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  • can anyone help me
    ive been searching the internet for the past couple of days and just cant find a video tutorial for using the aneros
    since noticing the aneros online and looking into it abit ive been very interested in getting one however would love to see a video tutorial 1st
    every link i see on google just take me to a random porn site where almost every time i get a video pop up of a man with his cock in his hand and a aneros in his backside and nothing that even comes close to a tutorial
    any help would be greatly appreciated
    thanks :)
  • Hello, geekay, and welcome to the forum.

    Yes, almost without exception, the stuff you find by such searches is GARBAGE. I'm sorry you didn't ask first, here. So, let me help.

    First, welcome to the forum. You'll find a caring and open fraternity here that only wants to help and encourage you. All of us have been where you, so no shame in that, for sure. You'll soon get a welcome email from our brother, rumel, with lots of information and good stuff about the forum and the other features of the website. He'll also point you in the right direction to get going on your own Aneros journey. In my opinion, by the way, if you're going to buy one, and I hope you do, I suggest that you purchase a HELIX model as a first Aneros model...most of us have two or more.

    OK. Videos. I can recommend the following:

    First are those made by member Goldenboyuk, and you can see his offering here. I apologize for the ugly crap around the video on Xtube but what are ya gonna do.

    The second I was going to recommend is by our member Arctic Wolves, but for some reason his vid has been removed from Xtube. Sorry 'bout was very good.

    Both of these guys understand the nature of Aneros use. It's not about sex, nor is it a gay vs straight thing. It's about expanding your mind, developing your senses, and leading you to the world of multiple male orgasms, or MMOs as we call them, which have been heretofore only the province of our sisters.

    Enjoy their forthright style and enjoyment of their Aneros massagers.

    Good luck, geekay, and enjoy your journey.

  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90
    Not exactly a tutorial, but I wouldn't mind her helping me out. Lite (BETA) - Porn
  • enigma this is a great video!

    look for videos here, join the group too:
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    yes, that "live action" instructional video with a very sexy woman is pretty great.

    the best thing is that the instructional info is quite helpful. a caveat is that there is more to be learned about the aneros, and the video gives the misimpression that following the instructions will lead to immediate responsiveness, which we all know is rarely the case. (it is not clear if the guy is really having orgasms or is.... faking a bit).

    i'll add this to my collection in the video club

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    Also, I just read that YouPorn got sued for illegal History snooping of people who access their site. Don't know if it matters to anyone, just thought you'd like to know. The article can be found here:

    YouPorn Sued for Browser History Sniffing, Wired Named in Tracking Scandal | ZDNet
  • RogerTRogerT
    Posts: 79
    [QUOTE=Badger;93280]Also, I just read that YouPorn got sued for illegal History snooping of people who access their site. Don't know if it matters to anyone, just thought you'd like to know. The article can be found here:

    YouPorn Sued for Browser History Sniffing, Wired Named in Tracking Scandal | ZDNet

    That's why I always surf using either the Google Chrome Incognito mode or FireFox Private Browsing mode. Nobody is going to snoop on me. :-)
  • I watch the video and also others but unfortunately had no luck as the stars in the video. I will keep trying.
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    Well, she decided to finish him off which that has been a point of discussion as to finish session with Masturbation I also thought he may have faked the prostate orgasm. Not much "action" on that part. Also as an observance, his cock was rather small flaccid but was a nice size after the BJ. Goes to show..............
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Hello geekay & welcome!

    Cockadoodle's suggestions are spot-on for where you are right now. I'd offer three additional resources:

    1. Read rumel's personal message when you get it. Inside that message will be a link for tips on using this forum. Good "on-ramp" for beginners. Bookmark it for reference now and in the future. --- great path to follow.
    2. Access the Aneros "WIKI" via the link at the top of this page. Familiarize yourself with the "Getting Started" section. That builds upon the brief instructions that are on or inside the package containing your new Aneros. Closest thing you'll find to a tutorial.
    3. Join other members in our weekend Chat sessions. To find the time of future chat sessions, click on the "CHAT" link at the top of this page. This Chat system allows for private (1:1) conversations. Available when Chat is open and you feel a need to converse, in-depth, on a specific point or technique.
    The above resources are far more complete and comprehensive than anything you'll learn from any of the available videos. We want you to build your own sessions, based on your own feelings. Not clone the moves and thoughts of another man. We know that won't work.

    While we can provide tips about what's worked well for us and what's led us up blind alleys or dead end roads, it will be your own session and the rewards will be yours. This isn't a cookie cutter activity where one-size-fits-all.

    Unless you've got a collection of other anal pleasuring gear and lube, the "starter pack" in the Aneros store provides most of what you'll need save for a towel and a quiet place to lie down and relax.

    If you have more questions, wish more details or suggestions, post here. We're here to help.