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Dynamic Arousal
  • An idea I had today:

    I have been working on my flexibility for a few months now. I spent 30-60 minutes stretching most days for about 2 months with little to show for it. I then purchased a book called Stretching Scientifically that said that static stretching is not the way to gain flexibility. Dynamic stretches are far superior. Further, he says to stretch first thing in the morning because most rigidity is caused neurologically, not musculoskeletally. By opening up your neurological flexibility early in the day, you are able to access a greater range of flexibility throughout the day.

    By doing dynamic stretches and isometric stretches I was able to make gains in one week that far far exceeded my gains I'd made in the previous 2 months.

    Dynamic stretching trains the brain to allow muscles to relax and stretch, it drastically increases the level of flexibility attainable when the subject is not warmed up. The stretching sessions only take 15 minutes(ish) and you can do them a few times throughout the day.

    Static stretching takes a lot of time with little result and creates a neurological barrier that creates a plateau, and requires the subject to warm up and slowly ease into their level achieved flexibility.

    So then I was thinking about my KS and other arousal practices. It seems very very similar in nature to the static stretches I had previously been doing. I also noticed that when I am going about my day and I do one quick KS I can feel a very faint wave flush down my body. What if along with having one arousal practice a day, I did mini practices throughout the day. Lasting, say 1 minute. Wouldn't that train my body to get into "arousal mode" and make me more prone to ecstatic feelings?

    What're your thoughts Darwin? Mayfield? Anyone else that is a "veteran" so to speak...

    Unless there is a really good reason not to use this approach coupled with the longer sessions most people on here do, I'm going to start it.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335

    go for it, and give us a report.

    how about also briefly describing your dynamic stretching. i wonder if a more stretched and relaxed body will be more erotically responsive.

  • Dynamic stretching is using your body in a broadening range of motion. It doesn't feel much like "traditional stretching" It's a little hard to describe the actual stretches I'm doing but here is a page that has a lot of different useful dynamic stretches.
    Dynamic Stretching Exercises | The Ultimate Dynamic Stretching Exercises
    I'm mainly working on opening up my groin but it works for anything.
    I'll keep you guys posted.

    P.S. If you want to dramatically increase your flexibility I think Stretching Scientifically by Thomas Kurz is a must read. And it's relatively cheap at $7ish dollars after shipping Used and New: Stretching Scientifically: A Guide to Flexibility Training