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Progasm Ice
  • I am having problems using it!! any suggestions or advice
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Hello and welcome aneros_user44258,

    The Progasm Ice is one of the nicer toys in the Aneros line; however, initial insertion may pose some challenges.

    Please give us some idea of the following:
    -- what "prep" and lubrication you are using -- particularly if you "pre-lube" or not
    -- what prior experience you may have had with anal play.

  • Try a smaller aneros in the beginning and then switch when the time is right. Use plenty of lube and just go slow and gentle.
  • mikeygmikeyg
    Posts: 14
    if you mean trouble getting it in. i would suggest using a finger for a bit the working up to two fingers. if you can get two fingers in the pro should be ok. i have also found that vibrating toys sometimes seem to help with stretching i guess it relaxes you more or maybe desensitizes you. i have a pro ice and havent had any amazing sessions or anything but fitment isnt a problem. i like bigger toys so ive been working on size for a while. hope this helps