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Is this a Super A? :)
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    OHHHH MY GOD! Someone please tell me what's going on! Things started to pick up after a sexy evening with my wife stimulating me for quite some time. I was highly aroused. Afterwards I slipped the aneros MGX in and it made some cum/pre-cum/stuff flow out (probably because nothing came out during sex). Keep in mind I I've had little success with the Aneros. So anyway, used the aneros for 30 mins, didn't really feel anything.

    So after using supple nips for 30 mins, taking it off, and waiting a little while, I got the idea to use the *nips* (brushing the soft outer flaps across my nipples) to stimulate myself (after applying plenty of chapstick). It started to feel really good and I quickly became hard. I then noticed that the head of my cock was fully inflated as if someone was squeezing the base of it. Along with this, I was feeling the constant throbbing of the need to ejaculate and the feeling was getting more and more powerful! So in effect, it was as if I was floating in the moment of a pre-wet-orgasm phase. Very awesome!

    I had to stop (wife got upset seeing me pleasing myself, don't worry, we're working out our issues!) I wanted to make her feel better so I hopped onto her back to give her a massage, but it was very difficult to focus because I had extreme arousal and constant erections (softening then hardening again). I was trying to do my best to ignore the powerful sensations I was feeling everywhere and focus on the massage, but even the slightest brush against the tip (from my wife's panty for example) would send P-waves shooting throughout my body. Once, I experienced some kind of powerful involuntary abdominal contraction (like pushing out / inverse kegel). I couldn't help but spontaneously moan, so I had to discontinue the massage and we fell asleep together.

    What is this, some kind of Super A ( super arousal? ) Hopefully "A" isn't being taken up by another word?

    Edit: This is a reposting and re-edit of another thread I just deleted, hopefully will focus the topic and make it easier to receive feedback on my experience, thank you!
  • Good day to you, Korkelz, Well, you've been around long enough that I don't think I have to explain Aneros to you. You've likely been all over the website and read posts by lots of guys. You know we're all wired differently, and that each of us has his own journey.

    So why are you surprised or even asking this question? This is a normal and reasonable response to prostate stimulation and you're wondering what's going on? Of course it's an arousal state, mate. You're getting there, man, so don't be fuckin' it up by stopping or letting wifey get jealous.

    Next time you're aroused like this, especially if you have a nice erection, to boot, roll onto your back, just relax, leave your penis alone (no manual or wifely stimulation, now) and just let the pleasure sensations rise. Man, you're in for a ride, I think, so don't screw it up (literally). Allow your prostate massage to stimulate your arousal and your response. Relax, and let it come to can't push it. Just enjoy each or every level of excitement. Your wife can give you a little nipple stimulation, man that's HOT, and you can just take the time to let Aneros work. Explain to her that this will just make your lovemaking better, and she should respond positively to that...she's been (hopefully) enjoying multiple orgasms, so tell her that you just want a little of what she's getting.

    There is, in our parlance, no Super A, Korkelz, but rather P-waves are what you're enjoy.

    Let this all grow, let the wife in on your enjoyment and continue on your Aneros journey. It's quite a trip.

  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Thanks for setting me straight, Cockadoodle! I'm just having fun with the "Super A" thing, but joking aside, I actually gave myself a wet orgasm a few days ago (I was just being careless) which I believe was pointless, I just felt like I was releasing all that precious sexual energy that has taken months to build up... well, I say months because the last time I felt like I was getting somewhere with Dry Os was that long ago. While it lasted much longer than normal wet-o and was at least three times as wet, it was nothing compared my prior experience even though I didn't even have a dry-o. Then I was really disappointed after having a wet orgasm during sex which I did my absolute best to hold back... but I think I made a mistake there; I squeezed the PC muscle until the feeling of orgasm subsided, but then I didn't attempt to hold the squeeze to stop involuntary contractions.

    Man, I've never been so angry to have a penis. The experience I had prior was such a beautiful experience, I've never felt more satisfied to be me; exactly what I've been hoping to experience for a long time, and better than the best sex dream I've ever had. But then I have a wet orgasm and I feel like I've fallen off a cliff that took me months to climb. I was quite angry with the universe.

    You'll probably read this and think "cry baby!" but it's good to get stuff out through writing it down. After all, I couldn't tell my wife that I was angry to have an orgasm, that would do damage to our sex life for sure.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Ok, double post, but... I think I haven't been reading between the lines.

    #1 - Shoving off aneros success (having cum flow out) by blaming it on lack of cum during sex
    #2 - Feeling awesome P-waves and thinking it was just based solely on nip stim and not prostate stim

    Technical Question! This morning I was feeling some good P-waves, but also I felt lots of penile sensations, not much in the prostate area. I felt like I was going to burst at one point (now I feel bad for complaining!). Are these penile sensations (without stimulation) considered P-waves as well?

    Question about shaking! For the first time I felt like I was having those involuntary shakes that everyone talks about. Sometimes I felt like it was triggered based on some need to stretch my body (like before a yawn), other times I just shook for few moments. But also, whenever I've experiencing pleasure like this, I always feel like I need to stretch out. What would you describe is the actual sign of those involuntary shakes? And what is this "somewhat-frequent" feeling of a need to stretch out?

    Edit: And a tip for those who are reading this. READ READ READ! Read all the posts you can find on experiences with Aneros use, especially super O experiences. It's amazing what tiny bits of information that might mean nothing to you at one point will clarify things in the future. I have had so many "Ah!" moments, it's crazy.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    It seems to me you are falling into a typical mental trap we males are prone to doing - 'over ANALyzing' - :)

    Given the fact we experience many types and intensities of bodily sensations, the demarcation point between pleasure and pain is indefinite along this spectrum. It is a variable point subjective to numerous parameters at any given point in time. Penile sensations, likewise, may be considered P-waves or maybe not, it is your subjective evaluation of the circumstances surrounding their generation which determines.

    Involuntary large muscle spasms (shakes) may or may not be a typical response pattern for YOU, Echo Effects may or may not be a typical response pattern for YOU. Muscles experiencing contraction are experiencing tension, stretching is a way for muscles to relax and dissipate the tension. Your "...feeling of a need to stretch out" may simply be your body telling you to relax so you can more fully enjoy the experience.

    I agree with you about reading extensively the resources available here, however, I say that with the following caveat. While reading from the Testimonials Forum and the My First Super Orgasm... thread are interesting and somewhat helpful reads, there is a lot of hyperbole in those posts. They may give a distorted impression of the process many of those men have gone through to reach their level of pleasures. In one's early learning period, I think you are better served by reading the topics suggested in in the New to the Forums? thread first.
  • Sounds like he is simply shocked at the intensity and wonderful strangeness associated with some good Aneros use to me.

    If other male experiences are any guide, this will soon become wonderfully normal for you and the shock will give way to awe. I think the extra arousal you are getting while using this with your wife is likely the “culprit” here. I know it makes a huge difference in my arousal levels when I have my Aneros in. My wife actually has commented several times on how much “bigger” or “harder” I was on the rare occasion I have worn it with her. (I have to “sneak” my Aneros into love making sessions with my wife, so consider your self lucky!)

  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Hmm... seems to be a recurring pattern for me. I get somewhere I've never gotten to in terms of a potential for a dry-o, then I have a normal orgasm and it takes weeks or even months to experience something like this again. Maybe it's because I am not holding off on normal orgasms long enough. But this time, I'm doing a very good job of not having one. Hopefully months should shorten to weeks; hope I experience something good soon. Then again, I've never really felt anything at the *time* of using the Aneros MGX. Good news is I just ordered a progasm! I'm excited for that.

    Anyone else have this experience of taking weeks or months to climb a sexual mountain only to fall to the bottom right after experiencing something great?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807

    Trying to "diagnose" someone else's near-orgasmic experience is probably foolhearty. My WAG opinion is that you are beginning to differentiate ejaculation or PONR from orgasm -- that's good news! As rumel pointed out, trying to sort things out into clean cut categories at this point on the journey is difficult because so much is changing from session to session. And in this game there are few labels that really work. Just enjoy. Cherish and bless the feelings that you like and bind them to your soul.

    The stretch thing is easier for me. From square one with the Aneros I had the urge to stretch. For me it's an instinctively wired way of encouraging more penetration If some penetration feels good, more would probably better. :lol: Which usually raises the question, "were we born to seek penetration?" No clue and I don't sweat it.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Question... where do I fall on the scale of normality if I am feeling P-waves all night, 10 hours straight with a raging erection, and getting little to no sleep? I wasn't using the Aneros yesterday or last night. I do keep my nipples sensitive by touching them throughout the day...

    Edit: Keep in mind I know it's not exactly normal to be in bed for 10 hours. :)