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a little advice needed
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    right, a couple of days back l had viewed a vid here that gave the idea that the p-tab placement could have been my issue and l feel l might have moved a step forward in the journey..

    problem is lm finding it hard to distinguish, l was led on my back knees apart just breathing and waiting and messing around with the placement, and lve achieved what l feel like calling twitches and uncontrollable shakes with occasional need to thrust, but lm finding it somewhat hard to distinguish if they are involuntary or willed by myself as it feels like some of them are just me adding to it, l also feel that im fifing it hard to relax the a-hole while going through some of the thrusting and tend to loose that feeling the moment a clench comes on lol.

    tho l still dont feel any nearer the release feeling lve had in other positions but l just cant get as relaxed as l can on my back.. still lm looking for any possible methods or possible advice that might give me some idea to get past the involuntary (hopefully they are involuntary lol, lm finding it hard differentiate between willed movement at the moment) as lm finding that with each change of mindset l have read/watched here has allowed me to find myself what seems to be a step closer.
  • There's a bit of a contradiction of terms here. There's something wrong with calling these responses that we intentionally seek "involuntary." For me, the truly involuntary contractions are those "clenches" that stop the desired "automatic," rhythmic contractions. In my practice I've learned when those undesirable clenches tend to come, and I make a conscious choice to make a similar contraction, but a lot less intense than the involuntary clench that can stop things. I intentionally, and consciously pulse those contractions as gently as possible. It's sort of like cranking an engine until it starts. As I continue the pulsed contractions, eventually the motor starts and runs "by itself." Would we say that after we start our car that it is running "involuntarily?"
  • must keep a eye on this thread..going to learn !! this gentleman seems on the ball so to speak
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    its just l managed to take some of the feelings a bit further after watching a video by another member here which made me wonder about p-tab positioning l assumed it had to be dead centre however l tried just going with how it landed when the aneros was inserted.

    it seemed to produce more of a reaction which l felt through my entire body, while l never seemed to go over the top l was feeling allot of involuntary body movements while on my back like legs shaking and a few times feeling forced to thrust, the problem l found was not being sure that all were somewhat involuntary as l found occasionally l felt tho some movement was made myself at least when it came to leg shaking (then again lm wondering if its subconscious reaction based upon what l expect and eventually end up thinking about too much, because there does seem to be a point where l cant be bothered to wait and try pushing rather than relaxing and waiting)
  • needit_needit_
    Posts: 34
    have found at times when useing the ice,it some times runs its self so tight against the scrotum,you have to actually pull it back with a tad of force fullness in the pull .....but still no flashing lites nor bells rinnging,perhaps gettin closer
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    its whats confusing me at the moment, lm definitely further than l was a year ago as l feel that with all the models l currently own lm virtually there its just as soon as l hit the sensation of being about to blow it declines, most of the time nip stim gets me to the point but l find it hard to concentrate on both areas and keep breathing and feelings get lost.

    however l am collecting models now with a collection on 5 lol (5th one was a treat for new year which should arrive over the next few days hopefully) heres to hoping l find more with the new purchase, tho l am looking into nip stim and plan to try few things out that dont require hands on so l can focus on other areas.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    for hands free nipple stimulation, Supple Nipps are a must have. They are pretty amazing.

    also, if you want to explore nipple stimulation, check out the yahoo Nipple Orgasm group: Yahoo! Groups