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Test run with the Vice
  • My Vice arrived in the mail today and I was eager to take it out for a quickie. Here are my initial impressions.

    The Vice looks quite similar to my Progasm, with the obvious difference of the head being pulled back to less of an angle than the Progasm. Initial insertion was alot easier due to the fact that the material allows for alot of give. Without the bullet inserted it is really quite flexible. With the bullet it is not so flexible, but still spongy.

    With my Progasm, I like to bear down on it, and then draw it back in. Due to the difference in shape of the Vice, I noticed that if I push down on it the Vice will start to eject itself. The Vice feels notably different inside than the Progasm.

    I briefly played with all the vibration modes of the bullet. Unfortunately, every mode takes the vibration up to a very fast frequency, which for me is too fast. The most stimulating mode, for me, was one where the bullet held a low rumble for a moment before accelerating to full frequency. I found myself wishing that I could stay with it in the low rumble mode because it felt so good! After about 20 cycles up to the full frequency I could feel that I was getting a bit desensitized and turned the vibrator off. I was glad to see that I regained full feeling of the Vice after about 3 minutes of turning off the vibrator.

    I should also add that the soft material makes sitting on the Vice feel very nice. However, the sponginess makes contact with the prostate feel a bit less "electric" if that makes any sense. Just my opinion.

    I've only played with the Vice for about 30 minutes. Who knows what usage patterns I will eventually settle into, so it's way too early to pretend I can "review" this thing. I just thought I would share the info for anyone looking for an early field report on the new device outside of what has already been posted.

    I hope that new bullets will be offered in the future that will give the option of running it at a nice lowfrequency. In fact, I am looking forward to the battery draining a bit to see how that goes!

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,099

    I agree, I too would like to see a lower rev mode for the vibrator. Perhaps that's something that HIH may make available down the line. In the meantime you might try pulling the vibrator about half way out of the massager. (On mine it fits pretty snugly, so it seems to stay in that position with no problem). This makes the vibration slightly less prostate focused and more anally focused.

    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks BMayfield:

    That is a great idea. I look forward to trying that out. Made me think of sticking that bullet into the backend of a fleshlight as well. Who knows?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi Guys,

    I received my early Christmas present yesterday - a new Aneros VICE massager. Here are my early impressions.

    It is pretty obvious, just from the unique packaging scheme, this is definitely upscale packaging for an upscale product, classy and appropriate, sensual and simple. This is a perfect package for a wife to give to her husband as an Anniversary, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day or whatever day present. It's also a great present for a man to give to himself. The red cardboard display box even has magnetic catches to hold the lid flap in place.

    I did of course excitedly open the packaging to check out this newest massager and the vibrator. Upon initial inspection the feel and quality of the silicone massager is wonderful. I ran my fingers over all the curves and didn't detect any flaws or seam lines, which is great. The matte surface has a silky smooth finish, which has a natural, organic, sensual feel unlike the hard plastic of their other massagers. This silicone formulation is firmer than the squishy soft silicones encountered in other sex toys. IMHO, it strikes a good balance between appropriate stiffness and comfortable flexibility. On initial inspection, I noticed a somewhat acute prominent ridge line running along the anterior and posterior sides near the base where the anal sphincter muscles will compress it. I was concerned this might lead to some soreness similar to that which I had experienced from being a bit stretched by the Progasm's thick base, fortunately that is not the case here. The inherent flexibility of this material makes it very comfortable and even after a 2 hour session with it, I did not feel anywhere near the soreness I would have experienced with my Progasm.

    The vibrator is a real gem! It feels, looks and performs as a quality engineered item, this is the BMW of small vibrators. I absolutely love the fact it has multiple vibration settings. I was testing it out in my hands and marveled at the quietness and powerfulness it possessed, great job on this. I could see the potential to use this exact vibe in re-engineered versions of the Progasm or Maximus, plus whatever future versions of 'V' series devices Dr. T designs. The choice of using a standard AAA battery versus some odd rare type is absolutely sound judgment. I am curious however why the recommendation against rechargeable batteries? In the interest of employing more energy efficient technologies as well as reducing production of toxic waste products, what might need to be changed to allow the use of 'rechargeable' batteries? Better yet, perhaps future versions could incorporate built-in rechargeable batteries like those used in cordless toothbrushes. While I did enjoy the power and variations of this vibrator, I concur with 'Abulafia' about the duration of the frequency needing to be longer, the cycle time between peaks should be extended (at least doubled, IMO). After about 5 minutes on each setting I could feel myself becoming desensitized and needing to switch the pattern. A future version with a user controlled variable intensity, variable frequency and random pattern of settings would be ideal. What is really nice here though is the VICE feels great even with the vibrator off, it is very comfortable, I may be giving this model my full attention in the upcoming weeks.

    I agree with 'BF Mayfield' and the manufacturer, this model in vibration mode is not appropriate for newbie users. The strength of the vibrations can easily mask the low intensity, subtle sensations generated by ones prostate to such an extent as to interfere with the re-wiring process and actually retard the necessary learning steps. However, that being said, long time 'grinders' who have, heretofore, not progressed well may find the occasional added stimulation helpful in maintaining their interest and desire for continuing the learning process. For others, who are not focused on obtaining Super-O's, the use of the 'VICE' is likely to produce some rather profound Super-T's. All in all, the 'VICE' is a great new product from Aneros and one veteran users are likely to enjoy for years to come!
  • Rumel,

    You bring up an interesting point regarding the rewiring process. I, myself, am a newbie and am concerned about interfering with the rewiring process (having not yet achieved a Super-O, but still making exciting progress). For the purpose of throwing in an anecdotal data point, I will say that I had my best session to date with my MGX this morning, about 14 hours after my first test with the Vice. I plan to be mindful of any obvious steps back, and am very interested in hearing any other newbie experience reports on the Vice. Who knows, maybe the VIce will accelerate the process?

    Regarding the vibrator, I can only hope that the future of these things involves Bluetooth/WiFi or other input modes for custom software. How great would it be to create your own vibration courses?

    Just a thought,
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,321
    A good low frequency vibrator is the bullet sold on this site. It is adjustable from low to high. The only setting that works for me is the lowest, and this is the only vibrator I have ever had luck with, all others being too high frequency. I do very much enjoy using it, mostly over blankets and held on my frenulum. It can drive me crazy. I was glad to hear that the Vice had a patterned vibrator. But I was hoping it was variable within low frequencies, with very slow and subtle build ups (and even pauses). I guess we'll need to hear more reviews.

  • I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. You mention pulling the vibrator partially out of the Vice. Have you tried inserting it "backwards" into the Vice? Seems to me that doing so would decrease the impact on the prostate.
  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90
    I have only used my Vice once so this is not a proper review.
    Insertion was slightly easier than the Progasm, just laid still without vibe for about 15 mins, inserted vibe, went through the four modes I liked the second one the best, had some very nice waves from prostate, finished off by hand only a few strokes to ejaculate, felt very good.
    Unlike others here I liked the vibe.
    If you were to insert vibe backwards you can't turn it on and off or scroll through the modes.
    Re Brians review, on the subject of lube I used Maximus and had it in for about 45 mins in total, and when I took it out the head part was completely dry as if it had absorbed the lube.
  • Just got mine today. Gave it a quick whirl. Never had used a vibe before and the stimulation was very intense and pleasurable.... at first. Then I became quite desensitized. I enjoyed using it and quickly achieved a "Super-T" doing so. However, I would not suggest using this to try and achieve a super orgasm if one hasnt already. I felt it numbing down the sensations. However, by itself its a completely different story. Without the vibe the Vice feels fantastic, and is quite a perfect fit. I found the progasm to be too much for me to handle and would often experience pain with use. The vice however (at least with my first effort) felt quite snug and comfortable.

    Would definitely recommend this to those that want to have some great super Ts and those that want something bigger that couldn't quite handle the progasm.

    I'll update as I use it more, as this is not a proper review, and just initial impressions.
  • Well, this seems as good a thread as any to fill with vice impressions so here are my straight forward impressions:

    -Very light compared to progasm. I like this a lot but it may be a turn off for some.
    -Very strong vibrator and surprisingly seamless and compact considering there are multiple settings.
    -Have yet to go numb from vibrations, although my body does still adapt and the vibration sensations weaken, although not the sensation of the aneros itself.
    -Feels great even without any movement or manual concentration.
    -A box! This needs to become a standard!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,787
    Vice -- quick & dirty look 1+05 w/41 min of continous vibe

    Done with poor prep and questionable lube. Most of the vibe time was spent with the vibe pulled out about 1.5" Tried vibe in modes 1,2,& 3.

    ++ Easy Insertion ("bloops" into place)
    ++ Easy removal
    ++ Stayed in place regardless of posture or when walking
    ++ Ability to change lateral stiffness of stem by sliding vibe in or out
    ++ Far greater in-canal agility than with Progasm (moved with my breathing)
    ++ Lateral flexibility grants some brand-new moves, postitions and postures
    ++ Long battery life
    ++ Very low specific heat and thermal conductivity -- Adapts to body temp very rapidly
    ++ Some vibe modes grant breathing driven intermittent sensations reminescent of the "Eupho Dance."
    -- vibe cylinder could use some knurling to improve grasp
    (fix: wrap a textured band-aid around the cylinder)
    -- extended period of vibe seemed to trigger sigmoid peristalsis
    (note: I'd bm'ed but hadn't douched or taken an enema)
    -- Full insertion of mode 1 vibe took a turn toward a wet-O (something that I rarely experience).
    -- Mild initial discomfort from bulk of stem (base). Seemed to go away within 20 minutes.

    Whole new ballgame. Some old moves don't seem to do much. took awhile to get used to the lateral bulk & softness of the p-tab -- brings gluts into play.

    Positioning to gain very light p-tab contact seems almost electrifying. Very rapid sequence of mini-Os with anal focus. Couple of nice dry-Os with ano-rectal pulsing. No Super-Os yet.

    Static balance (at 1.5" of vibe showing) seems similar to Helix. Many positions and postures appear promising. New experience is bringing the gluts into play either to move or bend the Vice or to receive vibes from the Vice. Sweeping Vice across prostate with little contact pressure provides amazing shifts in sensation and generation of p-waves.

    In contrast to Progasm, very responsive to flexing of abs and breathing --
  • fmc321fmc321
    Posts: 3
    Wow! Helix and progasm user here. Tried the vice tonight....what a joy! Simple slide in. Relaxed for 10 minutes which felt amazing with the many p-waves. Once the vibe was turned on, it was over. Favorite is the first setting. For the first time, multiple extended orgasms. After an hour or so, wife finished me off. Just amazing. Vice fits well, I am only 5'6", helix is nice but not enough on the prostate, progasm is satisfying, but sometimes hurts....vice (after the first time), just right. More details to follow!