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Ideas for Spreading the Word...
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hey R! Another take on Spreading the Word...

    Based on Jill's TED presentation here: :

    The Super-O Society launches a Peaceful Planet Initiative by forming a charity that raises donations and creates The Truly Effective Diplomatic Tool Kit consisting of:

    1. A complete set of all Aneros models,
    2. a Lifetime Supply of Marksman shipped, as needed, free anywhere in the world,
    3. Jill's video and book: My Stroke of Insight, and
    4. membership in this Forum and Expert guidance!

    Diplomacy can be so left-brain anally retentive in the nasty old sense, and so often unsuccessful! Just as there is Betty Edwards very successful Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain books and program, what the world needs now is a similar program for diplomats: Diplomacy from the Right Side of the Brain©!

    SO, the ecstatic, energetic, universal, multi-verse fusion, "we are stardust" art/science framework, in the right-brain anally rewiring new Aneros sense, is now out there on the horizon...

    ...Only Certified Ecstatic Adepts may apply to the Diplomatic Service! Peace agreements taking shape and signed around the planet! In 2024 the Super-O Society, Aneros, and their PPI organization are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!...

    (What is he on now?) Ahhh! Nothing butt another extended M-O!:D

    cheery cheeks all

  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90

    I'm sorry I have no idea on this one, I didn't know they could block veiwing from another country.

    It's true Big Brother is watching and controlling you. :shock:
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    How utterly cool would it be if we saw President “O”bama wearing a sweat shirt with the SOS logoimage and the words “Super-O Society” emblazoned on it?

    How cool would it be if the Aneros Co. reps were able to go on the “O”prah Winfrey show and have her don a Tee shirt with the SOS logoimage and the words “Super-O Society” emblazoned on it?

    Such events would be monumental in spreading information and enlightenment about this experience.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    rumel said:


    How utterly cool would it be if we saw President “O”bama wearing a sweat shirt with the SOS logoimage and the words “Super-O Society” emblazoned on it?

    How cool would it be if the Aneros Co. reps were able to go on the “O”prah Winfrey show and have her don a Tee shirt with the SOS logoimage and the words “Super-O Society” emblazoned on it?

    Such events would be monumental in spreading information and enlightenment about this experience.


    This is so weird that you posted this today. Just yesterday I was thinking about the idea of the t-shirts. There was this guy there that had a t-shirt that had "Buster" across the shoulders and I had the idea that when he turned around that there would be your logo. When we have our convention, we will all need to get them and have our names across the back. Nice thought!
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Please Rumel, we would not want anyone to ever associate the Super-O Society with the Obamanation.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    RTGoose said:

    I realize that 70% of users are straight but I can't help but think it would be less of an uphill battle marketing to the gay community.

    As far as SEO/SEM goes I'd be happy to free consult on optimization strategies (I work in the field).

    I agree that marketing just to the gay community is easier but 20% of 70% yields more revenue than 50% of 20%. Better yet, combine them both so that you get 1/4 of the whole pie !

    Although I'd idealistically prefer a more homogeneous (orientation blind) marketing effort. I think that two different marketing channels would be more cost effective; and, would be easier to define within the media mix. Two small diamonds might be better than one large marble.

    Right now all that's out there is shelf presence (online or brickfront). I'd seen the Aneros for a couple of years in online toy stores and on the shelf at our local leather shop. Sort of wondered what the silly piece of plastic with the curly-cue really was but not enough interested to ask. Never looked further. By appearances, if I had understood what these gizmo's were for, I'd have gone with the macho looking Nexus. I bought a Helix, solely on the basis of an over-the counter recommendation.

    Print Media: I'd opt for Men's Health. Still a potboiler in most Barber Shops and at most Grocery checkout stands. I'd guess that the readership is well distributed across both orientations as they seem skilled in 'edging' to both communities.

    SN hits: Is there any research that shows the percentage of XTube and UTube spots that convert to an Aneros hit? (I'm wary though of using something like a persistent cookie to do that since it will spook a lot of folks who value their anonymity and who check to see who's cookie they are carrying.


    1. Introducing the product: Get the 12 month editorial line-up for MH. Pick the most probable str* article to tie onto and buy a sidebar to that article. Write the sidebar -- perhaps about how much better orgasm with your g/f is with an Aneros in your ass. (needs rewrite !). Buy a small adjoining ad to direct attention to the product source(s) and the Aneros home page. Two months later, pick a good match on an article that stims the gay community and tie to that one--and advertise with the same ad as before. Alternate between straight and gay for maybe 18 months.

    2. Branding: Google ads on targeted websites that won't offend anyone. Just the image and the brand name. Click will cost money but give Aneros-home a hit. Expand to TV-cable. Spike after 9 p.m. PST, midnight EST 5 second spots. picture with

    3. Donno where this goes.

    Probably good to start this before the collapse of the print media extends to MH.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    OK guys, I'm back with another short script for a TV commercial -

    A middle aged man is sitting on the exam table in a Doctors office.
    The Dr. speaks “Well, Mr. Smith your benign prostate hyperplasia is not improving despite the drug regime you are on.”
    Mr. Smith slumps, frowns sadly and asks “What do I do now, you know I don't want to keep taking drugs for the rest of my life.”
    Dr - “In lieu of drug based intervention, I am going to prescribe a recently studied home use prostate massage device which has been shown to be very [I]effective in providing relief for other men with similar symptoms.”[/I]
    Mr. Smiths looks up and raises his eyebrows, frown disappears and says “I would like to try another option doctor. The side effects of the drug treatments are almost as bad as the BPH. Is this new device difficult to use and safe?”
    Dr. - “This device is safe and very easy to use, however there have been some reported side effects from usage.”
    Mr. Smith frowns again and looks the Dr. in the eyes and says “OK, Doc, what will I have to put up with now?”
    Dr. - “I have to warn you, you may experience the most intense, longest lasting orgasms you have ever had as a consequence of using this device”
    Mr. Smith's eyes light up and a huge grin emerges on his face and says “Doc, I think I can really live with those side effects!”
    Announcer voice over –
    [CENTER]“Talk to your doctor about whether the Aneros prostate massagers may be
    an appropriate treatment for your chronic prostatitis and BPH symptoms.

    The side effects may be even better for you.
    Try Aneros today – Have Courage”[/CENTER]
  • I didn't have time to read all the posts, so this may have been said, but mainstream porn would be a good way to expose it to the average guy in my opinion. Product placement. Until then, I think it will be a slow road picking up new users. When women in porn convince men that it is acceptable and sexy, then the majority will start to get interested.
  • I am simply blown away by this thread, rumel, But I simply have to disagree with freeanalenergy. First and foremost, I think it would be a horrible idea to link Aneros to pornography. The two are diametrically opposed. Porn is mind numbing and ugly and harmful on almost every level, whereas Aneros is non-sexual, spiritually and physically uplifting and beneficial to body and mind. Sorry man, but your thinking here is way too narrow. I believe it's very clear, IF YOU'LL READ THE THREAD, that the energy here is definitely going the other direction. And second, I guess a poll here would be good, I'll go out on a limb here, a significant number of guys do not look at porn, and certainly most women do not.

    While I have little more to contribute, idea-wise, what I read here is not only fascinating, but interesting and so telling of he INCREDIBLE depth of knowledge, information and wisdom that our membership has.

    Simply reading the above posts simply amazes me with their creativity, inspired humor (thanks artform) and level of sophistication. Talk about articulate! I am humbly grateful to be a contributing member of this forum.

    Wow, guys...keep it coming. Rumel, it's simply amazing how passionate we all are about Aneros...that certainly is clear...and to stimulate our thinking on the dissemination of our pleasure is a terrific idea. I'm learning something here. It's great.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    This may come as a surprise to some, but I have to say that I can see freeanalenergy's point and do agree with it to some extent. While hardcore porn isn't my thing I have definitely enjoyed high quality erotica on occasion. In saying that, I realize that determining which is which is a subjective exercise at best. With respect to a "significant amount of guys" not being interested in porn, I guess one would have to specify two things up front; what constitutes a significant number of guys and what constitutes "porn". Rather than tackle those questions at this point, I will state what seems to be an established fact....most men are highly receptive to visual stimulation. There have been countless studies that support this. Of course this doesn't necessarily mean that all men are stimulated by graphic video or printed depictions of sexual activity. Some may require a one on one encounter for that. But when you look into many of these studies, the experiments are pretty straightforward, hook males up to a device that measures penile engorgement and expose them to printed and/or video depictions of naked females! I would contend that majority of men have enjoyed viewing some form of erotica or porn at some point in their lives.

    Like it or not, porn has played an integral role, indirect though it may be, in the development of the internet as it exists today. Many of the things that we take for granted, video streaming technology, e-commerce functionality were all driven by adult sites. Beyond that the online adult industry is multi-billion dollar juggernaut and a highly effective vehicle for disseminating information. Arguably porn has created a greater awareness of such things as female G-spot stimulation and ejaculation, anal sex (male / female) and even oral sex. And while the presentation lacks depth or any kind of moral sensitivity, these behaviors have gained more acceptance as a result of their exposure. On the downside it has also created a greater awareness of various forms of degradation, subjugation, humiliation and bestiality! Have these things become acceptable, I would like to think not, but it may be so to a limited degree. This may be a case where one has to accept the good with the bad.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not an apologist or an advocate at large for the porn industry. I will grant you that much of it does little to elevate the human spirit, and I'm under no illusions about the intentions of most of the people that produce this material. But I believe that adult industry could indeed play a role in getting the word out about power of prostate /Male G-spot stimulation. For starters, more heterosexual videos that depict prostate massage in a favorable light would be terrific! For example, videos that have men reaching powerful, voluminous ejaculations as a result of digital massage would be a real attention getter, particularly if they involved well established adult talent. From there it's a simple matter of incorporating an "adult toy" (the Aneros) that allows for some hands free stimulation. After that, who knows, maybe MMO is possible down the line. My point is that there will be little opportunity for this kind of exposure to a large audience if the Aneros were to avoid the porn industry entirely .

    Bear in mind that the Aneros is an adult product, that has been exhibited at adult conventions around the world. Much of it's popularity today owes to the exposure that it has received at such shows. Most of these expositions are underwritten (directly or indirectly) by the porn industry. I don't believe the Aneros has been tainted by this association so far. From a business perspective, it would be unwise for the company to completely dissociate itself from this other industry, in effect...biting the hand that feeds it !

    I share your view that there is a far greater depth to this Aneros than any porn depiction can ever communicate. That's the part that must be handled by word of mouth, by resources like this forum, by traditional media and hopefully in the future by some scientific study. If you've read my threads and posts in this forum you'll know that I'm extremely committed to the concept of the Aneros and MMO as a spiritually elevating pursuit. But I feel like the company should be not be restricted to going in "the other direction", but free to go in many directions with this. Again, if we're to turn people on to the potential of the Super O, we must first open them up to the idea of prostate stimulation in general and the porn industry is uniquely equipped to do that.

    BF Mayfield
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    BF Mayfield,

    Thanks for the reply, it just sparked another idea! An Erotic Infomercial. How about this script?

    Scene: Softly lit bedroom, empty king sized bed with black satin sheets (click on “Shayla” for an example of the view involved).

    Voiceover : 'Alana' gives short description about session preparations.

    Action : 'ArcticWolves' enters screen, lies on bed and inserts his favorite Aneros.

    Music score : “HypnAerosession” begins playing and we watch the progress of 'ArcticWolves' experiencing multiple orgasms and Super-O in response for the full length time of CD-1.

    Voiceover : 'Alana' gives tips, information and insights about sensations a user may encounter during his session.

    P.S. Of course everyone may also want their very own Membership Certificate, This 8"x10" Official Super O Society Certificate of Membership features an embossed gold foil seal with the SOS logo, printed on heavy weight parchment like paper. This Certificate is suitable for framing (looks great with red mat board and a black frame).

  • As B. Mayfield said, porn is subjective. The fact remains that nude bodies, in some form or another, get views, page views, clicks, eyeballs. And male hetero eyeballs are what Aneros needs as a business to take it to the next level, to get the word out, and make sales.

    Let's look at X tube as an example. ArcticWolf has videos, I checked them out, I think he does them solo, I think he has a couple thousand views on some of those, maybe more. There are amateur porn, sex, love making stars, whatever you wanna call them, on there, getting hundreds of thousands of views. If the makers of Aneros wanted some fast, relatively cheap market saturation, they could attempt to approach some of these people and send them free Aneros products. I bet they'd make videos with them with no direct monetary compensation. What if they actually pay these people endorsement money. That is a lot of relatively cheap traffic and exposure.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I've been wanting to respond to this thread for a long time, but I was more or less thinking within the box of this thread,plenty of ideas but IMO the smart thing to do for Aneros would be to present the packaged deal I spoke of in and then pay the producers of Entourage(HBO production) to write it into an episode.

    They've already spoken about things like pegging, I'm sure even just mentioning would be enough to lauch the Aneros into mainstream awareness, perhaps write an episode around Vincent Chase spending a day in Aneros World to escape the women the booze and the harddrugs
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    I agree that Entourage is a vehicle prone to illuminating various "edgier" trends, and exactly by being a show with a guy-skewed audience (lots of women don't really "get" the show), it aims right at our target market. Dunno if they'd throw Vince's character into the deep end (though it would fit quite well with his character's development lately), but it might be very cool if Turtle (in his "one step ahead of everyone else" demeanor) started pitching it as a "no brainer." (Recall that he was the one telling Drama to whack before a stressful scene). As a plot contour, Turtle could be shown to have found new inner game and clarity from spending time with it (whereas if an Aneros plot centered on Vince, it would probably be portrayed as excessive self-indulgence).

    You know, it never occurred to me until now (I'm embarrassed to admit) that Entourage is very much a male-centric "Sex & the City," with different characters expressing different takes (positive, negative, skeptical, indifferent) on different aspects of sexual adventurism, and we know how deeply S&tC penetrated into its own gender's "national sexual conversation." Getting the producers of Entourage interested in the device would likely be a very good thing.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Well said Tremelo, I like how you expanded on the fact that it is indeed a male (fantasy)show which would make it an ideal podium.
    Perhaps Aneros World doesn't even have to come into it (yet)...I recall reading the celebrities at the MTV music awards got a package (where the Aneros was included in), I remember thinking:"lucky bastards have already got a lot of money and they get their Aneros free as well", perhaps something like that.

    The Entourage boys go to the MTV music awards, later at night when theyre chilling, one of the boys becomes curious what's in Vince's package, he finds some hash from Holland and an Aneros and decides to try it...the other guys kinda laugh at him(who?let the producers decide ;)but I'd vote for Drama ) later on (towards the end of the show) Vince is woken up by loud moans and groans then smiles and looks at his unopened package, "hmm", show ends with some soundtrack that would be applicable to Aneros
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Unfortunately, I think Drama would be their obvious choice, but since he's the show's buffoon (and a much less sympathetic one than Kramer had been on Seinfeld), I'd kinda hate to see the opportunity wasted on him, sending a much more mixed message. However, your idea about finding them in the gift bag is SPOT ON. In that context, I'd suggest that Turtle would be the one who already knows what it is and explains it to the others (corresponding to a typical S&tC conversation). Turtle has consistently been the character most aware of the cutting edge of various trends, so he'd be the obvious choice to demystify it.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    the point I vote for Drama is because of the fact that most guys in a similar setting would be laughed at, made fun of, since Drama's used to it he doesn't care. The whole point is the end that when Vince(mainstream audience/couchpotatos identify with him) hears Drama's moans he gets interested.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    To your point, I think the producers would choose him regardless of my vote, lol. But yeah, you've suggested a very plausible scenario within the show (that doesn't rule out my perceived role for Turtle as the "explainer.") I think you're on the money here.

    Also notably (to your other thread), I don't think the Aneros company is going to eagerly get into bed with the THC association (because of the way America has its head up its ass on the topic), but this Entourage scenario could associate them very well, thus proceeding toward the goal that you (and I) find desirable.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    Great idea Helixer regarding Entourage.

    And very timely!! Production company will wrap up the series next year with an abbreviated season -- --

    It might do well to drop in the Aneros story as the last (or next to last) episode in the series. That show would be supportive of advertising tie-ins on MTV's channel Spike which runs the series out to the very demography that Aneros seeks to interest.

    My hunch is that the closing shows will be storyboarded very soon. So, Aneros should make the approach VERY soon.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107

    Anything you can think up has the possibility to accelerate the spread of this experience. So how about some of those thoughts outside the carton?
    Got Aneros? :lol:

    Vietnam War Protest style: Go to campuses, hand out flyers to potential/obvious users. Work the crowd between classes on the commons.
    Rave advert style: Go to campuses, hand out flyers to potential/obvious users. Work the crowd on the commons.
    Special sale event style: Go to campuses, hand out flyers to potential/obvious users. Work the crowd on the commons.

    Staple flyers on campus telephone poles, bulletin boards, in Male bathrooms over the urinals

    Hire Mr. T. for a quick 10 second spot on college radio/TV.... "HEY FOOL" style.

    Or Steve Jobs: "If you love Apple, you're gonna really dig this"

    Invent a Micro-brew; Aneros

    Get a rep on IDOL, during Q&A mention the affection.

    Mention The Affection... THAT's IT.... the Get the Word Out Slogan/Motto..... Mention the Affection...

    Can I claim copywrite on that? Right now? Okay... it's my idea, I claim the copywrite on the slogan..."Mention the Affection"...mine, mine, minemineminemine!

    Hey Aneros.... A round of Maximus' for everyone!
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    The Porn industry made VHS over Beta formats... and CD/DVD formats what they are today.

    Contact some of the bigger Porn companies and put out some features... all persuasions MW, MM, Couples, singles, MWMW, WWM whatever... mix it up. Heck throw some TGurl/CD stuff in there too.

    The Porn industry (unseemly or not) draws a lions share of the commerical application to just about everything it produces.

    Get Gaffigan to to a Hot Pockets routine based on Aneros.... work the club circuit with it. Or Andrew Clay Dice...

    There used to be joke by some deadpan comedian that went something like: "Had a date a while back, the girl told me she wanted to knot her nylons up and shove them up my arse. I was very hesitant. She told me that she would pull the knotted nylon out very slowly during intercourse and that I would have the best/longest orgasm of my entire life. Okay, I said, lets go for it. FOUR hours the emergency room the doctor finally got a hold of the nylons with the hemostat... pulled it out. I came like a motherfucker".

    What about submitting an idea to NASA to include Aneros workouts to the astronauts daily routine? This might even solve the newly reported muscle atrophy problem during long duration time in zero gravity.

    Okay I'm done now.... gotta' go water the Crape Myrtles.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    [QUOTE=Geogio;90417] ... snip ... Staple flyers on campus telephone poles, bulletin boards, in Male bathrooms over the urinals ...

    Generally, effective branding comes at a significant investment and I'm adverse to depreciating it as graffiti. However, Geogio's thought on the Urinals might work without self-inflicted wounds.

    Include in each Aneros package a small sheet of twenty stick-ons with the Aneros logo and brand name (each sticker 3/4" to 7/8" in diameter). We'll know what to do.

  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    [QUOTE=rook;90405]Great idea Helixer regarding Entourage.

    And very timely!! Production company will wrap up the series next year with an abbreviated season -- --

    It might do well to drop in the Aneros story as the last (or next to last) episode in the series. That show would be supportive of advertising tie-ins on MTV's channel Spike which runs the series out to the very demography that Aneros seeks to interest.

    My hunch is that the closing shows will be storyboarded very soon. So, Aneros should make the approach VERY soon.

    Yep, it's a pity Aneros doesn't do much to promote its products. The Entourage idea would circumvent the analtaboo and simultaneously reach out to its target demographic, so it would be well worth the investment. Eventhough Entourage now isn't as good as the first few seasons,it does have a loyal fanbase and Aneros would get a huge exposure.
    I don't know anyone on the forum that's affilliated with Aneros, if someone reading this does, please pass it on. An idea like this should at least get a shot. Don't worry, I'm not asking anything for it, I'm just a satisfied customer and would like everyone(even my worst enemíes)to have experienced a Super O.

    So I agree, someone has to put the idea forward to HBO very soon, and if need be, cough up the bucks!

    There are a lot of programmes it could be introduced(Weeds, Eastbound and Down), and eventhough the shows might be better, Aneros would really fit in Entourage especially using the type of plot I proposed(MTVawards gift bag)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    "SPACE : The Final Frontier, these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise..."

    Ooops, I may be getting ahead of myself here. Here's an idea for getting some high profile notice.
    Since Aneros is located in Houston and NASA's Johnson Space Center is also in Houston, how cool would it be for HIH to donate a stable of Aneros massagers to each of the astronauts who will be enduring extended isolation time aboard the International Space Station. While the issue of sexuality is never discussed publicly, surely these healthy men are no less affected by their natural hormonal surges than you or I. Despite the astronauts busy, intense work period they still need recreation time. What better way to enjoy yourself than through experiencing multiple orgasms. Surely a little shea butter and one Aneros tool per man can't weigh too much to make inclusion aboard the craft prohibitive.

    It could even become a science experiment to test "The Effects of Zero-G on the Generation of Multiple Dry Orgasms and Maintenance of Prostate Health"

    Just ONE, that's all we need, just ONE astronaut who makes use of this massager in space to provide a huge windfall in public knowledge and acceptance of this practice. There is no downside to this story, because it can be argued from a completely pragmatic point of view. We don't even need to know which astronaut was the user, though if he did identify himself it would be great as well.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Whoa R! :D :D

    Great to see the revived discussions here rumel! Butt! Brilliant!!! You have my Gut Brain and Skull Brain reeling together with the possibilities of Space: The Final Orgasmic Frontier.

    I suggest the man most likely to see this potential and have the balls to respond enthusiatically is
    Sir Richard Branson and his...

    Virgin Galactic spaceline, about to enter service

    Zero-G floating outside and Eupho floating inside at the apex of your flight on SpaceShip Two or Three or...

    WAIT! Branson tries aneros and "likes it so much he buys the company"!!
    Virgin Aneros with Sir Richard pitching prostate massage devices, and the ecstatic possibilities, with all the great gags and humorous publicity stunts he is famous for in personally publicizing his many Virgin brands. Perhaps they also become complementary, with some Marksman shots, in your Virgin Galactic Flight Kit...

    Who could resist!!! Book your flight here:

    Watch the video and imagine tumbling weightless, Eupho riding muscle spasms inside conquering Outer Space and Inner Space in ecstatic unison......... ........... ......... Maybe you want to book more than one flight! ;)

    BTW, I'll accept 10% equity as my finder's fee on the successful acquisition completion above, thank you.

    just popping by before popping in and popping up all

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    What a great idea Rumel!

    I'd sure be mighty curious what an Aneros session in zero gravity would be like. Flopping naked all about! I'd guess you'd want a well padded room with washable walls to do that in! LOL

    But you're right, it only takes one high profile person or company to admit to using it to vastly increase the publics perception of the benefits of prostate massage. Perhaps that was the hope with giving them away in gift bags to that TV award show a while back.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    [QUOTE=Voyager;76646]Here are a few slogans for the advertising department to consider.[center]"Do you have the ball's to Aneros"
    "Aneros. Not so much in your face, more like in your ass."
    "Aneros. For where the sun does not shine."[/center]These would all look good printed on Tee shirts too. How about these ad rip-offs?[CENTER]ANEROS
    It's not just a toy.
    Be All You Can Be,
    Get an ANEROS![/CENTER]
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Imagine this for a cinema advertisement.

    The music from"2001A Space Odyssey"
    "Also Sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss.

    A Progasm Ice floats into view.

    Morgan Freedmans voice.

    "Progasm Ice.
    The dawn of a new age for man.
    Let the sun shine where it never has before"
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Cool idea 'Voyager'.

    Here's a couple more spot ad ideas.

    Scene: High mountains in fall just after first snow, hunting season, photographer with camera & telephoto lens mounted on gunstock, cold exhibited from visible breath fog. Aims the camera gun...we then see the image of a big mule deer buck caught in the cross-hairs of the camera gun lens, gun then slowly swings to pan to an image of a huge bull elk bugling. The gun then swings again and the image of a Stainless Steel 'Peridise' comes into focus with the cross hairs 'dead on' the head of it. Narration comes on "Are you looking for a new Game?....look for your 'Peridise' ...Look into ANEROS" The scene then switches back to the photographer sitting on a mountain peak, she removes her ear flap hunting hat allowing her golden sunset red hair to unfurl and a Buddha smile emerges on her face.
    Scene: Autumn, early morning, mist hanging above a slow moving alpine stream, camera pans down to view image of a wicker creel, fly rod and waders lying on the gravel stream edge. Narration :"The secret to hooking the Super-O is having the right lure at the right time" A hand then lifts the lid of the creel revealing an MGX, Helix, Progasm & Eupho within. Narration : "Don't let that big one get away because you didn't have the best lure. See your ANEROS dealer soon to get the proper equipment."
    Scene 1: Business man with overnight travel bag kisses wife good bye as he gets into taxi. Scene 2: plane takes off. Scene 3: plane lands. Scene 4: All day business meeting. Scene 5: man in airport hotel room, pulls a Eupho from his travel bag and smiles, fade out to black screen. Narration and text:
    Don't leave home without it!
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    The best way IMO would be to get a lobbygroup in Washington that supports a bill educating adolescant boys their 2 sided sexuality and the benefits of prostate massage.
    Why should only girls get educated about the full possibilities of their body?

    It would be a HUGE market if plans were made for this type of sexeducation!!!
    And more importantly we might get an answer to the all important question; if men are indeed p-fied by women?

    Contrary what many would expect it's not that I never ejaculate, sometimes you feel almost lured into it. It's strange, when I'm Super O-ing and I've got my eyes closed it's rarely sexual these days, rather:bathing in the extasy of the moment. But after I've PiNpi'D I often find myself entranced at erotic imagery, almost as if I feel them sucking at my seed, lusting every last drop
    So, unfortunately I fell victim to 'spermvampires'last night,entranced and p-fied I couldn't help but give them every last drop, they sucked me completely dry and left me for dead and as I awakened from my trance I was left wondering what came over me and what I was thinking?! I had been p-fied, but at least I wasn't ignorant of that fact
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    So, when you guys gonna march on Washington?Freedom NoW!
    Withholding this knowledge is almost as wicked as the practice of circumcism in Africa on women. Being left ignorant of a greater pleasure is almost as bad as being denied it. Liberate our Children! We the people !;)
  • rumelrumel
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    How's this idea - Mobile Marketing. High Island Health creates a Mobile Marketing Van to travel around the country making one day stops at every shopping mall in America. This would be like a guerrilla advertising/marketing strategy.
    A pristine white van wih a bold HIH logo and the words "Prostate health and so much more..." painted on the sides and back, and painted just below "(ask me...)" drives into the parking lot, slides open its side door to display the entire HIH line of products along with informational pamphlets/brochures. The van is equipped with a wi-fi satellite transmission computer hook-up to instantly process orders and provide access to the HIH and Aneros web sites. On board is a friendly man and woman to courteously answer any and all questions from any passersby who are curious to know more.

    This would act like a mobile information kiosk eventually reaching every area of the country.
  • After my second or third session I told my wife "I could sell these things!" I'd consider being that friendly man.
  • artformartform
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    Great MultiD_Eroticist!! :D :D

    I am moving there too. We are moving into making Prostate Health a prime charitable cause we support through our corporate group. We participated actively in the global Movember Campaign just over a month ago where we Canucks raised more money than any nation on the planet! Our own literature will include recommendations and connections for Aneros and Key Sound Multiple Orgasm sites and products as well starting 01.11.11 or earlier.

    all aboard the Whole Male Ecstatic Health Program fun promotion train all

  • Personally I'd love to have a t-shirt with the Super-O Society logo on it.
    And simply have either SOS or MMO beneath it. Nothing else. Maybe even S.O. Society to be more of a tease.
    People would have to ask what they meant. Especially MMO.
    It would also help Super-O brothers identify one another in public. "I see you are in the secret club"....

    But as far as getting the word out in a broader sense, T.V. is probably the most effective method.
    I agree the tease sort of commercials would be effective. Also commercials with subtle references to the male multiple orgasm or the male super-o should be within the bounds of the uptight censors. I know that if I wasn't already in the know, I would HAVE to find out what male multiple orgasms were.
    We all know guys will research the hell out of anything that has an orgasm as a possible pay-off.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    [center]Do you mean something like this?
    It's in the works![/center]
  • Exactly! I'll definitely get one!
    Thanks for the info rumel.
  • enigmaenigma
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    I have an Aneros T-shirt, I was given it at Erotica a couple of years ago.
    It has a small Helix motive on the front and on the back in large writing it says,
    UP YOURS !
    Needless to say I have not worn it yet, I'm not sure rural England is quite ready for this yet.
  • I don't see why a commercial can't be done to air late at night. Has anyone seen the female vibrator commercial on cable channels late at night with the ladies with the blown out hair because the vibrator is supposed to "blow your hair away." I think its called the Triphoria or something like that. I was thinking wow, they are now openly advertising vibrators on TV, why isn't there a similar commercial with a product geared towards men. It wouldn't have to be anything extravagant but a simple straight forward commercial that peaked a man's interest. Also send one of the above t-shirts with each purchase.

    Or take to college campuses and do giveaways. All you'd need is a few guys on a campus to spread the word and the rest will follow. I don't know if these have been mentioned before as I didn't read the entire thread.
  • HelixerHelixer
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    I think if the Aneros community signed up to youtube en masse with an Aneros-related name, describing how Aneros has really improved your life others on youtube might catch on. Russia TV uses youtube already as a cheap propaganda vehicle for praising 'mother Russia' and Putin's band of brigands, so why not some very satisfied customers spreading the word? The gospel of a better world, with a possibility of reaching billions!!!

    On youtube there's only one at the moment: Nirwananeros. If you really want to spread the word start your own Aneros-related channel and subscribe to this one. Start making simple videos telling about your Aneros experience, backed by tranquil music and video or images. Microsoft Movie-maker is a godsend for this, makes it really easy to edit music and video and add imagery. All you have to do is google images then in MM you can make it into a video.
    And the best thing of 'coming out on youtube' about your aneros use is you can stay anonymous

    Perhaps HIH can provide some incentives, like giving out prizes for best video on youtube.
    1st prize $1000
    2nd prize the Aneros Vice
    3rd prize the Aneros Tempo ;)
  • rookrook
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    Here are some well known and perhaps influential people bunking on their own. Possibly with some 'lonesome time' on their hands.

    -- One-Fifth of House Freshmen Sleep in Offices - CBS Evening News - CBS News --

    All are males so make each a gift of an Aneros, with a web link to the Forum. :D

    This answers Helixer's question (post #82) asking when we were going to march on Washington.

    No need now -- gift wrap, a sticky note and Parcel Post or FedEx can do the job
  • HelixerHelixer
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    I'd say #91 is more to the point, at least, if you like me, feel compelled to enlighten as many people as possible of their orgasmic potential?
    Youtube has potential and I'm sure the Aneros gospel can be communicated in all kinds of different and creative ways. Multimedia is an ideal platform.Veiled in anonymity it should be easier for the Aneros community to 'come out of the closet'. I think a lot of people would like to experience what we can. And I'd love to encourage and inform others of a world hitherto conceiled, how direct prostate stimulation produces Super O's, sharing our experiences in diverse ways to the others in the Aneros community and to the world.

    Like all communities people have their differences(but having all noses face the same way has seldom brought any change) but you may find that all the pettifogging dissolves when people can become united by the greater good. If someone has a good idea that promotes the cause then we should endorse it, regardless of who is saying it.
    Just having Nirwananeros on youtube won't raise any eyebrows, but there are 19000 registered Aneros users, say if 4000 of them are satisfied customers and 500 of them are actively making videos (spurred on by HIH's monetary incentive) then I think it shouldn't take too long before the world catches on.

    Again, coming out the Aneros closet isn't so difficult in anonymity

    BTW: as you're referring to my Plug'N'Play faux pas I hoped my calling it an office chair would render further description obsolete, unfortunately....
    FYI an office chair can survive perfectly well in a living room, but one year of Plug'N'' Play is enough to break the back of the sturdiest
  • rumelrumel
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    When I joined the Forum a little less than 4 years ago there were less than 5,000 members. Tonight, new member
    'aneros_user46717' became our 20,000th Forum member. The word is spreading and our strength is growing. Congratulations 'aneros_user46717' and High Island Health for making the world a more pleasurable place for modern men and women to enjoy.
  • VoyagerVoyager
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    A slogan for the Advertising Department to consider.

    "Pop in a Peridise. The snack you can enjoy between sessions without ruining your appetite."

    I am going to introduce a friend to our forum later on this week.
    I hope he will join us.
  • In my opinion it's not really about cleaver ads or anything, while I have seen some cleaver one here. It's about the truth and being straight forward (with this product especially). I think that people don't want to be told to buy the Aneros. The people want to discover it themselves through curiosity. the internet is the way to go. I have made multimedia applications before. A straightforward multimedia internet ad would get thousands of new customers in a short amount of time. I would make one myself but my art skills are not Great (however they are ok). I would like to make one one day if I found the time to do so (as a challenge). its all about curiosity!!!!
  • Love_isLove_is
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    I think word of mouth also makes a difference. In two other sex and fetish related forums I've mentioned Aneros prostate massager's. And I almost always get some sort of interested response from it. And I'm sure there are plenty of other people that read my posts without commenting who develop an interest in Aneros prostate massager's.

  • GeogioGeogio
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    YouTube infomercial?
  • rumelrumel
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    I found this Ad on the Internet. It looks pretty good to me but I just wonder why they needed three "CLICK HERE to BUY NOW" buttons. Also is the female model on the left wearing a strap-on? :) Just curious.

    How about this for 20 sec. TV commercial?

    Slyvester Stallone dressed as 'Rambo' facing Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed as 'The Terminator'

    'Rambo' holds up a Helix pointing towards 'The Terminator' and says -

    ",,,pleasure's great..."

    'The Terminator' points a Progasm at 'Rambo' and responds -

    "...more filling..."

    each repetition of ",,,pleasure's great..." & "...more filling..."

    the camera withdraws and the sound fades, finally 'Alana' voiceover -

    "Either way... you win.."

    You could also substitute Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson for Arnie and Sly.

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
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    Thanks for the link to the ad. I'd like to know where on the Web this ad is running. I've never seen it and I surf the Web a lot.

    As for your TV ad idea; it's excellent. Given the high cost of network TV ads, I doubt Aneros/HIH could make economic sense of it. A more cost-effective approach would be a late-night cable TV infomercial with a "call now" 800 Number. Big-name celebrity spokespersons aren't needed. Even WWF wrestling guys would be good enough, and I bet they don't cost much.


  • BigTexBigTex
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    Thought you all might get a kick out of this plug...I'm a big blog reader...mainly conservative news type blogs and such. I ran across this post on Intapundit, one of the most popular conservative blogs and I had to respond for our community here. I think you'll appreciate the subtlety of my post. Feel free to chime in The Volokh Conspiracy Vibrators