe there is some foam pads or something i could use? I was hoping they are some members on here that still live with their parents and want to be discreet about it, and we could share some ideas.

    Thanks sharing though Korkelz, i appreciate it
  • to AlllnTheMind

    I am a college student as well. I was hoping there was something i could do other than waiting for my dad to leave haha, since it is so infrequent. For some reason my involuntary contractions around my legs get fast and twitchy when i get that warm feeling developing in my prostate. I let them move on their own, so i am not controlling anything... Maybe I'm doing something wrong or my body is a lot different than yours? I get the best results when i am on my back, feet bent around 90 degrees and slightly spread apart, maybe there is a position where i wont have as much involuntary leg movements, but still be able to get as much pleasure.

    Thanks for the sharing!
  • Well as you'll get from reading the forums, all of our bodies are different and can respond in very different ways and there is no guideline for pleasure so I wouldn't say anything is wrong. Whatever feels good for you works for you. My favorite position is also on my back feet flat and legs bent and apart...sometimes I like to pull my legs up to where they are dangling above my head, and once in a while I enjoy hands and knees on the bed with my ass up. Other members also note getting the twitchiness in their legs. It seems like getting in a session is just awfully inconvenient for you...I suppose you could try to steady your body and run the risk of disrupting your pleasure and while some may advise against it (those with much more experience than me), sometimes it may be simpler to do that and have a session than waiting days and days for the rare and opportune time. Your call.
  • I am in a very similar position just like you are bradrigley. I moved back home after finishing grad school and am currently job searching and trying to save up enough to move out which is proving to be a difficult task. I have a grandmother that lives with us and she is always here during the day and never goes anywhere because she has mobility issues. Although my parents and brother leave to work each day, I can never seem to bring myself to have a session because of some of the same reasons you mention. My body tends to react the same way and I'm a little vocal. The possibility of being caught by someone is enough to keep me from having a successful session. I like to be able to give my body and mind over completely and with that possibility in the back of my mind its pointless.

    I did however have to go out of town for an interview one weekend and I took my aneros with me. It was great to reunite for a day or two, but now I'm back on to another dry spell. The previous one was 8 months. I guess it'll be a while before I have the chance again. I've resigned myself to more traditional anal play. Even with that I stay up later until everyone is asleep. It helps some but it doesn't compare to having one of my aneros have its way with me.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Bradrigley,

    And welcome to the Aneros forums. :)

    I personally haven't tried this, but I would suspect that a small air mattress of some sort placed directly on the floor would do the trick to keep movement noise down. I think this would work better than foam pads, but I could be wrong. Let us know what you find that works.

  • Thats a great idea! hmmm i would have to buy an air mattress but it might just work. There are pretty cheap so thats a plus. Although It would be hard explaining to my dad why i have a mattress on the floor if he walks in my room randomly... Unfortunately i have probably have one of the worst situations i don't even have locks on my door :(
    I did manage to reach my first super O yesterday!!!, i lost complete control of my body for about 4 seconds, but i had that feeling again that someone would hear me and then i slowly regained control and realized my couch was making A LOT of noise. I did it in the living room around 1am while everyone was asleep. It was the most intense feeling i have ever felt in my life, but the fear of being caught is cutting it short.

    I know there are others out there that are in a similar situation, so i think it is important to keep this thread going and keep on sharing more ideas. I encourage anyone that has any ideas to post here!

    thanks for Posting Love_is
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    Well, its a airmatress, buy a cheap electrical pump so you can pump and deflate it pretty quickly, and have it tucked away when not using. And if you do your sessions at night, then you wouldnt need to worry about your father busting into your room. But you can make a door jam wedge out of a little piece of wood and a knife (making it into a flat wedge form or buy one made of rubber or other high friction material. You can then stick the wedge between the door and the frame jamming it into place so it wont open, even though it will hopefully never be used it might give you some comfort in your mind that the door will not be able to be opened
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Your welcome Bradrigley. And congratulations on achieving your first super-O! :D I agree with cyrez, you don't have to keep it constantly inflated. Although it is certainly easier and quicker that way. If you choose to keep it inflated, do you have a closet that you can put it in when not in use? Or perhaps just store it under your bed? The electric air pumps are convenient, but they are noisy, as is deflating the mattress. So that may or may not work for you. Hence it being better to keep it inflated. And is there any reason that you could not purchase and install a locking door knob for your bedroom door? Otherwise Cyrez's wedge idea seems like a good non-permanent or obvious solution.