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After a year with no super-O, I discovered something was wrong with my brain.
  • I was diagnosed ADHD Inattentive Type four months ago. I realized that something was wrong with me as I continued to struggle in my career and in life in a way that others didn’t. I knew I was different, but didn’t think something was wrong.

    Once I was prescribed medication, I was really anxious to try the Aneros of all things, to see if I could have a different experience. The medication really helped clear my head so that I could focus on the feelings the Aneros was generating, instead of a constant rapid river of thoughts like usual. I’m an INTP for you Myers-Briggs/Jung fans out there. This means I’m a thinker. As soon as some pleasure would hit, I would start thinking and analyzing the feeling, which always caused the feeling to then stop. Before the medication, I only had P-waves, they were strong, but no orgasm feeling. After the meds, I could now seem to have mildly pleasurable mini-O’s. This was a big breakthrough for me!

    Something was wrong though… a few months, and I literally saw no progress. In fact, I kept having the exact same experience, in that my mini-O’s were becoming boring and predictable. This is nothing like what I thought the Aneros experience was supposed to be like. I’m getting more and more frustrated that I am not progressing, even after long periods of not being frustrated.

    Then, something happened to me. Something started changing. For about a week, I was confused with some improvements. I started having more epiphanies about my own life. My head started feeling clearer, and clearer. My ADHD medication started making me irritated, like I wanted to take less of it, and just didn’t need it as much. One morning I wake up, look around the room, and realize I had about 80% focus and clear mind without having taken my medication at all! What is going on!

    I frantically analyzed my last month of behavior trying to figure out why I seem to be getting better from my ADHD after being this way my entire life of 32 years. Finally it hit me! About 3 weeks prior, my wife started taking liquid Calciferol, which is pure ultra-high-potency Vitamin D-3. I jumped on that bandwagon, and decided to take 10,000 IU’s a day just to see what happened. She had a severe deficiency and after I read that if you don’t eat a lot of fish/mushrooms and drink milk, or go outside much, then you aren’t sourcing D from anywhere. I jumped online and started searching for Vit D deficiency symptoms, and being depressed and drained of energy was there, but not inattentive ADHD.

    I begin researching ADHD more intensely and found that I actually have a very specific form called SCT, which is Slow Cognitive Tempo. Eureka! This explains everything, my lethargy in school, inability to focus, poor handwriting skills, poor language skills, social anxiety, difficulty understanding people speaking yet incredible hearing ability. People with ADHD-SCT require substantially less stimulants (Dextroanphetamine) than any other form… because it’s not even really ADHD and the next DSM-V handbook has been proposed to list it as an entirely separate disorder!

    I was born allergic to milk, so no breast feeding. My mother was homeless and I wasn’t fed properly. When I was 5, I got an Atari 400 computer and started playing and programming. I spent 95% of my life indoors, on a computer or otherwise. I didn’t eat fish. I never drank milk. I was severely D deficient my whole life, and no one knew.

    Note, just because I had SCT and was deficient like this doesn’t mean I was “dumb”. I started and sold two computer technology companies with the disorder… What it means is that your “super computer” brain in the back is being controlled by a very slow bogged down “terminal” up front. The slow prefrontal cortex can’t process information quickly from either your outside world, or your inside world. You can imagine how this would dramatically affect an Aneros’s ability to bring pleasure correctly. SCT means you can’t process much at one time. I could feel the Aneros, but then the pleasure would stop. I could feel the pleasure, but then after a few moments I would have to think something, and the act of thinking is taking input from my internal world, which means then external input STOPS. I can really only think about, or access part of my reality at one time.

    For some reason, the vitamin D drops changed everything. Now I can hear, and feel, and think at the same time. I took a walk around the neighborhood and saw colors and heard sounds with a clarity like never before.

    Then I realized… I need to try the Aneros now. HOLY COW. This changes everything. I can feel the pleasure building.. I can put myself outside my head and thoughts, use my shadow-function myerr-brigg as if I were an ISFP instead of INTP and FEEL…. FEEL. FEEL. Body is shaking “OH WOW I am thinking, and oh body is stoping shaking, start FEELING AGAIN”… then I start feeling, and my body begins shaking again. I realize I am consciously OUTISDE my body observing it, something that I wasn’t even aware humans could do before the vitamin D drops only days ago when they started kicking in… Shaking shaking, pleasure… wow… I am getting too excited and eventually my heart is racing and i’m just too happy by all of this to even allow anything more to continue… I pull out the Aneros and I feel like running around the world.

    ADHD Slow Cognitive Tempo’s effects on a person are very similar to some that of Vit D deficiency. If you are suffering from any Inattentive Form of ADHD that includes sluggishness, I highly recommend you get your Vitamin D tested as it could change your life. It sure has mine. I am happy to answer any questions about any of this.

    I’m going to try another session now. :-).
  • TLDR; Vitamin D-3 enabled me to have super-orgasms, without it I thought I was ADHD and couldn't super-O...
  • Congrats on finding progress! Your story sounds a bit like mine. I test as an INTP as well, though as a teenager my results were INFP. I get very good IQ test scores, but did horribly in school because it is difficult for me to focus on things that are not highly stimulating for any length of time. Unsurprisingly, it took a very long time before I started getting great results from the Aneros.

    10,000 IU a day of Vitamin D does wonders for my sense of mental clarity as well. There are a few other things I have tried which you may also find useful. One is Dual N-Back training, a computer-based mental exercise invented a few years ago that taxes your working memory and focus. There is a free program called Brain Workshop that implements this. Also, meditation and yoga are excellent at training your attention to return to an object of sensory focus when it wanders. I specifically have found the Ashtanga style works great for me because it is so physically demanding that it demands focus. It also includes pelvic floor exercises throughout, quite a nice perk. After years of mediocre results, these things and cleaning up my diet got me on track.

    Enjoy the orgasms!
  • wow jackfrost, that's amazing!

    I recently turned my diet around and have started taking liquid D3, so this is a really exciting thread to read! :)

    I'm so happy for you. It must feel great to have a whole new way of existing opened up to you. Have fun!

  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Is there a specific product one of you might recommend for getting Vitamin D?
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    This is an extremely important thread. Vitamin D deficiency is now being recognized as existing at nearly epidemic levels throughout the world, because modern humans wear clothes and no longer stay out in the sunlight all day, and most of us live much farther north than our early ancestors.
    Vitamin D is actually a hormone. Every cell in the body has receptors for it, and it is involved in nearly every metabolic function. I highly recommend a lecture from U. of California TV, available on YouTube:
    YouTube - Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases
    It’s an hour long, but well worth the time.

    Korkelz: Too much D can be toxic, and I would be wary of taking as much as Kraytwerk is taking for a prolonged period. From my reading I would say that 1000 or 2000 IU a day of D3 is a sufficient and safe dose. (The body is able to discard excessive D produced by sunlight in the skin, but is not able to get rid of excess D taken as a supplement.)
  • Im glad to hear this is working for you. However, 10,000 UIs is EXTREME overuse of D. This can lead to unhealthy complications related to the Heart. Keep doing what you are doing man, but tone it down. I would say use no more than 1000 UIs a Day.


  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    According to the video, it's very difficult to overdose on Vitamin D, so 10,000 UIs is fine. He recommends at LEAST 1,000 UIs.
  • I am not a doctor. With that out of the way, 10,000 IU may indeed sound like a lot given the US RDA is only 400 IU, but it is generally accepted that 15 minutes of direct midday sun exposure generates around 10,000 IU. We all have different skin pigments and get different levels of sun exposure. I personally have fairly dark skin and live like a mole. Sensitivity to oral vitamin D varies wildly, so the best thing to do would be to ask your doctor to test your levels so your dose can be adjusted to hit your target. In some people 1,000 IU could be adequate, and I have even heard of people for whom 10,000 IU is just barely enough to creep over the line to sufficient.

    The video linked to by Woodsman is quite informative and I would recommend watching it as well as this one also from a University of California lecturer who suggests a safe upper limit of 10,000 IU per day, as a study he references found no cases of toxicity under 30,000 IU a day over long periods. Interestingly, the 12-week 25-person study referenced in the earlier lecture by Dr. Holick showed 1,000 UI per day in winter was not enough to raise levels to sufficient in any of the participants.

    The most potent supplement I've been able to find at my local grocery store is 1,000 IU per pill, which could mean a lot of pills. It's also not very cost efficient. NOW foods makes a 5,000 IU, which I take now, and Superior Source makes a 10,000 IU dose. However, I feel it would be better if we all just walked around naked all the time, so that's what I will start doing - once the rest of humanity starts doing it :)