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New experiences and surprised.
  • dingding
    Posts: 16
    I am new to this forum and thought I would share some recent experience. Frankly, after first learning about the Aneros I was skeptical as most devices are not what they claim to be and a disappointment.I first stumbled on the Aneros MGX by accident on the internet. The add directed me to this forum and I read some of the posts by others and was intrigued. I had never heard of any of these experiences and had little experience with anal toys for that matter. I took out my credit card and ordered the MGX model which was suggested for new users. When I received it I was of course anxious to try it. I followed the instructions and inserted the MGX. I laid quietly waiting for the subtle feelings that were promised by other users. The feelings were very subtle and I thought it was just as I figured, this thing is not what it promised. I put a video in thinking that would help things along, which it seemed to do a little, but not with my anticipated results. I put the device away thinking I maybe had wasted my money. I continued to read posts in this forum about the success of others and how they had achieved it. The idea of relaxing, enjoying the feelings you are getting and not focusing on a final result, like orgasm. I since have used the MGX several times, and each time getting more enjoyment from it, not really caring about the "Big O", but just for what it is. I was getting the waves of pleasure, causing shaking and heavy breathing, and nice pleasure. I then found the introduction of the Aneros Vice. I thought, Oh Man, bigger would have to be better and especially with a vibrator. So I immediatly ordered one and waited patiently until it arrived. When I opened the package, I looked at it and thought, how in the world will that thing ever fit. It is much larger than the MGX. I followed all the instructions, cleaning, lubricating. Then I tried to insert it. This thing is really big. It just wouldn't fit. I took my MGX and inserted it first and that helped me relax enough to finally get the Vice in. There was an amount of pain before finally getting it in but once inserted it was relatively confortable. Frankly, I felt so stuffed that I wasn't getting much movement from it and also not the waves of pleasure I had been getting from the MGX. I gave it some time, even inserting the vibrator which was to intense, at least for this time, pulled it out and put it away for now. It was about this time that I read a post about the Helix. I suppose a person could own 1 of each model, constantly searching for a new a better experience, but I thought this might be worth a try, so I ordered one. I received it 2 days ago and had an opportunity to try it early yesterday morning. I performed the usual cleaning and lubricating and inserted the Helix. I immediately noticed a more intense pressure against the Prostate. I laid down on the couch on my side, one leg pulled up and just focused on the feeling. I didn't use any contractions, just laid still, focusing on the pleasure. It wasn't long before the waves began. Subtle at first but intensifying with every one. It's hard to not try for the Super O, whatever that is, just enjoying the moment. The waves of pleasure seem to come from different places, around and inside the anus, from the perenium area, around my lower belly, and then even stretching down to my toes, a really delicious feeling, Waves were coming about every 2 minutes and I laid there for about an hour. It was getting time for my wife to wake up, so I got up and removed the Helix. Put it all away, as she is not aware of my experimenting with the Aneros. So I was sitting on the couch drinking my coffee conversing with her as normal in the morning. I then noticed the subtle wave of pleasure beginning again, without the Helix in place, much the same as when it had been. The waves started out small but I noticed them increasing in intensity. Now these were totally out of my control, and frankly it was becoming extremely pleasurable. As the intensity increased I found myself trying to control my breathing and my obvious pleasure by grabbing a magazine and hiding my face. She was now watching the news on TV so was distracted. I could not believe what was happening and I was doing nothing to bring it on. Now the waves were becoming so intense that semen was oozing from my penis and running down my leg. I am amazed at this new found experience. I had waves of pleasure throughout the morning whenever I would sit down at the computer or for breakfast, or laying on the couch watching TV. I'm not sure if I have reached the illusive "Super O", and frankly don't really care since the pleasure I am experiencing now is truly great. Just focusing the the present feelings and not working hard for more. Seems to work for me.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    First thought... Paragraphs would have made reading this easier...

    The Vice will take a little time to get used to. Make sure to use a lot of lube. Have you tried pre-lubing? I own almost every model- the helix was one of the first ones I purchased. In the beginning i didn't like it very much and ended up buying a MGX, Progasm, Eupho and Peridise. I tried all the other models and went through phases of preference. The current favorite model for me is the Helix.

    It's different for everyone- you'll find that as time passes you'll like one over another. It seems that the Helix is your current favorite. Stick with it- or maybe even try using it to warm up for awhile before trying the Vice!

    It's all about the journey- and you've had a great start!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Ding,

    And welcome to the Aneros forums. :)

    Your early beginnings mirrored a lot of my own early Aneros experiences of thinking this stuff was a fraud due to little to no sensations. Thankfully like yourself I've moved beyond that into quite pleasurable Aneros sessions with one mini-O so far, but no super-O's achieved yet. Once you start to re-wire and your prostate awakens, the variety of new pleasurable sensations is really something else. I'm glad you stuck with it. Although kind of saddened that it required buying three different models before you got some significant sensations that you start to understand what this is all about. But no worries, you'll find a use for the MGX and Vice as you continue to progress in your Aneros re-wiring journey. Having variety in Aneros models is convenient when one suddenly stops producing as much pleasure as it used to.

  • I bought the MGX about a week ago and have had three sessions with it. I'm so thrilled with it that I bought the Helix/Euphos combo offer today. I can see how each model will offer different sensations and exercise different muscles in different ways. I may find that I'm wrong about this, but I feel confident that in the years ahead each one of these (plus the other models I haven't yet purchased) will get regular use. I think of it as like having lots of golf clubs in your bag.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    I find your experience to be amazing, especially when you started oozing semen. I've never read that happening to anyone (I'm pretty new still), I've only heard of the pre-cum oozing out (clear stringy liquid). But it was actually not a clear liquid? So did you have involuntary contractions or was it really just oozing? Crazy stuff! It's a shame your wife was unaware of what you were experiencing.
  • dingding
    Posts: 16
    Thanks for the posts.

    It's very helpful to be a part of this forum and receive thoughts and suggestions as I begin this journey with the Aneros.

    I can see the point about having different models to choose from, I have the MGX, the Helix, and the Vice. It depends on my mood, the day, and each one works better at different times. I am presently mostly using the Helix. It seems to put more pressure on my prostate which makes it easier to focus and the waves start sooner and easier.

    I read about rewiring and awakening the prostate. I was not quite sure what that was all about in the beginning but now I certainly am. I took me a little time to sort out the feelings I was getting while using Aneros, and I am still working on that. It is far different than penile sexual pleasure which is all about arousal, orgasm, done. I can feel my prostate at any time now, particularly while sitting, and focus on pleasure from it, (p waves). These can last for pretty much as long as I want them to. It's just a matter of focusing on the feelings, they slowly increase in intensity, and just sit back and enjoy it. For me it works better on a hard chair with my legs crossed. It's happening right now.

    If I can set aside time for an Aneros session, I find for myself that proper preparation is essential. No such thing as a "quickie". Cleaning, pre-lubing, no distractions, lots of time, make for the best experience. The amazing thing is this again reawakens the prostate for hours, days of pleasure.

    I'm pretty new at this, but I am excited about what I can learn and enjoy about the whole experience. In the meantime, I am having wonderful experiences, and I am perfectly satisfied with what I have.

  • Rook recommended to stick with one model for a month so that you can really get to know it before moving on to other models.

    In the four sessions I've had with my MGX, I'm pretty sure that I'll change over to the Helix when it gets here. I know I'm new to it, but it looks like the Helix will permit more precise control of the pressure point, in both intensity and location.

    I agree completely with Ding about no "quickie." At least so far for me. YMMV :-) My session begins when my prep starts. For me, it's all about paying complete attention, and being willing to observe whatever comes up. I call it being in "inquiry." The trick of being in inquiry is paying close attention, and making absolutely no judgment. Even thinking something like "this feels great" can break my sense of inquiry.

    So far, I haven't used anything to get me excited before a session. I've read a lot on the forum from guys who recommend porn or manually stimulating the penis, and say it's important for a good session. In anerosless sessions I had before having heard of aneros, I experimented with porn. For me, it provided a stimulation that seemed to encourage an erection (and that was nice), but it drew my attention away from the "deeper" stimulation of the prostate. Since I'm now focused on awakening the prostate, I'm going to avoid porn for awhile.
  • dingding
    Posts: 16
    Yesterday afternoon I knew the house would be empty and I thought this would be a great opportunity of an extended Aneros session. I thought about it all morning and anticipated being able to have a long uninterupted session. My expectations proved to be better than I expected.

    I am new to the Aneros, and have read many of the posts. I have been enjoying my journey with its use and every session has in its own way been enjoyable. In fact the whole experience has caused me to change my thoughts on life in general and that is to enjoy the moment without any expectation of any results. Live for the moment, seek out pleasure in whatever I do, and savor it for what it is.

    I took the afternoon off and began my preparation in the early afternoon. I had purchased a new mini-douche from Aneros and this was the first time I have used it. All that is needed is warm water and it worked very effectively. I had previously tried prepackaged cleansing items like Fleet from the drug store. I guess it worked OK but really not enough liquid to work effectively.

    I then inserted a lubricant (ID Glide) using a syringe also purchased from Aneros. My plan was to use the Helix which has seemed to work most effectively so far. I have still in the box the newly purchased Vice which I have tried once but too large and painful. I have been saving it for a later date when after experience might be able to use it effectively.

    This time I planned on using a video, kind of a light port, with a story line, something I have watched in the past but sort of forgot about.

    I started the video, laid back on the couch on a towel, and began watching. I rolled on my side with one leg straight, and one bent. I lubed up the Helix and slowly inserted it. Almost immediately waves began. I could feel the pressure of the Helix on my prostate. I was not using any contractions at all, just the feeling of the pressure against my prostate brought on pleasure. The video progressed and as I watched the pleasure increased with every scene. I thought, wow, I have never enjoyed this video like this before.

    I experienced surges that began at my prostate and perennium area, and testicles, and then through my abdomen and up to my shoulders, sometimes my hair on the back of my head and my toes would curl up. Hard to describe or analyze. I was loving it though. I breathing increased to deep rapid breathing, and then moaning leading to yelling out while clutching a pillow.

    Each new scene brought on an increase in intensity.

    I then tried something new, I pulled the Helix out and took a short break, using the time to relube it. I could feel my prostate pulsing and craving more stimulation. When I reinserted it I got a huge blast of pleasure causing me to cry out. yell at the top of my voice from the blast of extreme pleasure radiating through my entire body. How could it get any better than this.

    With that I began thinking about the Vice on the shelf in my closet. I wonder if that would be better yet? So I got up and got it. I wondered if I would have trouble inserting it as I had in the past but it might be worth a try. After lubing it generously, I slowing begain inserting it. The anticipation of this large device up my ass was exciting. It initially caused some discomfort, but I persisted in lightly pushing it in place. Once the large head was in the rest popped in place. Instantly another spectacular surge of pleasure erupted throughout my body. The feeling of the Vice was entirely different. softer, fuller, but extremely good.

    I spend the next hour and a half with the video, changing from the Helix to the Vice ocasionally, enjoying the intense pleasure obtained from both.

    What an afternoon! I think possibly the finest sexual experience I have ever had. I wish I had better use of the English language so I could better describe it. The whole Aneros experience is amazing and I look forward to the next.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145

    Your English is great! When you used the Vice, did you turn on the vibrator or not?
  • dingding
    Posts: 16
    I did try the vibrator experiencing all the settings. It seems to take away from my relaxation and focusing on sensations. I have recently been using the Vice by itself with no vibrator. I like the feel of the Vice and I am thinking later I will introduce the vibrator. Not sure. Every session seems different and very good in its own way. Yesterday I received the relaxation CD from HIH. I am looking forward to having a session with it but we have a house full of visitors for the holiday. This Aneros journey is becomming addictive to me. My prostate has become so sensitive that I have P-waves continually through the day, while sitting, driving my car, etc. Who would have ever thought?