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Estim and aneros usage
  • lve just bought an Estim in the hopes that it might help me on my Aneros journey, as l feel lm so close to achieving that elusive goal of Super-O but somehow fall short..

    however l have read that they can be risky to use and not to use estim above the waist, which is why l decided to make this thread, lm looking for placement information in order to safely use.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,375

    There is a large group of E-Stim aficionados at, with a wealth of information surrounding E-Stim usage, however, you do have to join the membership (it's free) in order to access the website information. There have been numerous discussions there about electrifying Aneros massagers. Most of those discussions revolve around homemade devices. E-Stim equipment is mentioned in the Aneros WIKI and in several threads in the Forum such as Electrosex and Aneros. (Try doing a search using "estim" or "e-stim" as keywords to find others.) There is a product called the The Slightest Touch which is an e-stim device originally designed for women but has also been used by men. The makers of that product produced a short user manual for men's usage/guidance. 'B Mayfield' was a contributor to that manual and he also wrote a post (I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC...) regarding its use. Here's a link to that .pdf file. In an older thread this commercially available item - The Electrify It Kit shows the use of the Aneros Maximus in an electrified condition.

    Please take proper safety precautions when utilizing E-Stim equipment!
  • l managed to find the pdf file you posted, and altho l didnt fork out for the slightest touch l managed to find a cheaper model.. ld rather test something cheaper to see if l get results which does the same thing than waste money on something that might not work for me.

    so l purchased: Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit - Fetish Fantasy Series - Uber Kinky

    the assumption is following recommendations on the pdf file and see if it helps before going for a better model as lve tried allot of things but have been unable to find a way to get past the roadblock lm currently experiencing after a year of trying.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,375

    In the interest of safety, I would recommend you not place the electro-conductive pads on the nipples or anywhere near the heart. The illustrated pad positioning on the woman in that catalog runs contrary to all of the information I have read regarding pad placements. It only takes one mistake when dealing with electricity to induce a fatal heart event. Please do a lot of reading regarding safe E-stim practices. We don't want your first Super-O to be your last one!
  • to be honest l took that image on the site with a pinch of salt after all the reading l have done it seems to contradict as you stated.. in essence l was just looking for placement information which the pdf file seemed to indicate.. considering it comes with 4 pads and gives some indication they can all be used l may try the suggestion of backs of knees and and lower back as it mentions in the pdf file.. however l will see what happens and play around with the suggested placement suggestions while keeping below the belt..
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Not to be a wet blanket but it has to be said that E-stim is not recommended nor endorsed by the manufacturer of the Aneros for use with their products. The information that you'll find in this and other forums on this topic is strictly user generated. If you're looking for something to push you over the edge, there is some possibility that E-stim might do it. But from my communications with many users on this I've come to the conclusion that more often than not, E-stim is not the answer. When used properly it can subtly amplify arousal and facilitate a Super O. However, it seems that many E-stimmers are not content to leave it at that and figuring that more is better, wind up overstimulating themselves. Keep in mind that at a certain point transcutaneously applied electrical current ceases to be stimulating and is actually desensitizing. This is after all the underlying principle of TENS units used by physical therapists for pain management.

    As Rumel mentioned I had written a primer on a device called the Slightest Touch some years ago which I found helpful in amplifying arousal. I'm sorry to say that it appears that company may no longer be in business. While their website is still up, I have received emails from fellow Aneros users that they are not fulfilling orders at this time. I will keep everyone apprised if I have any updates . In the meantime I'm glad to hear that you have ordered a product that you're happy with. Just don't overdo it! If you're on the multi-orgasmic path, remember, less is more. Stay with sub-threshold and stay safe.....keep it below the belt!

    BF Mayfield
  • indeed, thats my intention hence the post.. just wanted to be sure on placement as a more expensive unit could be pointless if a cheaper one doesnt help much so its more l didnt want to waste money on something that might not help.
  • Auroken,

    Try this link and read the article. It's VERY good and recommends and illustrates proper placement of electrodes for guys.

    I have a ST unit and I find it very good...all by itself. I don't find that it's all that enhancing when coupled with Aneros use. I like to put one pad behind my left knee and the other on my inside right thigh not far from my scrotum...nice.

    Try it.