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Extremely delayed shipments and bad service
  • I ordered my slugger combo (Helix + fleshlight) on December 28th. I had chosen the best shipping possible (there was only a 3 dollar difference), which ended up being $40. I received the email notification saying that my order was paid for, and that I would receive an email when it was processed and shipped out, usually on the same or next day (which it said specifically). Several days went by and I emailed the support because I wasn't getting the confirmation email, and I got no response. Yesterday, I sent two emails and finally received a 'response' today. It was the confirmation email. So it's been a week since I placed my order, my emails were completely ignored, my shipment has -just- been sent out, and I paid FOURTY DOLLARS+ for shipping.

    So as a warning, I'd get your Aneros from a third party site if you want cheaper, quicker shipping (if you live outside the US, I'm assuming), otherwise you'll be apparently put on the backburner until you remind them with emails they don't even bother responding to.
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 230
    Hi aneros_user45585,

    We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. We are very sorry your order did not ship in a timely manner - we have refunded your shipping charges. Unfortunately, your order was mixed up with some other packages due to a mix up in our shipping department. The holiday season, coupled with the release of the Vice and Tempo has made things a bit hectic in our shipping department. To be clear, our policy is to ship orders the next business day (not the same day, as you stated in your email).

    Again, we apologize for the delay, your order is on it's way.

    Aneros Support
  • Alright, thank you. I really appreciate it!
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