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The Tempo: Intense Elegance
  • I just has my first Tempo session and I thought I would share my experience with it.
    At first look, the tempo looks very elegant and artful. The weight is substantial but welcome.
    Being stainless, it is easy to have it be either warm or cool whichever your preference. I began with my Tempo cool. This felt very soothing on entry. The thing about stainless is no matter how you begin temperature wise, eventually it will become body temperature.
    I did not influence the Tempo. I let my body welcome it and ask for it as it wished.
    As my body became more desirable of the Tempo, I teased it with gentle denial. A slight outward pressure whenever it wanted to pull the Tempo in deeper.
    The first uncontrollable event was a P-Wave. Followed by another. Then I began to have a series of P-waves that were deeper and more frequent than I had experienced before. The out of body dis-associative type. Very intense and awing.
    Pulsations soon followed with the energy focused on my testes and penis. The pulsations began lightly and with no rhythm but rather sporadic pulsing.
    The Tempo was so gentle but probing.
    The intensity of these pulses began to grow. Deeper and more intense. They began to gather a rhythm and dance along my growing penis.
    As I was savoring this feeling, the involuntaries began. This is where the Tempo made use of it's weight. The contractions began normal enough as they do with all the various Aneros models I use. But as they intensified, the Tempo took things to a different level. The speed and intensity of the contractions was amazing. The pace was so fast, so frantic and totally sensual.
    I was very surprised by it. It was so insistant. So rapid.
    It seemed that the old paradigm was shattered. This was new ground.
    I don't mean to make so much of the speed of movement but it was truly unexpected.
    The super-o's were numerous and draining. Just fantastic.

    So many sensations were delightfully the same as other Aneros models leading up to a point but the Tempo seemed to go a few steps further.
    It seemed to me Tempo was a good name for this model. The tempo was a good double speed of the predecessors.
    If I had to remain quiet I would have failed. You can't help but moan and say things aloud when you are being taken for such a ride. The whole body trembles and shakes, the doubling up as if I were doing crunches and the pelvic hyper thrashing all intensified.
    The Eupho has been my favorite model for quite some time now. I think it has moved to 2nd place for me now.
    If the Tempo can do such things the first time out, there is certain sensual bliss ahead.
    These things only get better as you spend more time with them and if the Tempo is this strong out of the gate, it's going to be quite a journey with this beauty.
  • Update (as if anyone cares) just had my 2nd session. Things took a bit longer to get started but that's how it goes with any of the models.
    Once things did begin, it was very much like the first session. P-waves of great intensity followed up by very rapid involuntaries.
    In super-o land for about 45 minutes in which I had my strongest super-o to date. And I have had quite a few in the Aneros journey.
    As I said almost a complete revisit of the first session but quite a bit more intense.
    Total session was 90 minutes or so.

    I guess I should have noted that I have used the advanced Peridise for a year or so and am very adept with it.
    I am sure Peridise experience helps with the Tempo.
  • I want to give one final update. On my 5th session with the Tempo. I hesitated due to nearly 400 views with no comments at all.
    I have mentioned the depth of the P-waves. The tempo allows (at least for me thus far) such a greater depth of the P-wave than any other model. I own all models but the SGX and the Vibe.
    I prepared as usual. For me that is a light coating of the anus with vaseline up to to end of the sphincter. Then I very lightly coat the Tempo. Just enough to give it a very light sheen.
    I then insert a small ball of unrefined shea butter past the sphincter until it releases. Then I insert the Tempo.
    I was very aware that I did not want to guide or influence the Tempo. No contractions or movements to aid the Tempo. I let my body find it on it's own and once my body did so, I teased it with denying the urge to pull it in deeper with very slight outward pressure.
    The p-waves began in about 5 minutes or so and I kept the thought in my head "do not grip it". I tried to keep the sphincter in neutral so to speak.
    If I felt a weakening or if I felt my body was about to overrule me, I added a slight outward pressure but for the most part tried to remain in neutral.
    The p-waves went far deeper than any I have experienced to date. At times, the entirety of my body felt as though it was lightly electrified like the last stages of an arm waking after being asleep. Oddly exciting as a feeling the whole body feels.
    Ripples in my belly at other times. Complete mind disassociation at other times. Mild tremors of thighs, arms and the entire body.
    Pulsing in the testicles. Warm washes. Light sweats. All totally random and recurring with different levels of body and mind involvement.
    I was totally lost in this p-wave exploration for at least 30 minutes or so. I felt no need to rush towards the super-o.
    It was delightful to be lost in the deeper journey of p-wave discovery. Remaining neutral became very hard at times but I kept telling myself and at times aloud "do not grip it"
    This was the deepest into pure bliss I have been in my Aneros journey. it was absolutely magical. I felt drugged it was so profound.
    It is hard to explain that even though I remained very neutral the Tempo finally became insistent in it's movement even with me not gripping it even faintly. But it did.It began to tremble and make fast feather light strokes inside me until I began having super-o's.
    The light strokes then began to become a bit more aggressive.
    I have ridden super-o's for quite a while in the past. I have had super-o's that lasted an hour or more before. Even though you have the super-o there are still peaks and valleys as you ride them. Those who know, know what I mean.
    Once I hit the height of the super-o, the point where it feels exactly like you are physically ejaculating, I still was doing my level best not to grip it.
    Usually in the super-o, this feeling is definitely the peak where the build up to the next is the valley. That is the super-o ride.
    Once I had this feeling of physically ejaculating, it happened and lingered and happened again and continued and I literally felt as if I was ejaculating on and on.
    I have never has a super-o of that intensity for such a length of time before. I was in the act of ejaculation for 4 to 5 minutes.
    I finally stopped and got out of bed after this. I could not take any more. I felt drugged and dizzy.
    Back long ago I wondered what it must be like to come for more than the 5 or so seconds we do when we ejaculate.
    Now I know. It was incredible and stunning. I have had many, many super-o's before but this was a different animal.
    I hope you all enjoy the Tempo as much as I have so far. There is a new #1 for me now.
  • Thanks for this useful detailed description of that new experience. I'll definitely order this one.
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    Thankyou for the review, very insightful and inspiring
  • After using it twice, I'm in awe. I've had the MGX, Helix, Eupho, Peridise, Progasm, Progasm Ice, and Vice. It's easily the best model ever released in my opinion. Caronlinaguy's review is pretty similar to my two experiences with it, and actually used his review as mental imagery and a guide. I'm still experimenting with a few different positions (notably on on my back, sitting, and on my hands and knees) were all pretty extraordinary. Still to do, I gotta try just flat out laying on my stomach like Articwolves has shown in his videos too. I've done some experimenting with different depths, with barely with the head in and letting my anal/rectal muscles decide what to do with it, to in all the way where the flared part is in a way tickling my anus. I also varied using contractions. All of them were pleasurable and I'm not sure what my favorite is at this point. As a lot of people call "exploring" and "a journey" with Aneros models I think this one has the most potential for the most powerful ones possible.

    I also experimented with letting it sit in warm/hot water, then inserting it. That's pretty awesome, although it does cool down to body temperature quickly, within a minute or so. Because the stainless steel conducts heat well, I would imagine that a future model that has a heating element would be a fantastic feature. Or maybe someone ingenious person out there might have ideas on how to mod this to have something that attaches to the end to heat it up and keep it heated while in use. Anyway you slice it, I believe stainless steel is going to be the best material for any model from here on out.

    Another thing to note, it seems that if you have been introduced to nipple/breast stimulation such as Wuerstchen has introduced me to, the tempo seems to prime/amp you up for this. I can't explain why yet, but I think I'm very close to a hands free ejaculation as he talks about and shows in videos off of his nipple orgasm Yahoo group. You can do the nipple/breast stimulation while the tempo is in which is nice, but after you've experienced multiple orgasms with the Tempo, then take it out and stimulate the nipples and breasts using his techniques, it's an utter knockout. I have had great results before using the Tempo, but now I feel like I am on path to the ultimate.

    After using the Vice for a couple of weeks, I don't think I will have the urge to go back to it after using the Tempo. The Tempo is definitively that good.

    Also another thing I discovered that works great for me is to put a small amount of silicon lube in between each of my toes. The reason being is that multiple orgasm methods cause my toes to rub and twitch, and the constant rubbing of them against each other can be uncomfortable. Putting the lube in between the toes makes the rubbing almost sensual, rather than irritating and distracting.

    A mental image that crossed my mind that introduced some p-waves was that I'm fighting gravity. Liken it to this, after your muscles tire as if you were lifting something with your arms, your arms begin to shake when they start to tire. In the other Aneros models with a p-tab, you're more or less tiring the muscles by holding a contraction, and the push of the p-tab against your perineum and the pull of those models into the rectum. It's achieving a similar response by its weight. The weighted flared end hanging down outside the body provides this feeling of fighting gravity. Also on my hands and knees, the pull of gravity hovering it and gently pulling down on top of the prostate is another image that was intense.

    That's all for now, time to go to bed. I'll post any additional interesting discoveries along the way.
  • Anonymous, I am glad to hear your experience was so good as well. I did neglect to add that I used nipple stimulation as well.
    I get so much from the tease/denial that I did wait until I began having super-o's before I began with the nipple stim though. Maybe that is why the super-o's were so intense.
    I have begun to wait well into a session before beginning nipple stim because I have found it is so much more intense if I start that after my body is fully involved.
    There is a line where the nipple stim can become dominant and relegate the Aneros to the background and I have found that to be a less intense ride.
    I was also glad to have a second opinion on the p-waves you experienced with the Tempo. The sur name of the Tempo could easily be p-wave explorer. Tempo:P-wave Explorer. lol
    I have always enjoyed the p-waves before but it had always been a nice feeling leading up to the land of the super-o. The Tempo is the only model that has even made me think I could easily explore this sensation a bit deeper and I am so glad I did.
    I know judging from the first session to my most recent, I have further to go.
    I have really always enjoyed the Peridise ( advanced smallest) but the Tempo is nothing short of amazing.
    I can hardly wait to see what comes next in the S2 line.
    I would love to see one along the lines of the Eupho but thinner. I put the Tempo down next to the Eupho and found there is not much difference in insertable length. The Eupho is definitely longer but not too much.
    One other thing, I always use the position of on the back knees bent and feet flat.
    For me personally no other position works as well.
    Finally, you own so many models as I do so it is good to hear that you found such similar results based on that level of experience..
  • Guys, these are great reviews! I think I may have to get the Tempo...thanks!
  • Priapusone, I know I sound like a big fan boy from my posts but this model is everything I have said it was. If you decide to get one I could not possibly see how you would be disappointed. Pleasure to has already paid for itself.
  • VicVic
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