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This Place Is Growing!
  • By Leaps & ...& it time to offer stock/shares or will it remain in the private sector, employing many of folks in the various departments? I have seen the growth of the forum and the products being offered, most with the input of this forum! Capitalism at it's best, I think! I think a suggestion board, or is it already here, would be good! So, with this intro, my vote would be for a "FULL TIME CHAT SECTION", 24-7!
  • And, the diversity of the member's is getting more and more interesting & so very civil too, which is very nice! Kudos to Aneros!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Priopusone, :)

    Yes, it's nice to see so many new faces so to speak here in the forums. I'd like to think that it reflects that Aneros is doing well in sales. I'd personally hate to see High Island Health go public. So many companies that do so lose their soul, direction, and quality of engineering and support. These are things that Aneros is profoundly famous (in my eyes) for. As most companies in this sex toy industry churn out poorly engineered products, and good luck getting your money back if it breaks or doesn't work like it should.

    As far as the 24/7 chat. Looks like Darwin has setup another thread to discuss it's merits.

  • To add to priapusone's comment on the civility found here on the forum, I have to agree.
    This has been the most civil and helpful forums I have seen anywhere in the internet world.
    No matter what the topic or site, it seems there are always the flame-throwers.
    I haven't seen any of note here. Heavy sarcasm may be the worst I've seen here and that is rare.
    So there are some very good moderators as well.