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Mystery solved?
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    As some of you may know, I have made very quick progress from Aneros dry orgasms to full-body anerosless orgasms. It's always been a mystery to me as to why I took so quickly and easily to this. Well, I just started reading "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" by Mantak Chia. This morning I read the description of an exercise intended to help one separate orgasm from ejaculation. All of a sudden, a light bulb turned on. The description of the exercise somewhat matches what I have been doing for many years. I think what I was doing would be referred to as "edging". Basically, it involved masturbating just to the point of ejaculation, then backing off. On many occasions, these sessions would last several hours and I would probably back off at least 50 times during a session. I found that the longer I lasted, the more intense the orgasm would be. In the end, I would always ejaculate and I never had anything I'd call a dry-o. But, the feelings were still very intense. On a few occasions, I was able to have hands-free wet-o's. This would happen after edging for a few hours. I would then lay down and focus my mind and push the arousal past the PONR, trying to stay as physically relaxed as possible. Sometimes, I would just barely touch my penis or even hold my hands close to it and imagine touching it. These orgasms were extremely intense in that the build-up to ejaculation would be drawn out (20 seconds as opposed to the normal 5 seconds or so). My guess is that it was this "training" that laid the foundation for what I'm experiencing now. The trigger was probably the rewiring initiated by my aneros use.

    I am now curious if other people have done the sort of intense edging I have described. If so, have you had similar anerosless/aneros success?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have that book and as much as I have tried to follow the book when it comes to sex( meaning not ejaculating) I am having trouble with that. I have however learned to practice just what you are doing only during sex with the wife. When I get the feeling like an ejaculation is looming on the horizon, I back off and try to calm it down. After doing this several times during sex, the final cumshot is a spectacular feeling.
    So I would say this works with masterbation as well as sex.
  • I have a copy of that book somewhere. I read it several years ago and you have made me curious about those techniques that I have forgotten. I will have to find it, do some tests and report back!
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    What is the technique really? Is it as simple as it sounds, just edge? I feel like I've done that plenty of times and usually I have a wet orgasm by mistake, but it's nothing spectacular, actually it's very disappointing that I lose my arousal to just a lame orgasm. When I hear about the edging technique, it's hard for me to see it ever being worth anything. What am I missing?
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    [QUOTE=Korkelz;92481]What is the technique really? Is it as simple as it sounds, just edge? I feel like I've done that plenty of times and usually I have a wet orgasm by mistake, but it's nothing spectacular, actually it's very disappointing that I lose my arousal to just a lame orgasm. When I hear about the edging technique, it's hard for me to see it ever being worth anything. What am I missing?

    No, it's not as simple as edging and I didn't mean to imply that it was. And, I'm not saying that my edging resulted in dry-o's. All I'm saying is that this training technique in Chia's book has some elements that are the same or similar as edging. I'm also theorizing that my anerosless abilities may have happened so quickly (about 5 days and three sessions after I first tried my helix) because of the edging I had done. In other words, it seems like my body was very close to separating ejaculation and orgasm and just needed one final door to be opened. On the other hand, maybe there's some other explanation as to why this happened (is happening) to me. It could be as simple as "it's the way I am". Note that I'm not bragging and I hope it doesn't come off that way. I'm just trying to make sense of my experiences and trying to see if anyone else has had something similar.

    BTW, I am enjoying this book very much and I would recommend it. You might consider getting a copy. It has a lot of useful information in it.

    At the risk of derailing this thread, I am curious about your comments on edging. Are you saying that edging did not produce better wet orgasms? If so, how much time did you spend at it? As I said, I could spend 2-3 hours at it. Sometimes I would edge for an hour or so and take a 15 minute break, then get back to it. I always found these orgasms to be mind-blowing, as far as wet-o's go. I do admit that they are nothing compared to the full-body dry-o's I have now. But, they were certainly way more intense than a wet-o resulting from a 10-15 minute wank :-)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello dtmsmith, :)

    Thanks for posting your thoughts here. There must certainly be more to Mantak's technique, as I've been practicing edging in both masturbation and sex for years and years. And I'm no where even near your level of super-O ability in my Aneros practice... yet. :D I've always wondered what is the difference between men like yourself, Cockadoodle, and BF Mayfield that were able to train themselves to super-O within a fairly short amount of time and be so incredibly orgasmic, and men like myself that are on a multi-year journey trying to figure this out. So it's good that you bring this up. Perhaps there will be some further good insight.

  • There is more to the technique. I think that you have to develop your perineum musles or puebococcal muscles? Forget the name. But it's the muscles that are engaged in kegeling. I can't seem to do the edging though, I don't know when the PONR is. I know when I go past it obviously but it's very very frustrating. I think some are just better wired for it. I'm finding that if I refrain from orgasm or spilling the seed such as the book says, I'm more able to have these sorts of orgasms. I am one that gets really drained after I have a wet orgasm.
  • The Problem with Orgasm

    May be what you had been learning through 'edging' was that some of the heights of pleasurable experience were not solely attached to ejaculation - indeed I'm beginning to feel the problem with orgasm that needs to be resolved (almost completely one would suggest in mog's experience) is that it is not attachable meaningfully to some physical correlate.

    There would seem a spectrum here to paraphrase from a male beginner's experience to a male orgasminaut's. Which goes from

    (a). I stimulate in the main my penis, sensory feedback loops are generated some go into positive feedback loops, there's a neural cascade effect, I ejaculate, those feedback loops get cut, I equate that ejaculation caused the orgasm.
    (b). I 'let go', 'submissive desire', I begin to orgasm continuously, I discover it's just a state of expanded consciousness.

    And for me I'm not very far from (a) at the moment, but Aneros usage is very effectively (from the flashes of a distant orgasmic plateaux it generates sometimes) pulling me towards (b) or at least a glimpse of (b).

    I would suggest this is accomplished by a gradual realisation that other sensory feedback loops can be generated from other areas of stimulation and some go into positive feedback loops, there's a neural cascade effect, but this time I don't ejaculate because they didn't involve or were only tangential to my penis, the cascades aren't cut they become more 'overwhelming', 'expansive'.

    (And note to self) - orgasm is an unresolvable mystery which you can't theorise about, you just need to experience and that's the inherent beauty of it and its ultimate seduction.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    There is actually a whole lot of useful information preceding the sexual kung fu of the 'Multi Orgasmic Man'. IMO before attempting the more specialised application of the MicroCosmic Circuit there's a lot of stuff that you can better be acquinted with. In this regard I strongly recommend the book "Awaken Healing Energy"by the same author.
    It's about learning to use the (blend of) energycentres to heal your body.
    After reading this book I think I know understand why people that were doing Aneros and combining it with( lack of understanding)chakras and cannabis eventually experienced a panic attack.
    One of the this we have to understand is how (enhanced) sexualenergy is an extremely powerful force and if used unwittingly can be destructive instead of healing. In this book there's a chapter about selflove, a form of meditation but also necessary to keep the cells in your body healthy.

    So the chi is basically a dubble edged sword, this is why it's imperative to foster positive emotions, especially when your energy is high. The way the sages did this was by using the inner smile, smiling into the part you're trying to stimulate, into the organs and vertebrae.

    BTW: My understanding of the MO man was about circulating the Chi it wasn't about edging, but really surrendering to the feeling. Also Chia is definitely not an advocate of ejaculation, although depending on your age, a certain frequency was permissable:

    The Taoist ideal is to ejaculate as infrequently as you can, but every man can and should refrain from ejaculating for a period of time suited to him. In the words of Su NĂ¼, "One must measure one's own strength and ejaculate accordingly. Anything else is simply force and foolishness." Your strength depends on your age, your health, your state of mind, and your willpower.
    Sun Ssu-miao, one of the leading physicians of ancient China recommended that men attain good health and longevity by ejaculaing twice a month, as long as they ate healthily and exercised. He also offered the following more specific guidelines.
    A man at twenty can ejaculate once every four days.
    A man at thirty can ejaculate once every eight days.
    A man at forty can ejaculate once every ten days.
    A man at fifty can ejaculate once every twenty days.
    A man at sixty should no long ejaculate.
  • oh wow, i luv to ejaculate sometimes
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    [QUOTE=bucktwo;92756]oh wow, i luv to ejaculate sometimes

    Yeah, me too, it becomes something to be savored when you do it rarely. Yesterday was the first time in 3 weeks and man.....the day after echo effects are really amazing, orgasmic feelings covering my perineum/prostate area as well as a long my shaft and and urethra. I've never had it so intense!!! Perhaps it's because I was combining it with 1,5 hours of gliding, kneading and twisting over my glans with copious amounts of lube.

    Before I started using lube the head of my penis was OFF LIMITS, now using lube it's opened up a whole new range of sensations.
    At first I thought it was only the anus that had this variety of sensations, but I was wrong, the head of the penis also has this potential. In retrospect I was able to apply my expanded awareness and being better in sync with my body to the glans and this too gives an incredible variety!!!

    Personally I prefer this sensuous movement over the head of my penis with an Aneros still inserted!!! 2) I've found when I focus my attention outside (e.g. porno) I'm more likely to ejaculate, or come close, whereas if I keep my attention on the sensation, oftentimes with my eyes closed, I have many MANY dry orgasms, and start worrying about my huge 35,3 oz ID lube running out as I refresh when my head becomes dry.

    So much more to learn, so many old beliefs to be overturned, fantastic!