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Anal Care?
  • RogerTRogerT
    Posts: 79
    With all of the rectal cleansing, lubing, insertion and removal of your Aneros and then clean up, I can imagine that your anus like mine can get a little tender at times. What does everyone do here to keep their anus in good health? I wash only using Dove cream oil soap, dry well with a soft towel and sometimes use a little Preparation H or Vaseline when things get tender. I'm curious if there's anything better to try. Welcome your thoughts and methods on this, thanks.
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    Following my daily morning shower I apply massage oil to my genitals including my anus. I use sweet almond oil as the base with some essential oils added to give a nice fragrance. This prepares me for any impromptu activity which may occur during the day.

    For planned sessions I use the same massage oil as the lubricant was well as coconut oil for extra lubs. All these oils are natural and kind to your bum
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Basically I concur with calmer's approach. I put more emphasis on scrubbing "clean" before a session than during 'cleanup' afterward. Once I accepted that the feeling of an oily ass-hole as not "dirty" I began to love that feeling that calmer mentioned. I'm not bothered by curious dogs and I do appreciate the reward from easy Anerosless contractions--always a reminder that I have a skill that most other guys don't know about.

    When I scrapped glycerine based lubes my initial anal issues (dryness, irritation and hemorrhoid flare ups and summer jock itch) came to a halt. I avoid water based lubes when at home, instead using Alv's recipe for Shea+Coconut. I occasionally put a thin strip of Prep H Ointment around the stem of the Aneros or Peridise anytime there's been a hint of irritation. (maybe one or two times a month.)

    Vaseline has been a good protector of anal tissue when expelling a large enema or colon cleanse. (follows a green fast about six times a year.) I've read that the contents of a Vitamin E capsule are superior to Vaseline as an anal lube but haven't tried it.. someday.

    Cautionary Note on Prep H: Carefully read the precautions on your Prep H package. Most (Prep H Cream & gel for example) are not approved in the U.S. for internal use. The "Ointment" in the United states has been approved. Formulations in Canada have been different than in the U.S. and that's probably so for other countries as well. In the U.S., check out: -- Preparation H Hemorrhoid Medications: Ointment, Pain Relief Cream, Suppositories, Hydrocortisone Cream, Wipes- Wyeth Consumer Healthecare --