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newbie question about sitting down with Aneros Helix
  • cdalecdale
    Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    Just got my Aneros Helix and have been reading the wiki and the forum to make sure I am going to use it right. Never had any prostate massage/contact so this will be a new experience.

    Have one question though that haven't been able to fine the answer to...

    Can you use the Helix sitting down on a chair? I mean is it safe, comfortable, adviseable or not.

    Reason is my GF wants to try oral with me sitting on a chair with the Helix but I thought I better ask for the expert opinion first just in case.

    It's a typical office chair (Herman Miller Aeron) that is not super padded or particularly soft.

    Any opinions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! :)

    Thanks !
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Forums,

    Regarding your Helix question, I would not recommend you try sitting using the Helix in its 'stock' form. You can probably sit safely in a well padded chair if you, first, remove the tail from the Helix. Some members have also employed inflatable seat cushion rings to allow full movement for their modified Helix (even a modified Helix will have limited movement when in contact with padded material). With this latter setup, sitting is more comfortable and since the Aneros is not in contact with anything it should be safe as well, plus it has the advantage of easy set-up and take-down. Just throw it on top the chair, cover with a towel, place a large pillow at your feet, sit down, and invite your lady friend to make her fantasy a reality.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    I think it's best - like more advisable - if you lay down on your back.
  • cdalecdale
    Posts: 2
    Hi Rumel and MyTurn,

    Thanks for the replies and helpful information.

    Yeah, you're right, better to just be on my back/side than risk an experience that might bring more pain than joy I think!

    Thanks again.
  • Hello,

    I removed the tail from my Aneros Classic long ago so I could “wear” it in public. I have always seen these “butterfly” vibrators for women that allow them to have an orgasm at work, in the car, while shopping, wherever. I thought that was not very fair and I was really envious.

    So I cut the round hook off my Classic and have worn it in public while going about my daily life. (I.E. at work)

    I see no reason why you can’t modify your own to allow you to sit in a chair more easily. In fact my modified Classic is in me right now while I am sitting in my chair typing. It is providing me some much needed and desired “P-Waves.” Sitting with it in a chair is not a problem, though you may not get the same level of stimulation as lying on your side.

    I have to giggle a bit here as I look back over my “public” use of the Aneros. No one has ever known that I had it inside me. Orgasms are controlled and require controlled thought to evoke. I can easily be in a board meeting or any other place and not give a second thought to the Aneros being inside me. I have even snuck it into a few love making sessions with my wife.

    I often wonder if there are others walking around with their modified Aneros in public. Or maybe women with one of those “underwear” butterfly vibrators. Makes for some interesting conjecture. I know I can’t be the only one, though I don’t think anyone to date has admitted to this...

    Anyway, I thought it might be occurring to you too. I mean once you modify the Aneros, you can pretty much wear it all the time if you so desire. For me, I just like the feeling of having it plugged into my back end. I can’t say that I get any “Super-O’s” in public though. (Lol, wouldn’t that be embarrassing!? Could you imagine someone convulsing? Or even if they did not move a muscle the obvious facial expressions would be there!)

    On that note, we Aneros users should come up with a secret sign that we are wearing our Aneros in public. Lol, would be a good way to find other Aneros users at the least.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling so much!

    Just take a hack saw, Dremel or what have you and cut the ring portion off. Then shape it with a file or sandpaper. Obviously you want it nice and smooth. It has not changed the sensations at all for me while using my Classic. I still have the front part that pushes on the prenium by the way. I was afraid to modify that as it seems to be necessary. When I finally get another Aneros, I will cut the prenium portion of my Classic off as well. Everyone says that will ruin it, but since no one has tried it, we can’t be sure. I suspect that this will cause the Aneros to focus much more on the sphincter. I will report back with results.